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Taiwan (Bradt Travel Guide) - ISBN 184162330XTaiwan is also known by its Portuguese name Ilha Formosa [ beautiful island ] and located off the coast of mainland China in the Pacific Ocean. The Street of Luzon separates Taiwan from the Philippines.

China considers Taiwan as its disobedient 23rd province [ Chinese Taipei ].

Capital City of Taiwan: Taipei

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Car Rental

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Hotels in Taiwan

  Booking   -  Hotels in Taiwan   -   Hotels in T'ai-pei, Hua-lien and Hsin-k'ai

  The Caesarpark Hotel Taipei *****, Chung Hsiao W Rd., 100 Taipei
Caesar Park Taipei, the former Hilton, is ideally located in the centre of Taipei's business district, directly opposite Taipei Main Station, the heart of the city's newly-completed MRT system.
Caesar Park Taipei offers top quality professionalism in managing an international hotel, as well as the utmost customer service to both domestic and international businesses. This 395-room hotel is situated within walking distance from the Presidential Palace, Botanical Gardens and Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall. There are also 2 restaurants with 5-star quality service.

Centrally located hotels ranging from small family run budget accommodation to world-class five star hotels.

National Parks

  Kenting National Park
  Sheipa National Park
  Yangmingshan National Park
  Yushan National Park

Travel Agents / Tour Operators  

 Kuoni   -   Type of holidays : Escorted holidays, Family holidays, Spa holidays
Taipei is a fascinating city, modern yet littered with historic sights that beguile and amaze. To fully appreciate Taiwan you must also explore its hinterland. Begin with the remarkable Taroko Gorge, a canyon of immense magnitude. On the west coast, Kaohsiung and Taichung offer unforgettable glimpses of traditional Taiwanese culture and natural beauty. At the heart of the island lies Sun Moon Lake, replete with dramatic mountain peaks and intricate, stunning temples.

  Far East & China Rail Train Tour   -   UK China Specialist
Escort Private Train Holiday Package to China, Korea, East Asia.
  Limosa Holidays
  Remembrance Travel   -   World War 2
Visits to the sites of several former Prisoner of War camps, local sightseeing tours, a banquet to honour the POWs and a Remembrance Service at the site of the Taiwan POW Memorial.
  Sunbird Tours   -   bird watching tours
Sitting astride the Tropic of Cancer, less than 250 miles from north to south and 100 miles wide, Taiwan boasts impressive geographic and ecological diversity.  A dramatic mountain range with numerous peaks forms the island's backbone and is flanked either side by a broad, flat coastal plain which is warm and humid.
Taiwan boasts an impressive array of endemic species such as Taiwan Yuhina, White-collared Bush Robin, White-eared Sibia and Steere's Liocichla.


  Taiwan Tour Bus 

Travel Guides / Related books

Taiwan (Lonely Planet Country Guides) - ISBN 1741790433 Taiwan (Bradt Travel Guide)
Steven Crook 
Taiwan is one of the most crowded countries on Earth but beyond the ocean of people and vehicles, far from the neon and noise that confronts new arrivals, there's an island of breathtaking mountain vistas, bird-rich forests and quaint villages where folk religion thrives. This is the guide for individuals who want more than the treasures of the National Palace Museum, the beaches of Kending and the well-beaten trails of Alishan. Whether you aim to rough it on mountain peaks, observe age-old rituals in tucked-away temples or wallow in five-star comfort, Bradt's Taiwan will lead you on an unforgettable journey through Asia's newest destination. Steven Crook moved to Taiwan in 1991 and has been writing about the island's travel destinations and tourism industry since the mid-nineties. He speaks fluent Mandarin.
Paperback: 304 pages; Publisher: Bradt Travel Guides; 1st edition edition (20 Oct 2010); ISBN-10: 184162330X; ISBN-13: 978-1841623306.

Taiwan: Country Guide (Lonely Planet)
Robert Kelly (Author)
Incl. Taiwan and its islands (Matsu, Kinmen, Penghu, Lanyu and Green Island). Revamp structure makes the guide more accessible and usable - and is in two-colour! New in-depth features on Taiwan's cuisine, temple arts and architecture, religion etc. Completely researched, updated and current with Chinese script for place name, sights etc.
Paperback: 392 pages; Publisher: Lonely Planet Publications; 8th edition edition (1 Mar 2011); ISBN-10: 1741790433; ISBN-13: 978-1741790436.

The Rough Guide to Taiwan
Brice Minnigh (Author), Stephen Keeling (Author)
The Rough guide to Taiwan is your definitive guide to this fascinating island. From the vibrant, frenetic streets of Taipei and teahouses of Taichung to the laid-back, historic Tainan, the full-colour section highlights all the "things-not-to-miss". Taiwan's enticing markets and vast range of culinary specialities are covered in full with comprehensive reviews of all the top hotels, restaurants, bars and spas to suit every budget. There is in -depth information on all six National Parks and Taiwan's highest mountains, including Taroko Gorge, the country’s most popular natural wonder. The guide also looks at Taiwan’s history, culture and indigenous peoples and comes complete with maps and plans for the whole island. The Rough guide to Taiwan is like having a local friend plan you trip!
Paperback: 560 pages; Publisher: Rough Guides; 1 edition (26 April 2007); ISBN-10: 1843535270; ISBN-13: 978-1843535270.

Transport / How do I travel to Taiwan

  Kaohsiung International Airport
Airport Plan,  Airport Facilities,  Transportation,  Domestic Flights Real-time info,  International Flights Real-time info,  and more
  Sung Shan Airport

Book cheap flights to Taiwan at ebookers and benefit from discounted airfares.

  Airline Tickets /  Bargain Flights  
Flight tickets Taiwan / Price comparison possible

  Taipei Department of Transportation
  Metro Taipei   -   Route map & Tourist Information

  Taiwan Railways [ see the English version ]
Taiwan's railways offer an endless variety of experience, and the scenery lining their routes provides an infinite range of fascinating scenery. If you want to get a close look at the island's beauties without having to suffer the problems of unfamiliar roads and the frustrations of traffic congestion, then you could do no better than choose a railroad tour and immerse yourself in the delights of enchanting coastlines, awesome mountains, placid farmlands, and engrossing countryside.

  Map Taiwan [ Uni Texas   -   Perry-Castaņeda Bibliothek   -   Map Collection ]

  Central Weather Bureau Taiwan 


  Tourist Board of Taiwan  

  Government Information Office
A Quick Look for Visitors,  Visa & Custom Info,  Visa Application Form Download,  Bureau of Immigration,  Taiwan Holidays,  Doing Business with Taiwan,  Travel Info,  Studying in Taiwan,  Taiwan Directory

  Taipei Representative Office in the UK
Tourism: Northern Taiwan:Where Ancient and Modern Coexist / Central Taiwan:Cliffs, Clouds and Cataracts / Southern Taiwan:Bucolic Scenes from the Past / Eastern Taiwan: Unspoiled Natural Beauty / Festivals / Cuisine / Attractions / Tourist Travel Services / Accommodations / Transportation / Recreation

  Taipei City   -   Capital City of Taiwan
The basin in which the city of Taipei and its suburbs sit was the site of a great lake in prehistoric times; it slowly developed its present features as alluvial deposits filled the lake. Surrounded by mountains on all sides, the Taipei Basin was the ancestral homeland of plains-dwelling indigenous people.

  North Taiwan
Keelung City, Taipei City, Taipei County, Taoyuan County, Hsinchu City, Hsinchu County, Miaoli County, Ilan County.
  East Taiwan
Taitung County and Hualien County .
  Central  Taiwan
Taichung City, Taichung County, Nantou County, Changhua County and Yunlin County.
  South Taiwan
Chiayi City, Chiayi County, Tainan City, Tainan County, Kaohsiung City, Kaohsiung County and Pingtung County. 
Penghu County, Kinmen County and Lianjiang County. 


  Chenlan Temple in Dajia District, Taichung
Most famous Mazu temple in Taiwan. Each spring an annual pilgrimage takes place starting at the temple. See Procession Mazu : Dadu Visit of a templeand M. Roemer's photos.
  Palace Museum in Taipei
  Sun-Moon Lake
  Tianhou Temple of Magong on Penghu Island
Built in 1593 and Taiwan's oldest temple.

  News from Taiwan   -   Taipei Times
  Magazine   -   Travel in Taiwan
  Radio   -   Radio Taiwan International
  University Taiwan   -   National Taiwan University   -   former Taihoku (Taipei) Imperial University

Cuisine   -   Taiwanese Cooking

In Taiwan, cooking techniques from all areas of China have merged, and the Taiwanese do not only master the traditional local Chinese specialties, but also continuously use traditional techniques to develop new culinary treats. It is therefore that each year Taiwan attracts many tourists who come to savor these Chinese specialties, ranging from small steamed buns to water-boiled dumplings.
Traditional Chinese food to be found in Taiwan, next to Taiwanese and Hakka-style dishes, mainly includes dishes from from Fujian, Guangdang, Jiangxi, Shanghai, Hunan, Sichuan and Beijing

Taowan: Natural original flavors are preserved and there is a focus on light, fresh and simply flavored dishes, influenced by the Dutch and Japanese, raw and slightly water-scalded food is widely accepted.

  Cuisine of Taiwan
Often Taiwanese cuisine is often associated with influences from mid to southern provinces of Mainland China, but influences from all of Mainland China can easily be found...

The Best of Taiwanese Cuisine: Recipes and Menus for Holidays and Special Occasions 
By Karen Hulene Bartell
Dishes from the four corners of China are found in Taiwanese kitchens and restaurants: noodles, dumplings and Mongolian Lamb Barbecue from northern China; sauces and herbs from the east are featured in recipes like Piquant Lime Chicken in Swallow's Nest; hot spicy, fried foods from southern China such as lightly seasoned fresh seafood. This collection of over 100 delicious Taiwanese recipes is divided into seasons and traditional celebrations such as Lunar New Year, Dragon Boat Festival, Chinese Valentine's Day, and Mid -Autumn Moon Festival -- with a complete menu for each one. Complementary and harmonious foods are organised in 18 carefully planned menus. Also includes cultural information, Chinese paper cuttings, and a Chinese lunar zodiac calendar.
Paperback 124 pages (September 2002); Publisher: Hippocrene Books, Inc

History of Taiwan

Until Taiwan was colonized by the Dutch in the seventeenth century, attempts by groups other than the Taiwanese aboriginal to settle Taiwan failed.
The Dutch were ousted from the island in 1662 by Cheng Cheng-Kung (also known as Koxinga), a former pirate who styled himself as a Ming loyalist, and who hoped to marshal his troops on the island. Cheng therefore established the Kingdom of Tungning (1662-1683).

 Taiwan's History   -   Wikipedia
Prehistoric Settlement In Taiwan, European Settlement [ The Dutch East India Company [ VOC ] administered the island and its predominantly aboriginal population until 1662, setting up a tax system, schools to teach romanized script of aboriginal languages and evangelizing ], Koxinga and Imperial Chinese Rule, Japanese Rule, The Republic of China, Beginnings of Nationalist Rule, Economic Developments, Democratic Reforms.

  Taiwan Documents Project
Established in 1999 to provide researchers and other interested persons a comprehensive source of primary material relating to the dispute over Taiwan. The Project seeks not only to gather together the most complete collection of Taiwan-related documents available anywhere, but also to present objective, introductory analyses of legal and other issues surrounding the Taiwan Strait Situation.
Period of colonial Dutch government on Formosa (now known as Taiwan), lasting from 1624 to 1662.
  The Dutch on Formosa
In 1622, governor Jan Pieterszoon Coen of the VOC (Dutch East India Company) sent out Cornelis Reijersen to attack Macao and build a fortress on the coast of Fujian. He kidnapped a number of Chinese, but his attack on Macao was beaten off by the Portuguese, and he continued on to the Pescadores Islands (P'eng-hu Lieh-tao)...
  The VOC and Formosa
Anybody who wishes to study the history of Formosa cannot possibly ignore the archives of the Dutch East India Company (VOC). To help researchers from the Far East the relevant passages have now been translated into Chinese.
  Zeelandia Diaries
In the quiet morning of Saturday, April 30, 1661, the look-out on the bastion of Zeelandia Castle saw, to his astonishment, an enormous fleet of Chinese junks appearing out of the fog. The landing of the four hundred -strong invasion fleet of the Ming- loyalist mandarin Cheng Ch'eng-kung (Coxinga in Dutch sources) on Formosa, marks the beginning of the final episode of a nearly forty-year-long period (1624-1662) of Dutch presence on the island. After a ten-month siege of the castle, the Dutch governor, Frederick Coyett was forced to surrender and leave all of Formosa to Cheng Ch'eng-kung.
  Reed Institute's Formosa Digital Library
This digital library gathers together a large body of primarily European and American images of the island of Taiwan -- called "Formosa" by foreign visitors in the 19th Century -- and its various peoples. These textual representations, woodcuts, maps, and linguistic data were originally published in European and North American books and journals during the 19th Century, but are not easily accessible to those interested in the history of Taiwan today.
The Island of Formosa Past and Present  -   by James W. Davidson
James W. Davidson, who served as a war correspondent with the Japanese army during the take-over of Taiwan in 1895, was later appointed United States Consul for Taiwan. His book is the product of eight years of research, and traces the history of Taiwan from the beginning of Dutch rule in 1514 to the early twentieth century. The author describes natural resources, trade, and industry, as well as the people, their dialects, and bird and animal life. The book was first published in 1903.
Hardcover 737 pages (August 1989); Publisher: OUP China

Music, Arts & Culture, Events

Taiwan's culture is a blend of traditional Chinese with significant Japanese and Western influences including Dutch, Spanish and American. The Taiwanese aboriginals also have a distinct culture. Fine arts, folk traditions, and popular culture embody traditional and modern, Asian, and Western motifs.

  Music of Taiwan
  Taiwanese pop

  Culture of Taiwan
See also Popular culture in Twaiwan.

  Mazu (sometimes spelt Matsu)   -   the indigenous goddess of the sea
Said to protect fishermen and sailors. Patron deity of all Southern Chinese and East Asian persons. Mazu is widely worshipped in Taiwan.
Mazu's birthday-festival is on the twenty-third day of the third lunar month of the Chinese calendar and celebrated with a pilgrimage that takes place starting at the Chenlan Temple in Dajia District, Taichung, the most famous Mazu temple in Taiwan.

  Aboriginal People
The Aboriginal People of Taiwan form the most northern branch of the Austronesian culture group, and can roughly be divided into Pingpu and Aboriginal races. The Aborigines can be divided into nine tribe], namely the Tsou (Chiayi, Kaohsiung, Nantou), the Saisiyat (Hsinchu, Miaoli), the Ami (Huatung and East Coast), the Atayal (Northern and Central Taiwan and mountainous regions in Northeastern Taiwan), the Paiwan (Pingtung, Taitung), the Bunun (Taitung, Hualien, Kaohsiung, Nantou), the Puyuma (Taitung County border), the Rukai (Pingtung, Taitung, Kaohsiung) and the Yami (Orchid Island).

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