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Russian Republics : Adygea, Altai, Bashkortostan, Buryatia, Dagestan, Ingushetia, Kabardino-Balkaria, Kalmykia, Karachay-Cherkessia, Karelia, Khakassia, Komi, Mari El, Mordovia, Sakha (Yakutia), North Ossetia-Alania, Tatarstan, Tuva, Udmurtia, Khakassia, Chechnya, Chuvashia

The largest country in the world, covering almost twice the territory of either Canada, China, or the United States.

Central Federal District, Southern Federal District, Northwestern Federal District [ Capital = St. Petersburg ], Far Eastern Federal District, Siberian Federal District, Urals Federal District and Volga Federal District.

Capital City of Russia : Moscow

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Car Rental in Russia

  Sixt   -    
Moscow 20 Novoslobodskaya st., Moscow Sheremetievo, Moscow Domodedovo Airport, international arrivals.

Hotels in Russia

Centrally located hotels in all major cities ranging from small family run budget accommodation to world-class five star hotels.

   -   Hotels in Moscow and St Petersburg
Gateway to over 100 bookable hotels in Russia, Ukraine, Baltic States and countries of the former Soviet Union and CIS. is one of the worlds largest online booking services for hostels. All hostels you see here are offering realtime prices and availability.

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Thomas Cook

  Cosmos Tourama    -   Russian River Cruise [ Moscow to St Petersburg v.v. ]
See the beautiful Russian landscape unfold before you as you cruise the waterways of northern Russia from Moscow to St Petersburg.

  G Adventures

  Interactive Russia
Trans-Siberian railroad tour, Sakhalin Island, Russian North, Lake Baikal, Altai, Far East, Kamchatka peninsula,  Golden Ring, Karelia, Caucasus mountains, Yakutia, Russian capitals

Russia (Lonely Planet Country Guide) - ISBN 1741047226Travel Guides Russia / Magazines / Related books

Travel Guides Russia  [ ]

  Dorling Kindersley   -    

Russia (Lonely Planet Country Guide)
Simon Richmond (Author), et al. (Author)
Paperback: 788 pages; Publisher: Lonely Planet Publications; 5th Revised edition edition (1 Mar 2009); ISBN-10: 1741047226; ISBN-13: 978-1741047226.

I Was a Potato Oligarch: Travels and Travails in the New Russia
John Mole (Author)
From the bestselling author of It s All Greek to Me! and from a traveller who likes to get his hands as well as his boots dirty, this is an eye-wateringly funny true story of his travels and travails in the New Russia Sometimes sinister, often hilarious and always entertaining, I Was A Potato Oligarch is a Russian feast from caviar to samovar The Soviet Union has disappeared along with people s nationality, currency, jobs, salaries, pensions, politics. Oligarchs pillage the nation's wealth. It looks as if Russia might become a liberal democracy. It also looks as if it might plunge into chaos. These are fascinating times and John Mole wants to be part of this New Russia. But what can he do? An MBA, 15 years in international banking and a few novels, have left him with few useful skills. Inspiration strikes - British fast food! Nobody is doing baked potatoes and the secret is in the packaging. He gets to work with technical advice from Jackets of Brixton, money from the British taxpayer, and a partnership with the Russian Farmers' Union. And then, just as it takes off - the summons. Breakfast with the mafia... The potato business becomes a journey under the skin of the New Russia. Hired as a rabotnik, a worker, entitled to a week in a sanatorium every year, he tries to corner the market in business names and pizza cheese. He is taken for a corpse's son, a Red Square demonstrator and a vampire's victim. He tries to merge into his surroundings, too literally sometimes, but nothing that a hose -down and a change of clothes doesn't put right. While he is trying to sell British fast food to Russians, Russians try to sell things to him. Fireworks, seashells, tungsten, the scrapings of baby reindeer horn. And advanced biotechnology, using bacteria to purify the air in submarines. Spuds end in fiasco. Bugs come to the rescue.
Paperback: 352 pages; Publisher: Nicholas Brealey Publishing Ltd; illustrated edition edition (1 May 2008); ISBN-10: 1857885090; ISBN-13: 978-1857885095

Russia - A Journey With Jonathan Dimbleby - ASIN B0015MTC2E Russia - A Journey With Jonathan Dimbleby
Complete BBC Series [DVD].
In television's first comprehensive journey through the vast and varied landscapes of Russia, the resourceful Jonathan Dimbleby makes an epic journey from one end to the other, killing cliches and revelling in the unpredictable. Across nine time zones and through all extremes of weather, Dimbleby seeks out the people of this strange and extraordinary land.
From the Arctic Circle where the summer sun never sets to the subzero wastes of Siberia, from white witches to hirsute masseurs, from oil wells to shamans, Dimbleby's journey by boat, train, truck and foot is heart-warming, entertaining and compelling. From outside, Russia is both forbidding and enticing. Inside it becomes an exhilarating adventure.
Format: PAL; Language English; Region: Region 2 (This DVD may not be viewable outside Europe. Read more about DVD formats.); Number of discs: 2; Studio: 2 Entertain Video; DVD Release Date: 16 Jun 2008[ ASIN: B0015MTC2E.

Russia (International Travel Maps)
Map of Russia: 2 pages; Publisher: ITMB Publishing; 3rd Revised edition edition (9 July 2007); ISBN-10: 1553413768; ISBN-13: 978-1553413769.

Transport / How do I travel to Russia

  Moscow Airport   -   Sheremetyevo Airport
Airport Map, Season schedule, On-line schedule, Airlines, Weather in Russia,
  Moscow Airport   -   Vnukovo Airport   -   11 kilometers from Moscow
One of the largest airports of Russia.
  Novosibirsk Airport   -   Tolmachevo Airport   -   West Siberia
International destinations and operating on domestic routes [ Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Krasnodar, Khabarovsk, Vladivostok and Mirny ]
Russia (International Travel Maps) - ISBN 1553413768  Petersburg Airport / St. Petersburg Airport   -   Pulkovo Airport
Passenger info [ Airport Plan, How to get there, Pulkovo Terminal I and II, etc. ]


  Airline Tickets Russia /  Bargain Flights Russia  
Flight tickets Russia / Price comparison possible.

Russian Railways

 National Express Eurolines
Travel by bus or coach to Russia.

Online map Austria  Online Maps [ Uni Texas  -  Perry-Castaņeda Library  -  Map Collection Europe ]


  Russian National Tourist Office
Tours & Packages, Excursions, Trans-Siberian Express, Traveler Tips, Cruises and more

  Government Russia   -   Russian Government
Official information and documents from the Web-pages of the Russian President, Security Council as well as references to the Web-pages of other official Web-sites.

   Moscow   -   National capital city of Russia
Founded in 1147 Moscow boasts a stark mix of classic Russian architecture with mansions and palaces of merchant class of Imperial Russia and Lenin and Stalin's avant-garde and neo-classicist monuments erected to honor the power of the people.

  Central Federal District   -   Moscow as administrative center
Belgorod, Bryansk, Ivanovo, Kaluga, Kostroma, Kursk, Lipetsk, Moscow [ federal city ], Moscow Oblast, Oryol, Ryazan, Smolensk, Tambov, Tver, Tula, Vladimir, Voronezh, Yaroslavl
  Far Eastern Federal District   -   Administrative center: Khabarovsk
  Northwestern Federal District   -   Administrative center: St. Petersburg
  Privolzhsky (Volga) Federal District [ vfd ]   -   Administrative center: Nizhny Novgorod
  Siberian Federal District [ sib ]   -   Administrative center: Novosibirsk
  Southern Federal District [ sfd ]   -   Administrative center: Rostov-na-Donu
  Urals Federal District   -   Administrative center: Yekaterinburg

  Adygea [ sfd ]  -   Government of Adygheya
Situated on the foothills of the Caucasus Mountains, with plains in the north, and mountains in the south. Forests cover almost 40% of the territory of the republic.
  Altai [ sib ]   -   Government Altai Republic   -   Capital City: Gorno-Altaysk
The republic is situated in the very center of Asia at the junction of Siberian taiga, steppes of Kazakhstan and semi-deserts of Mongolia. Forests cover about 25% of the republic's territory.
The Altai Republic is a territory of highlands with a very picturesque landscape, a kind of "Russian Tibet" in the center of Eurasia at the junction of several states, natural zones and cultural worlds.
  Bashkortostan / Bashkir [ vfd ]   -   Government of Bashkortostan
Bashkortostan contains part of the southern Urals and the adjacent plains. The republic contains part of the southern Urals, which stretch from the northern to the southern border.
Bashkortostan is rich in oil reserves, and was one of the principle centers of oil extraction in the USSR. Other natural resources include natural gas, coal, iron ores, gold, gypsum and more.
  Buryatia   -   Buryat Republic   -   East Siberia [ sbd ]   -   Government of Buryatia
Located in the South-Central region of Siberia along the eastern shore of Lake Baikal. The area of the modern day Buryatia was first colonized in the 1600s by Russians in search of wealth, furs and gold. In 1923, the republic was created through the union of the Buryat-Mongol and Mongol-Buryat Oblasts.
Chechen Republic Ichkeria is situated in the eastern part of the North Caucasus. In the west it borders North Ossetia and Ingushetia, in the north to Stavropol Kray, in the east to Dagestan (of the Russian Federation), and to the south Georgia.  Capital: Grozny.
Chuvash Republic, capital Shupashkar (in Russian Chebokshary) is located in the middle flow of Volga river, in the center of European part of Russian Federation. It borders the Mordova Republic, the Mari Republic, Republic of Tatarstan, Nizhni-Novgorod and Ulianovsk districts of Russian Federation.
  Dagestan [ sfd ]   -   Government Republic of Dagestan
Situated in the North Caucasus mountains. It is the southernmost part of Russia. Most of Dagestan's population is Muslim [ Sufi ]
  Ingushetia [sfd ]   -  R epublic of Ingushetia
Situated on the northern slopes of the Caucasus, rich in oil and natural gas reserves. The Ingush people are closely related to the Chechens and speak a similar language.
During World War II, Joseph Stalin accused the Ingush of collaborating with the Nazis and deported the entire population to Central Asia. See for more History of Ingushetia.
  Kabardino-Balkaria   -   Government of Kabardino-Balkaria
Situated in the North Caucasus mountains, with plains in the northern part. See Kabardino-Balkaria Online. The Kabardian lands have been under Russian protectorate since 1557. In 1739 Kabardia became independent and in 1774 it became part of the Russian empire. Balkaria was annexed in 1827.
  Kalmykia [ sfd ]   -   Government Republic of Kalmykia
Located on the shores of the Caspian Sea. What sets Kalmykia apart from its neighbors is the fact that it is the only Buddhist state in Europe. The Kalmyk people, of nomadic Mongols, originated in Central Asia as borderland nomads in Chinese Turkestan, the homeland they call Jungaria. Their ancestors controlled a vast area known as Grand Tartary or the Kalmyk Empire, stretching from the Great Wall of China to the River Don, and from the Himalayas to Siberia. See for more History of Kalmykia
  Karachay-Cherkessia  [ sfd ]   -   Government Republic of Karachay-Cherkessia 
North Caucasus. The landscape of the republic is mostly mountainous [ Mount Elbrus = the highest mountain in Europe ]. Natural resources include gold, coal, clays and more. Capital City = Cherkessk.
  Karelia   -   Government of Karelia
Located in the north-western part of the Russian Federation, taking intervening position between the basins of White and Baltic seas. Capital City of Karelia: Petrozavodsk.
Tourist destinations: State historical-architectural and ethnographyc museum-preserve "Kizhi", Valaam, The Spa "Marcial Waters", Kivatch Waterfalls, Petroglyphs, Seids on the Kusovy Islands in the White Sea, Uspensky Cathedral in Kem, Uspensky Church of 1774 in Kondopoga, National Park "Paanayarvi" and National Park "Vodlosersky". See also [ Karelia on the European map, Travel Guide, Images of Karelia, Maritime Center], Window to Karelia or Folkgroup Manok.
Located in south central Siberia. Capital City of Khakassia = Abakan. Majority of people are slavs, only a minority are khakassy [ people using a Turkic language: Khakas ]. Capital City Kazan.
See My Kazan [ Tatarstan, History, Religions, Celebrities, Economy, Industry, Nature, People, Sport, Tourist info, Links ].
  Komi   -   Government Republic of Komi
The republic is located to the west of the Ural mountains, in the north-west of the East European Plain. Forests cover over 70% of the territory of the republic, and swamps cover approx. 15%. 32,800 kmē of tundra in the Northern Ural mountains are covered by the Virgin Komi Forests, the first natural UNESCO World Heritage site in Russia and the largest expanse of virgin forests in Europe. Capital city of the Komi Republic: Syktyvkar. Major industrial centers are Syktyvkar, Inta, Pechora, Sosnogorsk, Ukhta, and Vorkuta. The republic's natural resources include coal, oil, natural gas, gold, diamonds, and more.
  Mariy El / Mari El   -   Government Mari El Republic
Located in the eastern part of the East European Plain of the Russian Federation, along Volga River. Swampy Mari Depression is located in the west of the republic. 57% of the republic's territory is covered by forests.
Mari El is a favourite place of Tatarstan tourists. There is Marii Chodra national park in the valley of Ilet, with various attractions, such as boating, riding, mushrooming, ect. Marii Chodra is also favourite place of Kazan Tolkienist, where they use to play their battles.
The Mari, formerly known as Cheremis, are a Volga-Finnic people speaking two closely related languages, Meadow Mari and Hill Mari. Capital City of Mari El Republic = Yoshkar-Ola
  Mordovia   -   Government of the Republic of Mordovia
Located in the centre of European part of Russia in the Volga basin at the crosspoint of the most important routes from the Centre to the Ural region, Siberia, the Volga region, Kazakhstan and Middle Asia.
It borders the Nizhny Novgorod region in the north, the Ulyanovsk region in the east, the Penza region in the south, the Ryazan region in the west and Chuvashya Republic in the northwest.
Most of the industrial enterprises are located in the capital City Saransk, as well as in the towns of Kovylkino and Ruzayevka, and in the urban settlements of Chamzinka and Komsomolsky.
The Mordvin people are a Finnic group speaking two related languages, Moksha and Erzya, both considered to be dialects of the Mordvinian language.
  Sakha (Yakutia)
Sakha Republic is the biggest of republics which are in Russian Federation. Yakutia stretches for 2500 km from the South to the North, and it is occupied 3 time zones (2000 km) from the West to the East. Almost half of it (40 %) is in the Polar Circle. From the South to the North the territory is cut through by the scores of rivers. There are the Lena, the Anabar, the Yana, the Indigirka, the Kolyma, the Olenek and other rivers flowing into the Arctic Ocean. Yakutia is quite often named the land of rivers and lakes.
  North Ossetia-Alania   -   Republic of North Ossetia-Alania   -   see Alanianet [ Russian language ]
Situated in the northern range of the Big Caucasus. The republic borders on the republic of Georgia in the south, on the republic of Kabardino-Balkaria in the west, on Stavropolsky region in the north, on the republic of Ingushetia in the east. Osetia is mountainous region. The largest river is the Terek. Forests cover about 22% of the republic.
Located on the eastern frontier of Europe at the confluence of the Volga and the Kama rivers.
See Tartestan - Radio Netherlands.
Situated in the centre of Asia in the south of Eastern Siberia. The republic borders on Mongolia in the south, on Irkutskaya region in the north-east, on the republic of Khakasia in the north-west, on the republic of Buryatia in the east, on the republic of Altai in the west, on Krasnoyarsky region in the north.
The Udmurts live in an area between the rivers Vyatka and Kama in the Republic of Udmurtia (capital city Izhkar, in Russian Izhevsk).

  Abakan / Ust-Abakanskoye / Khakassk -  Capital City of the Republic of Khakassia
Located in Siberia on the river Yenisei. Peter the Great had a fort built here in 1707. Later, Abakansk was a fortified town of Siberia, in the Russian government of Yeniseisk. It was considered the mildest and most salubrious place in Siberia. The place is remarkable for certain tumuli [ of the Li Kitai ] and statues of men from seven to nine feet high, covered with hieroglyphics.
  Cherkessk   -   Capital City of Karachay-Cherkessia
The city was founded in 1804 as Batalpashinskaya, it was renamed Batalpashinsk in 1931, then Sulimov in 1934, then Yezhovo-Cherkessk in 1937, and finally Cherkessk in 1939.
  Elista   -   Capital City Kalmykia   -   founded in 1865
located in the South West of the republic in the wide valley to the South from the Yergeninskaya Height. In 1944, the entire population of the republic was deported to Siberia. Russian people were brought in to repopulate the town and the name was changed to Stepnoy until 1957, when survivors of the deportations were allowed to return.
  Gorno-Altaysk   -   Capital City of the Altai Republic
Located about 100 km south of Biysk on the Trans-Siberian Railway.
Former German port and university town of Konigsberg.
  Kazan  -  Capital City of Tartastan
The capital of Tatarstan republic, City of Kazan, is situated in the northwest of Tatarstan. The city is stretched along two banks of Kazanka river - at the place of its conjunction with the Volga river.
Kazan is one of the biggest cultural and educational centers of Volga region. Two different cultures are mixed here - Eastern and Western, two great religions - Christianity and Islam -peacefully coexist. This unusual cultural background is reflected in architecture of the city where one can find churches and mosques situated not far from each other, old houses of rich Tatar merchants built in the beginning of the 20th century, and mansions in European style. And of course, you cannot but mention the Kazan Kremlin and Kul-Sharif Mosque.
See My Kazan [ Tatarstan, History, Religions, Celebrities, Economy, Industry, Nature, People, Sport, Tourist info, Links ].
 The northern town of Kem contains the Solovetsky Monastery as well as being the site of Stalin's Gulag Camps.
  Khabarovsk   -   Administrative center Eastern Federal District
  Magas   -   Capital City of Ingushetia   -   see Magas City
Replaced Nazran as the capital of the republic in 2002.
  Makhachkala   -   Capital City of Dagestan   -   see Makhachkala City
Located on the eastern shore of the Caspian Sea. Founded in 1844 as a fortress. Original name Petrovsk-Port.
Murmansk, a rather bleak, cold town, comes alive in March when visitors flock here for the Festival of the North. You can witness reindeer races, ski marathons and lots of snow, ice and tundra.
  Nalchik   -   administrative center of the republic of Kabardino-Balkaria.
Balneological and mountain climat resort.
  Nizhniy Novgorod   -   Administrative center Privolzhsky (Volga) Federal District
  Novosibirsk   -   Administrative center Siberian Federal District
  Petrozavodsk  -  capital city of the Russian Republic of Karelia
In Karelian / Finnish language the name of the city = Petroskoi. Located at the western shore of Lake Onego.
  Rostov-na-Donu   -   Administrative Center Southern Federal District
  Saransk   -   Capital City of Mordovia
  St Petersburg   -   Administrative center Northwestern Federal District
Founded by Peter the Great almost six centuries after Moscow is the cultural center of Russia, boasting some of the world's greatest museums including the renowned Hermitage. The city is often referred to as the Venice of the North.
  Syktyvkar   -   Capital city of the Komi Republic
  Ulan-Ude   -   Capital City of the Republic of Buryat   -   City of Ulan-Ude
Founded by Russian Cossacks [ 1666 ]. Became rapidly a large trade centre due to its geographical position [ connecting Russia with China and Mongolia ]. in the historical center of Ulan-Ude along the river banks there are old merchants' mansions richly decorated with wood and stone carving [ beautiful examples of Russian classicism ].
Vladivostok, a famous naval base on the Pacific Ocean, abounds with rolling hills and sea views. The Far East Maritime Reserve and the Ussuri Nature Reserve surround the city, home to bears, tigers and the rare amur leopard.
Vyborg is one of Europe's oldest cities with much Finish architecture reminiscent of Finland's control in the area.
  Yekaterinburg   -   Administrative center Urals Federal District
  Yoshkar-Ola   -   Capital City of Mari El Republic
  Yuzhno Sakhalinsk   -   Russian cities on the web

  Baikal Lake  -  deepest freshwater lake in the world  -  territory of Buryatia
The length of Baikal is 636 km., and the width is from 25 to 79 km. The total length of Baikal coastline is 2100 km., and the area of its aquatorium is 31,5 thousand sq.m. The maximum depth is 1637 m., the average one is 730 m. Baikal is a natural reservoir of the fifth part of the world fresh water supply of the highest quality. There are 2500 different species of animals and fish, 250 of which are endemic.  See Lake Baikal 

  Cyril & methodius
  Moscow Times   -   online krant
  PBS   -   Living Edens   -   Kamchatka: Siberia's Frozen Wilderness
"Kamchatka: Siberia's Frozen Wilderness" visits the wild and isolated realm of Siberia that has been closed to outsiders for much of the last hundred years. Some of the largest grizzly bears in the world roam Kamchatka's interior, while tens of millions of salmon invade its undammed streams and rivers each summer, just as they have for thousands of years.
  University   -   Dagestan State University
  University   -   Gorno-Altaysk State University
  University   -   Kalmyk State University
  University  -   Mordovian State University  -  International Relations Office [ english language ]
The Mordovian State University (MRSU) was founded in 1931, and is located in the capital city of Mordovia - Saransk. Saransk lies 620 km south-east of Moscow and can be reached by an overnight train. Mordovian State University is one of the largest institutions of higher education in Russia.
  University   -   Syktyvkar State University   -   located in the Komi Republic

Cuisine  -  Russian Recipes

  Russian Cuisine
Welcome to the world of authentic Russian cuisine and cooking recipes,  the place for lovers of delicious dishes and culture of the Rus.  In their Russian recipes cookbook you'll find a great number of palatable dishes (hors-d'oeuvres, main courses, desserts, beverages etc.) from ancient times to the present. With their help you'll taste and find out tales about the most popular ethnic dishes of Russian, Ukrainian, Byelorussian, Georgian, Armenian and other cuisines.
The Cuisine of the Caucasus Mountains: Recipes, Drinks and Lore from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Russia  -   by Kay Shaw Nelson
Synopsis : People of the Caucasus are noted for a creative and masterful cuisine that cooks evolved over the years by using fragrant herbs and spices, and tart flavours such as lemons and sour plums. With healthy yet delectable ingredients like pomegranates, saffron, rose water, honey, olive oil, yoghurt, onions, garlic, fresh and dried fruits, and a variety of nuts, these 184 authentic recipes provide many delicious options. The literary excerpts, legends, and lore sprinkled throughout the book will also enchant every reader.
Paperback 272 pages (May 2002); Publisher: Hippocrene Books, Inc

History of Russia

Repeated devastating defeats of the Russian army in World War I led to widespread rioting in the major cities of the Russian Empire and to the overthrow in 1917 of the 300-year old Romanov Dynasty. The Communists under Vladimir Lenin seized power soon after and formed the USSR. The brutal rule of Joseph Stalin strengthened Russian dominance of the Soviet Union at a cost of tens of millions of lives. The Soviet economy and society stagnated in the following decades until General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev introduced glasnost (openness) and perestroika (restructuring) in an attempt to modernize Communism....

See for more Wikipedia - Russia's History: Early East Slavs, Kievan Rus', Volga Bulgaria, Khazaria, Mongol Invasion, Golden Horde, Muscovy, Imperial Russia, Russian Revolution, Russian Civil War, Soviet Union, Russian Federation

  Bucknell University   -   Russian History
This page attempts to capture the flavor of the rich diversity evolving over Russian history and hence depends as much on the endeavors of others as those of the Russian Studies Program.
Russia: A Complete History  -   by Peter Neville
Originally the lands we now know as Russia were settled by Scythians followed by nomadic tribes - the Sarmatians, Goths, Huns, Khazars and Slavs. The rise of Muscovy with its Tsars from Ivan Moneybags to Ivan the Terrible was followed by the despotic rule of the Romanovs, among them Peter the Great and Catherine II. The October Revolution ended the Tsarist despotism but replaced it with another kind of terror. Peter Neville takes the story right up to the present day, looking at the end of the communist state and the fragmentation of the USSR.
Paperback 320 pages (November 13, 2003); Publisher: Phoenix mass market p/bk
The Origins of the Russian Revolution, 1861-1917 (Lancaster Pamphlets)  -   By Alan Wood
Alan Wood provides a concise introduction to the Russian Revolution and its origins dating back to the emancipation of the Russian peasant serfs in 1861. The third edition of this successful pamphlet brings the historiography up to date to include the multitude of research in the last ten years that followed the collapse of the Soviet Union and the opening up of the state archives.
Paperback 120 pages (June 26, 2003); Publisher: Routledge,an imprint of Taylor & Francis Books Ltd.
Capital: An Abridged Edition (Oxford World's Classics)  -   by Karl Marx
A classic of early modernism, Capital combines vivid historical detail with economic analysis to produce a bitter denunciation of mid-Victorian capitalist society. It has also proved to be the most influential work in social science in the twentieth century; Marx did for social science what Darwin had done for biology. Millions of readers this century have treated Capital as a sacred text, subjecting it to as many different interpretations as the bible itself. No mere work of dry economics, Marx's great work depicts the unfolding of industrial capitalism as a tragic drama - with a message which has lost none of its relevance today. This is the only abridged edition to take account of the whole of Capital. It offers virtually all of Volume 1, which Marx himself published in 1867, excerpts from a new translation of 'The Result of the Immediate Process of Production', and a selection of key chapters from Volume 3, which Engels published in 1895.
Paperback 532 pages (September 2, 1999); Publisher: Oxford University Press
A Rebel's Guide to Lenin  -   by Ian Birchall
A pocket guide to the real Lenin, showing the complexities behind a man often vilified by historians. Ian Birchall guides the reader through an introductory analysis of Lenin's experiences and achievements, showing his methods and motivations in attempting to create a world in which production was to be for human need rather than profit.
Paperback 64 pages (September 1, 2005); Publisher: Bookmarks Publications
  Russian Museums

Music, Art & Culture, Events

Natasha's Dance: A Cultural History of Russia  -   Orlando Figes
This text provides a richly evocative exploration of Russia, its culture and people. Vast in scale and woven though with extraordinary stories and characters, it ranges from the splendour of 18th-century St Petersburg to the power of Stalinist propaganda, from folk art to the magic rituals of Asiatic shamans, from the poetry of Pushkin to the music of Mussorgsky and the films of Eisenstein, bringing to life an extraordinary cast of serf artists and aristocrats, revolutionaries and exiles, priests and libertines. Figes's book takes its title from a famous scene in "War and Peace", where the young and beautiful Countess Natasha hears a popular melody and, instinctively aware of the peasant rhythm and steps, begins to dance to it. Tolstoy shows that, however grand and foreign-educated they might be, at heart the Russians are Russians. Here, Orlando Figes explores the meaning of Natasha's dance: the often contradictory impulses and shared sensibilities that have given rise to one of the world's most dazzling cultures. He shows how, perhaps more than any other country, Russia's sense of identity is embodied in its culture: not only its great poetry, music, books and paintings, but also in its common ideas, customs, habits and beliefs. Despite Russia's immense size and diversity it is this unique temperament that has held together a people scattered from Europe to Asia and enabled them to survive in the face of their own fearful history
Paperback 768 pages (September 4, 2003); Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
  Bucknell University  -  Russian Music

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Autonomous districts: Aga Buryatia, Chukotka, Evenkia, Khantia-Mansia, Koryakia, Nenetsia, Permyakia, Taymyria, Ust-Orda Buryatia and Yamalia



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