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Travel Insurance


Single trip travel insurance, annual travel insurance, Backpacker travel insurance, Ski travel insurance, Business travel insurance, Adventure travel insurance, Over 64 travel insurance, Pre-existing medical insurance.
JS Insurance is part of Jade Stanley Limited and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA).

Go Travel Insurance is one of the leading providers of online travel and holiday insurance for UK and Irish residents on the Internet. Go Travel Insurance offers great cover at the best prices for single trip, ski, annual and backpackers insurance. is one of the leading providers of online travel and holiday insurance for UK and Irish residents on the Internet.

Car Insurance

You will get cheaper car insurance quotes instantly from Norwich Union, NIG, Marks & Spencer, Zurich, AXA and many more.
JS Insurance is part of Jade Stanley Limited and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA).


  CDC  Department of Health and Human Services  -  look for

oo   Destinations [ Health information for specific destinations ]
oo   Vaccinations [ Vaccination recommendations for travelers of all ages; yellow fever vaccination recommendations by country ]
oo   Travel Medicine Clinics   
oo   Yellow Fever Vaccination Clinics 
oo   Insect and Arthropod Protection 
oo   Diseases 
oo   Illness and Injury Abroad  
oo   Safe Food and Water  
oo   Frequently Asked Questions

oo   Travelling with Children
What to do before taking children to other countries; international adoptions  
oo   Special Needs Travellers
Information for travelers with special needs such as disabilities, pregnancy and breast-feeding, and HIV 
oo   Travelling with Pets
What to do before taking pets to other countries. On DGMQ site  
oo   Travel by Cruise Ships and Airplanes
Health information about cruise ship travel. Includes inspection scores ("green sheets") for specific cruise ships by CDC's Vessel Sanitation Program (VSP)

Foreign Office Advice

  Latest foreign office advice

Outdoor equipment and clothing

  Beans Online  -   ski clothing, ski equipment, outdoor clothing, tents and camping equipment
  Field-Trek  -  specialist outdoor clothing and equipment
Mail-order service and 12 stores across the UK.
  Gear-Zone sells over 60 leading brands of outdoor equipment and clothing.
  Nevi Sport  -  outdoor equipment store
Offers outdoor gear, camping equipment, outdoor clothing and more.
  Sports Warehouse UK 
Sports Equipment Outdoor Equipment Promotional Clothing.


  UK Passport Service
provides information and on-line facilities for all aspects of application, renewal and amendment of passports for British nationals resident in the UK

Planning your trip

  Foreign & Commonwealth Office  [ GCO ]
The purpose of the FCO is to work for UK interests in a safe, just and prosperous world.They do this with some 16,000 staff, based in the UK and our overseas network of over 200 diplomatic offices.
Travel Advice : Travel Advice by Country, It'll Never Happen to Me!, What We Can Do To Help, Know Before You Go.
  Good Access Guide  -  service directory
UK's leading directory of services for disabled people, seniors, and anyone whose life is made easier by better access to goods, services and amenities. That's pretty much all of us!
Through this unique online resource, residents and visitors of all abilities can now discover the very best in accessible and inclusive living, leisure and mobility in the UK and Ireland, as well a holiday and travel opportunities worldwide.
  Safety Text  -  See gap year travel
SafetyText is a delayed text messaging system. Each day you can send a text giving details of where you are going and with who. Delay that text for the time you will be traveling, then cancel it when you arrive safely. If something happens and you can't cancel the text is sent and the alarm is raised.
  Travelers' Health 
  United Kingdom Passport Service
Site aims to assist new applicants and existing passport holders by providing information and online facilities for all aspects of application, renewal and amendments of passports for British nationals resident in the UK.
  Wilderness Survival-skills
Site is dedicated to providing useful information for safe wilderness traveling.

Travel Guides / Related Books

Are We Nearly There?: The Complete Guide to Travelling with Babies, Toddlers and Children 
By Samantha Gore-Lyons
Although its title brings to mind nauseous car rides, travel sickness and bickering on the back seat, this practical guide to travelling with babies, toddlers and children is so charmingly written that any non-parent readers will envy those able to share their travels with kids. Samantha Gore-Lyons tells of her own childhood dreams of "journeying to the four corners of the world", of her first exhausting holiday abroad with her new -born son, of the joys of sharing "experience through innocent, wide eyes". Despite her memories of being arrested and deported in Moscow while seven weeks pregnant, Gore-Lyons' passion for travel could not be quenched. Rather than live the homely, stable life chosen by most parents, she vowed to "learn how to travel all over again", noting down every situation she encountered and researching any that she did not. The resulting book, Are We Nearly There, is likely to inspire countless others to follow in her--and her child's--footsteps.
The author combines this extensive travel experience with in-depth knowledge of physiology and pharmacology, incorporating essential diagrams such as the "Comfort Index", an illustration of the "recovery position" and a table listing "Vaccines and anti-malarial drugs required, by country". It's enough, surely, to make unpleasant childhood diseases like schistosomiasis a thing of the past [ Amazon review, Daren King ]
Paperback 303 pages (January 6, 2000); Publisher: Virgin Books
Traveling Solo: Advice and Ideas for More Than 250 Great Vacations 
By Eleanor Berman
A guide to travelling alone, this book offers advice and ideas for more than 250 trips for solo travellers. The vacations offered here are as varied as the ages, budgets, tastes, and interests of millions of singles. This guide provides all the pertinent information on a wide range of vacation options, including approximate costs, common age ranges of participants, percentage of people travelling alone, typical male/female ratio and candid comments from former trip participants. This guide helps a solo traveller choose a trip that's right for him or her. Some of the trips discussed include: European trips for music lovers, wine connoisseurs, and gourmet cooks; workshops in language, photography, and painting; a biking tour of Provence; a cruise in the fjords of Norway; wilderness expeditions in Alaska and Nepal; and luxurious spas in the deserts of Arizona and the tropics of Mexico. In addition to specific vacation ideas, the author gives advice about how to travel safely and intelligently while alone, or as part of a group, or as a single parent with kids.
Paperback 336 pages (June 1, 2003); Publisher: Globe Pequot Press
Travel Alone and Love It: A Flight Attendant's Guide to Solo Travel:
By Sharon B. Wingler
Offers advice to single travelers on researching and planning a trip, overcoming fear, dining alone, protecting oneself, and meeting people.
Paperback 160 pages (November 1996), Publisher: Chicago Spectrum Press
Your Passport to Safer Travel (World Wise S.) 
By Mark Hodson (Editor)
Written in association with the Suzy Lamplugh Trust, contains tips on planning, travelling, different cultures and travel health, as well as a handy breakdown of facts for each country.
This guide distills the good and bad experiences of young travellers themselves. It features database and travel safety information for 238 countries, both developed and undeveloped, and provides addresses and phone numbers for travellers' help.
Paperback 352 pages (November 12, 2001); Publisher: Thomas Cook Publishing; ISBN: 1841572322

Travel Warnings

  British Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Tel: +44 (0)20 7238 4503/4

  US Department of State

  Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade
Tel: +1 (0)800 267 6788

GAP Year

  Sheffield Hallam University  -  Gap Year Guide
The key to a successful gap year is to do something constructive with your time and plan your trip thoroughly. You may choose to arrange travel or a placement yourself or contact an organisation who can help to plan a productive experience in your area of interest.
Taking a gap year, Planning your trip, Important basics, A guide to packing, Travel tips, Useful links, Useful books


  BBC Travel Tips
Get tips on planning for your trip, money-saving ideas and how to stay healthy on your hols: before you go, general hints, local know-how and healthy & safety
  BBC Travel Tools 
  BBC Holiday  -  Chat about holidays  -  see Message Board
  Need2know  -  see travel
  What's on When  -  World's best events at whatsonwhen  -  Leisure events guide  -  travel tips
As the world's leading online travel community, IgoUgo's 350,000 members offer what guidebooks can't: hundreds of thousands of opinions on destinations across the globe, plus suggestions and photos for everything from cheap eats and luxury accommodations to must-see attractions and worthwhile day trips.
  The Travel Store Inc.  -  travel tips

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