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Tourist information Niger.

Departments in Niger : Agadez, Diffa, Dosso, Maradi, Tahoua, Tillaberi and Zinder.

Capital City of Niger:  Niamey

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Hotels in Niger

Centrally located hotels ranging from small family run budget accommodation to world-class five star hotels.


National Parks

  Abaaba National Park

Travel Agents / Tour Operators

Create your perfect trip to Niger   -   Flight, Hotel and Car


  Agadez Expeditions   -   from the town of Agadez in Niger
  Best Sahara Tours   -   based in Niamey

Travel Guides Niger / Related Books

Niger (Bradt Travel Guide) - ISBN 1841621528 Niger (Bradt Travel Guide)
Jolijn Geels (Author)
Transport options are a particular feature, including long-distance connections to neighbouring countries, river trips on the River Niger, and camel trekking in the Massif de l'Aïr and Tènèrè desert regions, home to the nomadic Tuareg people. This guide covers both ends of the developing travel market for Niger: upmarket travellers looking for background information as a supplement to a tour, and budget explorers with a need to know all the practicalities.
Paperback: 280 pages; Publisher: Bradt Travel Guides; 1 edition (30 May 2006); ISBN-10: 1841621528; ISBN-13: 978-1841621524.

The Road to Timbuktu   -   Tom Fremantle
In the summer of 1795 a 24-year-old Scot with an optimistic heart and an unforgettable name docked on the Gambia River. So began one of the most extraordinary journeys of exploration in West Africa. Tackling fever, starvation, wild beasts and curious natives, Mungo Park soldiered on to his prize, the mysterious Niger, finally proving that the great river flowed to the east. The young explorer returned home a hero, his journal an instant bestseller. Over 200 years after this ground -breaking trip, Tom Fremantle - having long been inspired by Park - decides to follow in his doughty hero's wake. And so with a dugout canoe, a slothful ox, a donkey called Che and various motorised jalopies, Fremantle blazes his own haphazard trail down the Niger. En route he visits Timbuktu and Dogon country, dodges hippos and camps with desert Bedouin. His journey ends in the heart of Nigeria where Mungo Park lost his life on an ill-fated return expedition to Africa. Fremantle, like Park, puts his trust in strangers on the road and whether Senegalese prostitutes, Bozo fishermen or Malian chiefs, he brings their stories, their hopes and fears, vibrantly to life. This is a book that fuses past and present and reveals the spirit of Africa in a whole new light.
Paperback 288 pages (September 15, 2005);  Publisher: Constable and Robinson;  Language: English;  ISBN: 1841199699
  The Yellowcake Conspiracy   -   a novel by British children's author Stephen Davies
The novel is an espionage thriller set in and around the Arlit mine. Andersen Press.

Transport / How do I travel to Niger

Niger [ partly Sahara ] is surrounded by Burkina Fasso, Algeria, Libya, Chad, Cameroon, Nigeria and Benin

  Niamey Airport [ NIM ]   -   Diori Hamani International Airport
  Arlit Airport

Niger [Map] - B00005QP4F  
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  Airline Tickets /  Bargain Flights
Flight tickets Niger / Price comparison possible

Niger Map
IGN Institut Géographique National (Author)
Map: 1 pages; Publisher: IGN Institut Géographique National; 1 edition (12 Sep 2005); Language French; ASIN: B00005QP4F.
  Maps International   -   Guides Niger is one of the largest map shops online.
  Map of Niger [ Uni Texas   -   Perry-Castañeda Library   -   Map Collection ]


  National Assembly of Niger

  Ministère du Tourisme et d'Artisanat

  National Tourist Office

  Niamey   -   capital city of Niger   -   port at the Niger River
Niamey is Niger's biggest town. Furthermore administrative and economic center.
The most important part of the city is located on the left bank of the river, with hte quarters Anikwara, Banifandou, Banizoumbou, Boukotchi, Cité Caisse, Cité faysal, Dangawo, Daressalam, Deuxiemme Arrondissement, Gamkale, Kalley East, Kalley South, Kwarakano, Kwaratagui, Lakouroussou, Lazaré, Liberté, Madina, Plateau, Quartier Aéroport, Quartier Sonni, Quartier Zabarkane, Saga, Sixième, Talladje, Terminus, Tourakou, Wadata, Yantala Upper, Yantala Lower, Zongo and Goudel. On the righ bank, also known as Harobanda you will find the quarters: Gaweye, Lamordé, Pont Kennedy, Kirkissoye, Karadjé, and Banga Bana.

  Agadez   -   land of the dinosaurs
The Agadez region includes the vast Ténéré Saharan desert, dune seas like the Erg of Bilma, and the mountians of the Aïr. Most of its population are nomadic / semi-nomadic peoples : the Tuareg, Toubou, and Wadoobe Fula.
  Diffa  -   extreme east of the country
Arrondissements in Diffa : Diffa, Maïne-soroa, and N'guigmi.
Arrondissements in Dosso : Boboye, Dogondoutchi, Dosso, Gaya, and Loga
  Maradi   -   in the centre of Niger
The region south, below the department's capital Maradi, forms an area sometimes called the "breadbasket" of Niger.
Arrondissements In Maradi : Aguie, Dakoro, Groumdji, Madarounfa, Mayahi, and Tessaoua
  Niamey  -  capital district in the extreme west
Attractions in the district include the Niger National Museum, incorporating a zoo, a museum of vernacular architecture, a craft centre, and exhibits including dinosaur skeletons and the Tree of Ténéré.
The capital district is surrounded by the department of Tillabéri.
Arrondissements in Tahoua : Bkonni, Bouza, Illela, Keita, Madoua, Tahoura, and Tchin-Tabaraden
  Tillaberi   -   in the northwest
Arrondissements in Tillaberi : Filingue, Kollo, Ouallam, Say, Téra, and Tillaberi.
  Zinder   -   in the east of the country
Departments in Zinder : Gouré, Magaria, Matamèye, Mirriah, Tanout; the sixth is the community of Zinder, capital city of the  département.
  Zinder  -  Hausa town with the Palace of the Sultan  -  see Planete Afrique

  La Tapoa
  Tenere Desert   -   desert region in the south central Sahara
The Tenere comprises a vast plain of sand stretching from northeastern Niger into western Chad. Major cities and villages of Ténéré : Abalagh, Agadez, Arlit, In-Gall, Tahoua, and Tanout
  Massif de l'Aïr   -   Air Mountains [ north of Agadez ]
  Niger River
  Tree of Tenere   -  for a long time the loneliest tree in the world [ acacia ]
In a circle of 400 km around it, no other tree was to be found. In 1973 hit by a drunken truck driver. The metal  replacement is continuing to be an important point in the desert where the road from Agadez splits to the Wells of Achegour to Dirkou and further south along Oasis Fachi to Bilma in Kaouar-Tal. Coordinates: 17° 45' N, 10° 04' O. See Arbre-Museum-Niamey.jpg.

  Adrar Bous
  Agadez City [ ancient town   -   Tuaregs ]   -   in the shadow of the Aïr Mountains
La vieille ville, la mosquée, la maison du boulanger. L'artisanat : La pierre taillée, le bois, le cuir, l'argent, l'or, la récupération de boites de conserve, le marché au bétail, le marché aux légumes etc.  See Agadez Expeditions
  Aïr   -  Oasis town
  Arlit   -   Founded in 1969 following the discovery of uranium
industrial town in northeastern Niger, built between the Sahara desert and the eastern edge of the Aïr mountains.
  Ayorou / Ayourou
  Dosso City
  Kaouar Cliffs 
  Maradi [ ancient town   -   Tuaregs ]
  Tanaut   -   On the edge of the Ténéré Desert in the Departement Zinder
  Zinder   -   second largest city in Niger
Three main areas in the City of Zinder :  Birni [ the old town ] is home to Zinder Great Mosque and the Zinder Sultan's Palace, as well as a museum. Zengou [ the old Hausa settlement ] is known for its vernacular architecture. Sabon Gari [ the new town between Birni and Zengou ] is the commercial centre and known for its large market.

More cities in Niger : Abalak, Arlit, Assodé, Bilma, Birni N'Gaouré, Birni-N'Konni, Dakoro, Diffa, Dogondoutchi, Dosso, Filingué, Gaya, Madaoua, Maradi, Mayahi, Miria, N'guigmi, Niamey, Tahoua, Tchin-Tabaraden, Téra, Tessaoua, Tillabéri, and Timia.

  American embassy in Niger   -   links
  Unesco   -   Niger
History, Economy, Politics, Images du Niger, and much more

  University of Niger   -   Abdou Moumouni University of Niamey

Cuisine  -  Niger Foods / Recipes

  Recipes from Niger
Recevoir à la Nigérienne, Le Kopto, La salade à la mode Nigérienne, Les recettes culinaires Nigériennes, La cuisine Africaine, Autres recettes.

History of Niger

Independence: 3 August 1960 (from France)

  Niger's History   -   see Wikipedia
Pre-colonial Niger, Colonization, Early independence, Democracy, Military dictatorship, Modern-day Niger, Timeline Niger
  Songhai_Empire [ Wikipedia ]
From the early 15th to the late 16th century, the Songhai Empire was one of the largest African empires in history. This empire was centered around the city of Gao, and its base of power was on the bend of the Niger river in present-day Niger and Burkina Faso.

  Narrative of an Exploring Voyage Up to the Rivers Kwora and Binue Commonly Known as the Niger and Tsadda in 1854 (Library of African Study)  
William Balfour Baikie
Hardcover 456 pages (December 20, 1966);  Publisher: Frank Cass Publishers;  Language: English;  ISBN: 0714617881

Music, Culture & Entertainment

  Music of Niger [ Wikipedia ]
 Niger is an African country inhabited by a mix of ethnic groups, mostly Hausa, Beriberi, Songhai, Djerma, Dendi, Peul, Wodaabe, and Tuareg peoples.
  Events, e.g. with the Tuaregs   -   Best Sahara Tours

  Contemporary Nigerian Art, 1950 - Present
  Nigeria's art collectors [ article The Economist, 29 July 2010 ]

  Culture of Niger

Nomads of Niger  -   Carol Beckwith, Marion van Offelen
A photographic celebration of the nomadic Wodaabe of Niger with a narrative that follows a herdsman and his family and kinsmen through one year's journey in parched, sub-Saharan Africa. This volume documents their life, culture, traditions and celebrations.
Hardcover (September 1, 1993);  Publisher: Harry N. Abrams, Inc.;  Language: English;  ISBN: 0810981254

  National Festival of Aïr   -   northern Niger
Traditionally held the last week of December in Iferouane (village north of Agadez and east Arlit).
This popular rendezvous for all the Tuareg of the region is colorful and competitions are held in the right mood and with responsibly. Prizes are awarded after many heated discussions. As in the Italian tradition, confrontation between neighborhoods is here between villages in various fields, traditional costumes of male and female, dancing men in front of a group of women who sing to give the rhythm, music, Miss Air election and above all, the most anticipated of all, the camel race (2 races, young and old camels). The winner will be the idol of the region throughout the year. In the village during the festival, traders from across the region offers their best fruits, vegetables and especially beautiful silver jewelry, pride of the artisans of the Air.
  La Cure salée   -   Festival of the Nomads
A yearly gathering of the Tuareg and Wodaabe peoples in the northern Niger town of Ingall. Cure Salée marks the end of the rainy season, and usually occurs in the last two weeks of September.
Wodaabé join the Cure Salée celebration with their own. See Asmat Travel.
  Festival Gerewol   -   La fête de Guerwal
Called after the traditional dance of the Wodabee peoples. The right time to attract woman in a beauty contest. The main event is Yaake dance. Men are dancing showing their beauty, charisma, elegance and charm.

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