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Cities in China : Beijing, Changsha, Chengdu, Chongqing, Dalian, Emei, Foshan, Fuzhou, Guangzhou, Guilin, Guiyang, Haikou, Hangzhou, Harbin [ winter holidays ], Hefei, Jinan, Jiujiang, Kunming, Lu Shan, Nanchang, Nanjing, Ningbo, Qingdao, Qinhuangdao, Sanya, Shanghai, Shantou, Shenyang, Shenzhen, Shijiazhuang, Suzhou, Taiyuan, Tianjin, Urumqi, Wuhan, Wuxi, Xi'an, Xiamen, Yangzhou, Yichang, Yueyang, Zhengzhou, Zhongshan, Zhuhai.

Provinces in China: Anhui [ East China ], Fujian [ Southeast China ], Gansu [ Northwest China ], Guangdong [ South China ], Guangxi Zhuang [ South China ], Giuzhou [ South China ], Hainan  [South China ], Hebei  [ North China ], Heilongjiang [ Northeast China ], Henan [ Central China ], Hubei [ Central China ], Hunan [ Southeast China ].

China considers Taiwan with the capital Taipeh as the disobedient 23rd province.

Administrative regions: Hong Kong and Macao.

Capital City of China : Beijing

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Care Rentals China

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Hotels in China

  Booking  -  Hotels in China   -   Hotel Guide China
Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Zhuhai, Qingdao, Kunming, Xiamen, Nanjing, Haikou, Wuxi, and more ...

  Booking  -  Hotels in Beijing
  Booking  -  Hotels in Shanghai
  Booking  -  Hotels in Guangzhou

  Novotel Peace Beijing ****, 3 Jinyu Hutong, Wangfujing, 100006 Beijing
Perfectly located in the centre of the flourishing Wanfujing shopping district, Novotel Peace Hotel Beijing is a short walk to the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square, and a few minutes drive to the Beijing Railway stations and the international airport.
Recreational facilities include a sauna, fitness centre, heated indoor swimming pool, massage, and beauty salon, in addition to Chinese and Korean restaurants, a lobby bar, karaoke and disco.

  -   Hotels all over China

Centrally located hotels ranging from small family run budget accommodation to world-class five star hotels.

   -   look for hotels in China and select a city

Travel Companies / Tour Operators

 Kuoni    -   Build Your Own China Trip
Bamboo sailing through karst mountains. Discover Tiger Leaping Gorge. Zen gardens and waterways. Ice mountain horseback treks. Build your own China adventure.

  British Airways   -   Holidays in China [ Beijing & Shanghai ]
The culture of modern China is a complicated blend of fervent capitalism and ancient tradition. Fast-paced and cosmopolitan Shanghai is the country's financial centre, while skyscrapers loom above imperial temples and parks filled with locals doing tai chi in Beijing and former capital Nanjing. Muslim Xinjiang and Buddhist Tibet, like many of China's vast regions, have their own unique cultures and flavours which beg to be discovered.

  Cosmos Tourama    -   Quality escorted touring holidays
River cruises Yangtze.

 G Adventures
Offering pre-bookable Chinese Attractions, Experiences and Activities.

  Wild Giant Panda [ China ] -  see Ecotours
Ecotours in Wild Giant Panda reserves in Qinling Mountains. Tours include hiking in zones of nature reserves, with panda watching, birds and wild animals watching, beautiful natural scenes. Wild giant pandas watching is the highlight of the tour.

China (Lonely Planet Country Guides) - ISBN 1741795893Travel Guides China / Related books

China (Country Guide)
Paperback: 1048 pages; Publisher: Lonely Planet; 12 edition (Jun 2011); ISBN-10: 1741795893; ISBN-13: 978-1741795899.

The Rough Guide to China
David Leffman (Author), Simon Lewis (Author)
Paperback: 1140 pages; Publisher: Rough Guides (20 Jun 2011); ISBN-10: 1848366604; ISBN-13: 978-1848366602.

Transport / How do I travel to China

  Hong Kong Airport   -   Hong Kong International Airport
  Bejing Airport   -   Beijing Capital International Airport
  Shanghai Airport
Local Hongqiao Airport und Pudong International Airport, located 50-55kms from the City ]
  Macau Airport   -   Macau International Airport

  British Airways   -   Flight tickets Beijng / Flight tickets Shanghai

Book cheap flights to China at ebookers and benefit from discounted airfares. View their latest offers and book your flights, accommodation, car hire and insurance online.

  Airline Tickets China / Bargain Flights 
Cheap flight tickets China, price comparison possible

Trans Siberian Railways

Maglav-Connection Shanghai - Pudong Airport
Based on magnetic levitation [430 kilometers per hour].
  Trans Manchurian Railway  -  Moscow-Beijing via Irkutsk + Zabaikalsk v.v.
Runs from Moscow [ Russia ] to Beijing through Manchuria
  Trans Mongolia Railway  -  Moscow-Beijing via Ulan Bator v.v.
This line leaves the Trans Siberia Railways at Ulan Ude [ Mongolia ], and heads south through Ulaanbaatar and the Gobi to Beijing in China

China Insight Travel Map
Map of China: 1 pages; Publisher: APA Publications Pte Ltd,Singapore (21 May 2008); Language English; ISBN-10: 9812589163; ISBN-13: 978-9812589163.
  Map of China [ Uni Texas  -  Perry-Castañeda Bibliothek  -  Map Collection ]
  Maps of China
Maps of Chinese cities, provinces and regions in the principal areas of China. Each map section has large, clear maps showing cities, borders and highways.


  CNTO - China National Tourist Office USA

  China Internet Information Center   -   China's Official Gateway to News & Information
  China Government Online [ Chinese characters ]

  Tibet Tourism Bureau Shanghai Office
Tibet Geography, Tibetan History, People in Tibet, Climate, Highlights, Tibetan Buddhism, Tibetan Custom, Main Folk Festival, Tibetan Food. Iinfo over o.a. Kathmanu, Lhasa - Gyantse - Shigatse, Monastrties, Everest Region, Yamdro Lake

  Beijing / Peking   -   Capital City of China
Bustling Beijing, where the Forbidden City, Ming Tombs, Summer Palace and Tiananmen Square await your visit.

  Central China
  Central South China
Wuhan und Yueyang
  Hainan Island 
  North China
Provinces: Hebei, Shangdong, Henan
  Northeast China
Provinces in Northeast China: Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning
  East China
Provinces in East China: Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui
  Shaanxi & the Silk Road
  Shanghai & the East
Hangzhou, Pudong, Shanghai and Suzhou
  South China
Provinces in South China: Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian, und Hainan
  South coast of China
Fuzhou, Guilin, Hainan, Kanton und Xiamen
  Southwest China
Provinces in Southwest China: Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou
Cities in Southwest China: Chongqing City, Chengdu, Dali, Guiyang, Kunming,

  Hong Kong
  Macau   -   a heritage of two cultures
Fishermen from Fujian and farmers from Guangdong were the first known settlers in Macau, when it was known as Ou Mun, or 'trading gate', because of its location at the mouth of the Pearl River downstream from Guangzhou (Canton). During ancient times port city was part of the Silk Road with ships loading here with silk for Rome.
In the early 1550s the Portuguese reached Ou Mun, which the locals also called A Ma Gao, 'place of A Ma', in honour of the Goddess of Seafarers, whose temple stood at the entrance to the sheltered Inner Harbour. The Portuguese adopted the name, which gradually change into the name Macau, and with the permission of Guangdong's mandarins, established a city that within a short time had become a major entrepot for trade between China, Japan, India and Europe. It also became the perfect crossroad for the meeting of East and West cultures.
  Shanghai   -   official Portal
Basic facts, history, economy, scenes around the city, hotels, restaurants, events, bars & cafes, maps etc.
Silk Route by Rail, by Dominic Stratfield-Jones, Trailblazer Publications
Describes the route from Beijing to Moscow via Urumqui and Almaty.
Suzhou was the capital of the Wu State during the Spring and Autumn Period. In 514 BC, by the command of King He Lu of Wu, his senior minister Wu Zixu built the Great City of He Lu, and its wall measured 23.5 kilometres in circumsference with 8 pairs of land - and - water gates. The city began to take the name of Suzhou and Gusu City during the Sui Dynasty. Numerous changes have taken place in Suzhou through its vast history. Yet, in spite of repeated devastation, the city is still seated exactly on the original site as it was 2500 years ago.
  Wuhan   -   Capital City of the Province Hubei   -   Wuhan Government
Wuhan liegt am Zusammenfluss des Jangtsekiang und des Han-Flusses. Wuhan im Sommer eine der heißesten und feuchtesten Städte Chinas [ feuchtes Subtropenklima ].

  China Travel System   -   with extensive 'destination guide'
Accommodations, transport & attractions in e.g. Beijing: Beidaihe | Chengde | Datong | Tianjin | Baoding, Shanghai: Hangzhou | Ningbo | Suzhou | Zhouzhuang | Nanjing, Guangzhou: Shenzhen | Shantou | Zhuhai, Silk Road: Xi'an | Lanzhou | Yinchuan | Jiayuguan | Dunhuang | Urumqi | Zhangye, Southwest: Kunming | Guiyang | Chengdu
Fantastic Tibet : Lhasa, Yangtze Cruise: Chongqing | Wuhan
Northeast China : Dalian | Harbin | Fujian: Fuzhou | Xiamen | Quanzhou | Wuyishan | Zhangzhou, Shandong: Jinan | Qingdao | Qufu
Guilin & Li River : Guilin | Nanning
Along Yellow River: Kaifeng | Luoyang | Zhengzhou | Taiyuan |
Inner Mongolia: Hohhot, HongKong | Macau | Taiwan | Jiangxi: Nanchang | Lushan | Jinggangshan | Jingdezhen
  Chinatown Online
Books, Business, Chinese New Year, Culture, History, Education, Food, Fun, Lifestyle [ Feng Shui, Martial Arts, Colours, Chinese Gardens], Horoscopes, Chinatown Guides, Trave
Chinatown Online is a non-political, non-religious and non-partisan site which provides information about China, the Chinese community in the UK, Chinese businesses and business involved in trade/commerce with China.
  Great Wall of China   -   one of the greatest building construction projects ever completed
Snaking its way thousands of miles from the mountains of Korea to the sands of the Gobi, the wall has captivated and astonished visitors throughout the world.
  Great Wall Marathon
Probably one of the most beautiful and extraordinary marathons ever. A little tougher than a usual course - but no extraordinary experience is obtained ordinarily.
  Herbert Groot Jebbink's website
  Macau Grand Prix
  Ocean Park Hongkong   -   variety of resources on the Trans Siberian Railroad
  University Macao   -   University of Macau / Universidade de Macau
  University Bejing   -   Peking University
The imperial glory of Xi'an, particularly the 8,000-strong army of life-size Terracotta Warriors assembled to protect the tomb of the first Qin emperor.

  News from China   -
  News   -   Asia - International News - New York Times

Cuisine  -   Chinese Recipes

  China-on-site   -   Chinese culture   -   see cooking
Cuisine [ Beijing, Guangdong, Shanghai, Sichuan, Taiwan ], Cooking technique [ cold dish, deep-frying, hotpot boiling, roasting, simmering, steaming, stewing, stir-frying ].

Chinese Cuisine (Wei-Chuan's Cookbook)
Paperback: 206 pages; Publisher: Wei-Chuan Pub. (June 1, 1983); ISBN: 0941676080
  Indietrekker   -    Appetite for China
Blog focused on food in this country of seemingly endless foods to try. 
By Location : Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Macau, Qingdao, Shanghai, and Sichuan Province.

History of China

Independence: 221 BC [ unification under the Qin or Ch'in Dynasty 221 BC; Qing or Ch'ing Dynasty replaced by the Republic on 12 February 1912; People's Republic established 1 October 1949 ]

  China's History 
China was one of the earliest centers of human civilization, and became a large united country with an advanced culture at a very early stage, outpacing most of the world in areas such as art and science.
Since around 1000 BC China consisted of many small kingdoms. All of these were unified under one emperor in 221 BC by the Qin state, ushering in the Qin Dynasty. Over the course of centuries, China underwent periods of unity and disunity, order and disorder. See Wikipedia for more.

The Cambridge Illustrated History of China  -   Liu Kwang-Ching (Foreword), Patricia Buckley Ebrey
Paperback 352 pages (May 13, 1999);  Publisher: Cambridge University Press;  Language: English
ISBN: 052166991X
Chronicle of the Chinese Emperors: The Reign-by-reign Record of the Rulers of Ancient China 
Ann Paludan
Spanning over 2000 years, from the great First Emperor, buried with his terracotta army in the 3rd Century BC , to the last emperor, enthroned in the Forbidden City in 1911, this book details the lives and personalities of all 157 Chinese emperors. Weathering centuries of violent change, the Chinese emperor remained at the centre of the largest political unit in the world, the Middle Kingdom. This extraordinary group of men - and one woman , Wu Zetian - had virtues and failings that were magnified by their exalted position. Some were villainous debauchees, or simply weak, leaving the control of the empire to their eunuchs, concubines or dowager empresses. Others were great warriors, literary scholars and painters. The book includes: biographical accounts of all 157 emperors of China, from Qin Shihuangdi, the great "First Emperor", to Puyi, the four-year -old last emperor; timeliness throughout with at-a-glance visual guides to the length and important events of each emperor's reign; datafiles for every emperor listing key information, such as name at birth and in Chinese calligraphic script, wives and concubines, manner of death and location of tomb; extensive quotations from contemporary sources; numerous sidebars and special features ranging from the Great Wall of China to the opium wars; and illustrations including portraits of the emperors, art treasures from imperial tombs and maps, detailing, for example, the Silk Roads and the maritime expeditions of the Ming Dynasty.
Hardcover 224 pages (November 1, 1998);  Publisher: Thames and Hudson Ltd;  Language: English;  ISBN: 0500050902
   The Buddhist conquest of China   -   by Erik Zürcher
1959. Standard work.

Music, Arts & Culture, Events

The Chinese created numerous musical instruments, such as the zheng, xiao, and erhu, that have spread around East and Southeast Asia, especially to its dependencies. The sheng became the mother of several Western free-reed instruments.

  Music of China
Legend [ The legendary founder of music in Chinese mythology was Ling Lun], Dragon Dance, Republic of China era (1912–1949), People's Republic of China era (1949–1990s), Current Chines music, Traditional music [ Instrumental,
Ethnic Han music, Chinese opera, Folk music ], Regional music [ Tibet, Guangxi, Yunnan, Sichuan, Northeast China, Xinjiang, Hua'er, Kuaiban ], Modern Changes in Chinese music,Western Classical Music, Modern [ Pop music, Hip hop and rap, Rock and heavy metal, Punk rock ], National music [ Patriotic / Revolutionary ].

  Culture of the People's Republic of China
History [ Early years, Cultural Revolution, Post-Mao era ], Literature [ Modern prose, Literature in the Post-Mao period ], Traditional arts [ Drama, Music, Painting and calligraphy ], Contemporary performing arts [ Motion pictures, Radio and television, Folk and variety arts, Stand-up comedy ].

  Chinese culture
People in the culture [ Identity, Regional ], Society [ Structure, Values ], Chinese language, Mythology and spirituality, Literature, Music, Arts, Martial arts, Fashion,
Architecture, Cuisine, Leisure, and Gallery.

Chinese literature has the longest continuous history and had been more prolific than other cultures' for centuries because of the Chinese invention of printmaking. Prior to that, manuscripts of the Classics and religious texts (mainly Confucian, Taoist, and Buddhist) were manually written by ink brushes and distributed.

  Chinese literature offers broad access to up-to-date cultural news about China with a wealth of information about Chinese history, culture, politics and the economy [ under the guidance of the Ministry of Culture and is maintained by 

  China-on-site   -   Chinese culture -  see painting & literature

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