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Visitor information Sudan.

States in Sudan : Al Jazirah, Al Qadarif, Blue Nile, Central Equatoria, East Equatoria, Junqali, Kassala, Khartoum, Lakes, North Bahr al Ghazal,
North Darfur, North Kurdufan, Northern, Red Sea, River Nile, Sennar, South Darfur, South Kurdufan, Unity, Upper Nile, Warab, West Bahr al Ghazal, West Darfur, West Equatoria, West Kurdufan, White Nile

Cities in Sudan: Atbara, Damazeen and Roseires, Dongola, Ed Damer, El Dueim, El Fasher, El Geneina, El Obeid, Gedarif, Juba,  Karima, Kassala, Kerma AI Nuzul, Kosti, Malakal, Nyala, Port Sudan, Shendi, Sindja, Suakin, Wadi Halfa, Wau and Wad Medani.

Capital City of Sudan: Khartoum

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Hotels in Sudan

Centrally located hotels ranging from small family run budget accommodation to world-class five star hotels.


National Parks

  National Park Dendar
Er stellt eines der größten Tierreservate Afrikas dar und erstreckt sich in einer einzigartigen Landschaft nördlich des Äquators über eine Fläche von 2.470 Quadratmeilen.

  Sudanese Lakes in Sanganib at the Red Sea

Travel Agents / Tour Operators  
Holidays from dozens of leading specialist tour companies and accommodations who are passionate about conserving Africa's wildlife and benefiting its people.

Create your perfect trip to Sudan   -   Flight, Hotel and Car

Travel Guides Sudan / Related Books

Sudan (Bradt Travel Guide) - 1841622060 Sudan (Bradt Travel Guide)
Much has changed in Sudan since the first edition of this guidebook was published in 2005. Following the peace agreement that ended the civil war of 1983–2005, southern Sudan is newly accessible to adventurous travellers. Bradt's Sudan continues to be the only guidebook dedicated to this emerging destination. This new edition offers full coverage of the southern towns of Juba, Malakal, Wau and Rumbek, and provides information on recently demined driving routes. It also details the increasing hotel and restaurant options in Khartoum, and Sudan's developing wildlife tourism industry. Paul Clammer is a freelance travel writer and has worked as a tour and trekking guide in countries from Morocco to Pakistan.
Paperback: 288 pages; Publisher: Bradt Guides; 2 edition (9 Oct 2009); ISBN -10: 1841622060; ISBN-13: 978-1841622064.

Sudan: The Land and the People 
Jimmy Carter (Foreword), Timothy Carney, Victoria Butler, Michael Freeman (Photographer)
The Land of Sudan captures the incredible diversity, beauty and potential of Africa's largest and most culturally varied country in hundreds of Michael Freeman's glorious photographs. Produced with the co -operation and support of both the government of Sudan and the Southern People's Liberation Movement, this book is the first ever to portray the whole of Sudan - north, south, east and west, muslim and christian - in one large-format volume.
Hardcover 288 pages (October 2005);  Publisher: Thames and Hudson Ltd.;  Language: English;  ISBN: 0500512574.

Darfur: A Short History of a Long War  -   Julie Flint, Alex de Waal
Sudan's westernmost region, Darfur, sprang into notoriety early in 2004 when a war of hideous proportions unleashed what the United Nations called 'the world's worst humanitarian crisis'. For the last two years, the conflict has been simplified to pictures of sprawling refugee camps and lurid accounts of 'Arabs' murdering 'Africans.' Behind these images lies a complex story of a remote region of Africa. This book details the history of Darfur, its conflicts, and the designs on the region by the governments in Khartoum and Tripoli. It investigates the identity of the infamous 'Janjawiid' militia and the nature of the insurrection, charts the unfolding crisis and the international response, and concludes by asking what the future holds in store.
Paperback 176 pages (October 1, 2005);  Publisher: Zed Books Ltd.;  Language: English;  ISBN: 1842776975.

The Four Feathers (Penguin Twentieth-Century Classics)  -   A. E. W. Mason, Gary Hoppenstand (Introduction)
This is a great classic tale of adventure and honour, in the grand tradition of "The Prisoner of Zenda" and "Beau Geste." Harry Feversham, English officer and gentleman, has been terrified since childhood by his father's tales of cowardice under fire and the resulting dishonour. As a young man, when learning that his regiment has been called to action, he resigns his commission unnerved by the possibilities of showing cowardice and facing a horrible death in the Sudan at the hands of the fanatic Madhi's dervishes. Before departing, three of his brother-officers send him white feathers, the symbol of cowardice, and Ethne Eustace , the woman he was to have married, gives him a fourth. In despair, Feversham decides to follows his regiment to Africa, in search of an opportunity to make his former friends take the feathers back. This quest takes him to the grim, dangerous slums of Cairo and a hellish trek across the Sudanese desert, as he penetrates into the heart of the Madhi's infernal domain in Omdurman to rescue rescue the very men who questioned his valor and regain his honour and the respect and love of Ethne.
Paperback 320 pages (October 2001);  Publisher: Penguin Books;  Language: English;  ISBN: 0142180017

Transport / How do I travel to Sudan

Sudan is the largest country in Africa. Stretching from Egypt in the north to Uganda in the south. Sudan shares borders with nine African countries of which two are Afro-Arab,  lying in the North of Sudan,  they are Egypt, and Libya.  In the East,  there are EthiopiaEritrea and the Red Sea.  While Kenya, Uganda and Zaire lie in the South.  And the Central African Republic  and Chad are in the West.

  Khartoum Airport [ KRT ]
  Port Sudan Airport
  Dongola Airport
  al-Fashe Airportr
  Juba Airport

   -   Flight tickets Khartoum

  Airline Tickets Sudan / Bargain Flights
Flights Sudan / Price comparison possible.

  Sudan Railways   -   Regular Railway lines and town covered:
Most of the railway system dates from Kitchener's offensive against the Mahdi in the 1890s, and is a narrow gauge, single track line.

oo   Nyala- Ed Daein-Abuzabad-Kosti-Sennar-Medani-Khartoum
oo   AI Obeid- Kosti-Sennar-Medani-Khartoum [ Travel duration 24 hrs ]
oo   Karima-Abu Hamad-Atbara-Shendi-Khartoum  [ Travel duration 30 hrs ]
oo   Port Sudan-Atbara-Shendi-Khartoum [ Travel duration 24 hrs ]
oo   Wadi Halfa-Abu Hamad-Atbara- Shendi-Khartoum [ Travel duration 24 hrs ]

  River boats
Travelling by river is considered as a convenient means of transport for its relative cheapness and comfort.

  Buses run between Khartoum, Kassala, Port Sudan, Gedarif.

  Maps International   -   Guides Sudan is one of the largest map shops online.
  Map Sudan [ Uni Texas   -   Perry-Castañeda Library   -   Map Collection ]


  Embassy of the Republic of Sudan in London, UK
Consular Affairs,  Business & Economy,  Tourism in Sudan,  Country Profile,  People of Sudan,  Miscellaneous Facts,  Useful Links

  Khartoum   -   Capital City of Sudan
Khartoum is the capital of Sudan and the administrative, financial and political core of its federal system. It is located on the western bank of the Blue Nile and forms a huge triangle, with its vertex at the confluence of the two Niles and the base bordering Gezira State some 30km southeastward.

  List of Sudanese cities [ ]

  al-Gazali   -   oasis Bayuda desert not far from Merowe
  Alt-Dongola   -   Capital City Kingdom of Unternubien (Maqwar)
  Arkaweat   -   Summer resort, nice climat during the year 
  Arous  -  
  Kerma   -   known as „Deffufa"   -  f rom the time of the Kerma Empire ( 2500 - 2400 B.C )
  Musawwarat es Sufra   -   largest of the antique cities in Sudan
  Meroë   -   Capital City Kingdom of Kusch
  Omdurman   -   former Capital City of Sudan
  Soba [ Ost-Soba ]
  3. Nilkatarakt
  Hunting Areas
  Nubian Desert
  Temple of Soleb

  Khartoum University
In 1881, a religious leader, Mohamed Ahmed El Mahdi, led a revolt against the government. His rebellion, which was a movement for both religious and political reform, was widely successful. It triumphed with the capture of Khartoum, where General Gordon, who was the last Turkish governor, was killed in 1885.
On the advice of the British, who occupied Egypt since 1882, the Turko-Egyptian government was withdrawn . Although the Mahdi died in the same year, the Sudan under his successor, the Khalifa Abd Allah remained independent until 1898
  Radio   -   Sudan Radio
The voice of "Huna Omdurman", meaning "Here is Omdurman", was heard for the first time in the wake of the Second World War in 1940
  SUNA   -   Sudan News Agency
  Television   -   Sudan Television

Cuisine   -   Sudanese Foods Recipes

The Best of African Cooking  -   Manjase Banda, Robin Campbell (Editor)
This book has a collection of African recipes ranging from North, West, East, and Southern Africa. Only the best recipes were selected from the various African countries. The book has recipes from countries such as Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia, Mozambique and many others. The book has over 120 recipes with colour illustrations all using a variety of different ingredients from Africa.
Paperback 128 pages (January 29, 2004);  Publisher: Esanjam;  Language: English;  ISBN: 0954682106
  African Studies  -  The African Cookbook  - Menus & Recipes from Africa 
  African Recipes

History of Sudan

Independence: 1 January 1956 [ from Egypt and UK ]

  Sudan's History   -   Wikipedia
Early history;  19th Century;  Mahdism and condominium;  European Colonialism;  Independence and the First Civil War;  Arms Suppliers;  Second Civil War;  Darfur

  Jaduland   -   Sudan
  Museum 'Haus des Kalifen', Khartoum
  Sudane National Museum, Khartoum

  Civil War in Sudan [ African Studies Centre - University of Pennsylvania ].

Khartoum: The Ultimate Imperial Adventure 
Michael Asher
The British campaign in the Sudan in Queen Victoria's reign is an epic tale of adventure more thrilling than any fiction. The story begins with the massacre of the 11,000 strong Hicks Pasha column in 1883. Sent to evacuate the country, British hero General Gordon was surrounded and murdered in Khartoum by a vast army of dervishes commanded by the Mahdi. The relief mission arrived two days too late. The result was a national scandal that shocked the Queen and led to the fall of the British government. Twelve years later it was the brilliant Herbert Kitchener who struck back. Achieving the impossible he built a railway across the desert to transport his troops to the final devastating confrontation at Omdurman in 1898. Desert explorer and author Michael Asher has reconstructed this classic tale in vivid detail. Having covered every inch of the ground and examined all eyewitness reports, he brings to bear new evidence questioning several accepted aspects of the story. The result is an account that sheds new light on the most riveting tale of honour, courage, revenge and savagery of late Victorian times.
Hardcover 480 pages (October 27, 2005);  Publisher: Viking;  Language: English;  ISBN: 0670870307
  Sudan   -   Dietrich Wildung  
Ancient Kingdom of the Nile. Hardcover | Flammarion Et Cie | USA Edition | 1997

Music, Arts & Culture, Events in Dafur

Sudan shares borders with nine African countries. As such, it naturally became a zone of interaction between the Hamitic Arabs and the Negro Africans. This blending resulted in Sudan's many different ethnic groups and unique cultures.

The Nuba, on the front lines between the north and the south of Sudan, have retained a vibrant folk tradition.

  Music of Sudan
Folk and traditional music [ Dervish, Southern Sudanese folk music, Nuba, Haqibah, Northern Sudanese lyrical music ], Popular music [ Hip Hop, Southern Sudanese modern music, Modern tribal music ].

  Culture of Sudan

Sudan - the Rough Guide to Sudan 
Audio CD (April 25, 2005; Number of Discs:1; Label: World Music Network; ASIN: B0007YNRPO; Catalogue Number: RGNET1152CD
  Ethnographic Museum, Khartoum

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