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Holiday in Libya   -   Visitor information Libya.

Country in North Africa, bordering the Mediterranean Sea.

The three traditional parts of Libya are Tripolitania, Fezzan and the Cyrenaica.

Municipalities in Libya [ Baladiyah ]: Ajdabiya, Al 'Aziziyah, Al Fatih, Al Jabal al Akhdar, Al Jufrah, Al Khums, Al Kufrah, An Nuqat al Khams, Ash Shati', Awbari, Az Zawiyah, Banghazi, Darnah, Ghadamis, Gharyan, Misratah, Murzuq, Sabha, Sawfajjin, Surt, Tarabulus, Tarhunah, Tubruq, Yafran and Zlitan


Capital City of Libya: Tripoli

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Hotels in Libya

Centrally located hotels ranging from small family run budget accommodation to world-class five star hotels.


Travel Agents / Tour Operators

Kuoni Holidays   -   Escorted Tours in Libya
En route to Libya, you'll visit El Alamein, scene of one of the most decisive Allied victories of World War II. Across the border, lesser known Tobruk experienced equally fierce fighting and changed hands four times between 1940 and 1942. The final breakthrough of the Allied army against Rommel's forces at Tobruk was essential to Alamein and entire war effort....  
Holidays from dozens of leading specialist tour companies and accommodations who are passionate about conserving Africa's wildlife and benefiting its people.

  Mountain Travel Sobek   -   Libya Desert Adventure
  Remembrance Travel   -   Tripoli, Tobruk & Benghazi


  Libtra Tours
  Magic Libya
History,  Travel facts,  Photo Galery,  Sites,  Tours,  Cruises,  Hotels

Libya Berlitz Pocket Guide - ISBN 9812687033Travel Guides Libya / Related Books

Libya Berlitz Pocket Guide
Paperback: 144 pages; Publisher: Berlitz Publishing (1 Nov 2009); ISBN-10: 9812687033; ISBN-13: 978-9812687036.

 Lonely Planet Publications
Libya travel guide.

Transportation / How do I travel to Libya

Libya is located between Egypt on the east, Sudan on the southeast, Chad and Niger on the south and Algeria and Tunisia to the west.

Libya's main entry points are Tripoli and Benghazi or by Libyan Tunisian or Libyan Egyptian Border. You can travel by air, or ports. You can also enter from Egypt, Tunisia or from the south of Libya by land. Please make sure to have preparations and that your Libyan contacts know about your plans

  Benghazi Airport   -   Benina International Airport
  Tripoli Airport
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  Airline Tickets /  Bargain Flights   -   Flights Libya / Price comparison possible


  Tripoli   -   Capital City of Libya
Libya's biggest city,  the queen of the seas. It is an historical site. the city of Islamic civilization, Arab art and handicraft, where every monument tells a story. Tripoli has changed little since its foundation in the first millennium BC: it is still a lush garden filled with olive trees, palms, grapevines, and orange groves. The city has a wealth of old and new monuments.

3 traditional regions of Libya :

  Cyrenaica Region { Benghazi ]
  Fezzan [ Phasania ]   -   south-western desert region and a former Province
The main city of the region is Sebha.
In the north Fezzan is crossed by the Ash-Shati Valley and in the west by the wadi Irawan.
  Tripolitania Region [ Tripoli ]   -   historic region and an ex Province
The region was originally inhabited by Berbers; in the 7th century BC Phoenicians settled in colonies along the coast, which later came under the control of Carthage. See Wikipedia.

  Agedabia   -   city 154 km west of Benghazi, 12 km from the coast
  Al Bayda   -   city in northeast Libya, originally intended to be the new capital of Libya
All of the necessary government buildings were constructed there. The plan to move the capital from Tripoli to Al Beyda' was dropped.
  Al Jawf   -   capital city Al Kifra / Cufra  
Near Al Jawf is a very large oil refinery.
  Al Khums   -    in the north-west of the country   -   ancient Roman city
120km east of Tripoli along the coast.
  Benghazi    -   second largest city in Libya and the main city of the Cyrenaica region
Located on the Gulf of Sidra, a little southwest of the site of the ancient Greek city of Berenice or Berenicis. The Greek island of Crete is a short distance from Benghazi  Benghazi is one of Libya's major economic centres.
  Ghat   -   in remote south-western Libya [ Fezzan territory ]
The city of Ghat is an important tourist destination due to the existence in the neighboring Tadrart Acacus Oasis and Tassili N'Ajjer mountain range with prehistoric rock paintings and engravings [ and the beauty of the surrounding desert landscapes ].
Long ago Ghat was a major terminal point on the Trans-Saharan trade route. It was a stronghold for the Kel Ajjer Tuareg federation. If you needed a good sword in ancient times ... this was the place.
  Libdah   -   historic place
  Marsa El Brega   -    oil port , 87 km west of Ajdabia
  Misratah   -   chief city of Fezzan, one of the three traditional regions of Libya
Misurata City is one of the trade centers that the Phoenicians started building in the tenth century BC on the northern western part of the Libyan coast. Nowadays third largest city in Libya. There is a port in the neighbouring town of Qasr Ahmed.
  Nalut   -   capital city Nalut District
Half way between Tripoli and Ghadames at the western end of the Nafusa Mountains coastal range.
  Sabha   -   most important city of southern Libya
At Sabha the Sahara Desert begins. People from Ghana, Togo, and Sudan come through Sabha and then to Europe through Tripoli. Near Sabha, inside the Sahara Desert, there is a big lake named "Gaberoun"..
  Suitina   -  The port of Ajdabia
In Suluq you will find  the mausoleum of Omar Mokhtar, hero of the Libyan Resistance during the Italian occupation.
  Tobruk    -   seaport and peninsula on Libya's eastern Mediterranean coast
Located near the border with Egypt and capital city Al Butnan District. See Siege of Tobruk [ The Siege of Tobruk was a lengthy confrontation between Axis and Allied forces in North Africa during the Western Desert Campaign of the Second World War ]

  Beaches Libya
Libya offers you two thousand kilometers of splendid beaches, and some beautiful small cities each with its typical architecture and special characteristics, like Auwarah, Tubruq, Misratah, Az Zawiyah, Al-Khums, and Zlitan.
  Desert of Libya
Explore Libya's desert in Wadi Ash Shati, the plain of Awaynat,  Brak,  Murzuq, and the oases of Al Kufrah,  Zallah and Bazimah. Then cool off in Al Bayada' or near Al Marj, or on the plain of Darnah.
Take the highway east to the cities of the Green Mountain: Darnah with its falls and splendid coast ; Al Bayda' , a quiet city high up in the mountains; ancient Shah'hat (Cyrene) and beautiful Susah (Apollonia), Tulmaythah, Tukrah, Ra's Al Hilal.
  Knightsbridge War Cemetery [ WWII ]
A war grave located in Acroma, Libya (25 kilometres west of Tobruk).

  News from Libya   -   Aldaleel Newspaper [ Arabic ]
  University   -   Al Tahdi University [ mostly Arabic ]
  University of Benghazi   -   Garyounis University [ founded in 1955 ]
Garyounis University incorporates five faculties on the main campus of the University of Garyounis. It also has four faculties of Medicine outside the Garyounis area, a Faculty of Dentistry, as well as a large number of Teacher Training Faculties in many cities around Benghazi.
  University of Misratah   -   hجامعة 7 أكتوبر   -   7 October University
One of the largest universities in Libya.
  University of Surt   -   Al-Tahadi University

  Al Butnan   -   with capital city Tubruq
Al Butnan has a shoreline on the Mediterranean Sea in the north. To the east, it borders Egypt [ Matruh Governorate ].
  Al Jabal al Akhdar   -   in the north-east of the country with capital city Al Bayda
Not far from the city of Shahhat, the remains of the old Greek colony of Cyrene can be found. In Antiquity the neighbouring city of Apollonia was a major port in the Mediterranean Sea.
  Al Jabal al Gharbi   -   ???
  Al Jfara / Al Jufrah   -   in the centre of the country with capital city Houn
  Al Kufrah / Cufra   -    southeast Libya with capital city El Jawf
Al Kufrah borders with Egypt, Sudan, and Chad.
  Al Marj   -   northeastern Libya, on Al-Marj plain at the western edge of the Akhdar Mountains
Al Marj has a shoreline on the Mediterranean Sea in the north.
  Al Murgub    -   The main city is Al Khums.
In the north, Al Murgub has a shoreline on the Mediterranean Sea.
  Al Wahat   -   in the northeast
  An Nuqat al Khams   -   in the northwest of the country with capital city Zuwarah
In the north it has a shoreline on the Mediterranean Sea and to the west it borders Tunisia.
  Az Zawiyah   -   in the north-west of the country
In the north Az Zawiyah borders the Mediterranean Sea.
  Darnah   -   in the northeast of Libya with capital city Darnah
Darnah has a shoreline on the Mediterranean Sea in the north.
  Misratah   -   City and Province in northwestern Libya
Masrah lies about  210 km to the east of Tripoli on the Mediterranean coast near Cape Misratah.
  Murzuq   -   in the south of the country with capital city Murzuk
To the southeast, Murzuq borders the Bourkou-Ennedi-Tibesti Region of Chad, and to the southwest it borders the Agadez Department of Niger.
  Sabha   -   in the center of the country
  Surt   -   in the north of the country, bordering the Gulf of Sidra
In the north, Surt has a shoreline on the Mediterranean Sea.
  Tarabulus  =  Tripoli
  Wadi Al Hayaa   -  in the centre of Libya with capital city Awbari
  Wadi Al Shatii   -   in the west bordering the Illizi Province of Algeria

Cuisine   -   Recipes


History of Libya

Independence: 24 December 1951 (from Italy)

Tripoli and Cyrenaica were Roman colonies; and were conquered by Arab Muslims in the 7th century. By the 19th century it was an increasingly independent Ottoman province; and came under the control of Italy in 1911. After the Second World War Libya was granted independence, as a condition of the Allied peace treaty with Italy.

  Libya's History   -   Wikipedia
Ancient Libya [ Tripolitania and Cyrenaica ] to 647, Islamic Tripolitania and Cyrenaica 647-1911, 3 Italian Colony, 1911-1951, Modern Libya

Libya has played host to many civilizations, and has enriched civilization in its turn, with writings, drawings and engravings in the caves of Tadrart mountains, and archaeological treasures from Ataft. The Phoenician, Roman, and Byzantine ports of Tripoli,  Sabratah,  Libdah,  Shah'hat,  Susah,  Tukrah, and Talmitha.
The old Islamic cities such as Sirt, Darnah, and Ajdaniya, and other cities in the heart of the desert, including Ghadames,  Zuwaylah,  Jalu,  Ojla,  Ghat, and Fezzan. Not forgetting the places and fortresses of Gharyan, Mizdah,  Al-Qaryat,  Yifran,  Jadu,  Nalut, Misallatah, and Awinat.

Three Months in the Libyan Desert 
Gerhard Rohlfs, C.Vance Haynes (Introduction), Helga Wocherl (Translator)
In the winter of 1873-74, Gerhard Rohlfs led a scientific expedition, at the behest of Khedive Ismail, to explore the Great Sand Sea west of Egypt's Dakhla Oasis and to reach Kufra Oasis in what is now Libya. The expedition set a new standard for scientific exploration of the Sahara: prior to this, European travelers in the eastern Sahara had kept mostly to established caravan routes. And whereas Rohlfs had earlier explored parts of the western Sahara more or less on his own, on this expedition he took along several leading scientists: Dr. Karl Zittel, a geologist-paleontologist; Dr. Wilhem Jordan, a geographer and geodetic surveyor; Paul Ascherson, a botanist; and Ph. Remele, a noted photographer. Together they made up the first interdisciplinary team to conduct a geoscientific exploration of the region. Publication of Zittel's About the Geologic Structure of the Libyan Desert in 1880 was the beginning of the systematic geologic mapping of Egypt. Three Months in the Libyan Desert is Rohlfs' account of the expedition, its adventures, and its many trials. The original German edition remains one of the classic accounts of early desert exploration, and this edition makes it available for the first time in English.
Paperback 272 pages (January 2005);  Publisher: The American University in Cairo Press;  Language: English;  ISBN: 9774248384 
Tobruk: Birth of a Legend (Cassell Military Paperbacks S.)  -   Frank Harrison
The siege of Tobruk in 1941 was the first time the British army succeeded in defeating a German army operation in World War II. Despite all the ingenuity of Erwin Rommel, the 'Desert Fox', and the bravery of his Afrika Korps, the outnumbered and outgunned British garrison held the port until a relief mission, 'Operation Battleaxe', drove back the German and Italian forces. It was during this epic siege that 'Lord Haw Haw', the German propaganda broadcaster, coined the phrase 'Desert Rats'. He intended it as an insult, but the soldiers at Tobruk took a perverse pride in the name which became the nickname of the 8th Army in general and the 7th Armoured division in particular.
Paperback 352 pages (April 1, 2003);  Publisher: Cassell military;  Language: English;  ISBN: 0304362581

Music, Arts & Culture, Events

Various kinds of Arab music are popular, including masoud and Arab classical music. The Tuareg, living in the southern, Saharan part of the country, have their own distinctive folk music.

  Libyana   -   Libyan Culture 
Libyana is a collective, volunteer effort of a group of Libyan women and men who love their culture and heritage. We invite you to share in samples of our history, literature, art, music, and folklore.
  Dido   -   Wikipedia
In Greek and Roman sources Elissa or Dido appears as the founder and first Queen of Carthage in Tunisia. She is best known from the account given by the Roman poet Virgil in his Aeneid.  See also Greek Mythology [ Elissar, Dido, the Queen of Carthage and her city ] en Queen Didi [ open, multilingual, cosmopolitan website, dedicated to Elissa the Jocund, alias Queen Dido (a. 840-760 B.C.), and to her inexhaustible aspects: historical, social, poetical, spiritual ones, and so on ]

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