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Tourist information Ivory Coast.

One of the most prosperous of the tropical West African states.

Regions Ivory Coast : Agnéby, Bafing, Bas-Sassandra, Denguélé, Dix-Huit Montagnes, Fromager, Haut-Sassandra, Lacs, Lagunes, Marahoué,  Moyen-Cavally, Moyen-Comoé, N'zi-Comoé, Savanes, Sud-Bandama, Sud-Comoé, Vallée du Bandama, Worodougou, and Zanzan.

Main cities Ivory Coast : Bouaké, Daloa, Divo, San-Pédro and Yamoussoukro.

Borders Liberia, Guinea, Mali, Burkina Faso, and Ghana to the west, north, and east, and borders the Gulf of Guinea to the south.

Capital City of Cote d'Ivoir : Yamoussoukro.

De facto National Capital : Abidjan.

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Hotels in Ivory Coast

   -   Hotels in Abidjan
Sofitel Abidjan [ riverside ], Novotel Abidjan [ city centre ], Ibis Abidjan Plateau [ city centre ], Ibis Abidjan Marcory [ Suburb ].

Centrally located hotels ranging from small family run budget accommodation to world-class five star hotels.


National Parks Cote 'd Ivoir

  Banco National Park   -   north of the city of Abidjan

  Les Parcs Nationaux
Le parc national de la Comoé, Le parc national de Taï, Le parc national de la Marahoué, Le parc national d'Assagny, La réserve de faune du Haut-Bandama, Le Parc de Kossou, Le parc national du Banco

  Parc National du Mont Sangbe

Travel Agents / Tour Operators  
Holidays from dozens of leading specialist tour companies and accommodations who are passionate about conserving Africa's wildlife and benefiting its people.

Create your perfect trip to Ivory Coast   -   Flight, Hotel and Car

  Club Med
  Belem Tours from Paris, France
O.a. mountain biking, lagoon sailing, tours

Travel Guides Cote d'Ivoir / Related Books

Ivory Coast (Africa - Continent in the Balance) - ISBN 159084808X Ivory Coast (Africa: Continent in the Balance)
William Mark Habeeb (Author), Robert I. Rotberg (Editor)
This series examines the historical and current situation of a number of African countries, giving background information and analysis on each country's geography and ecology; history; system of government; economy; people and cultures; cities and communications Concise introductions to African countries covering the land, history, economy, people, cities, festivals , food, flags, and much more. Accessible and informative first-stop resources
Library Binding: 79 pages; Publisher: Mason Crest Publishers; Library Binding edition (15 Jun 2005); ISBN-10: 159084808X; ISBN-13: 978-1590848081

Nine Hills to Nambonkaha: Two Years in the Heart of an African Village 
Sarah Erdman
The village of Nambonkaha in the Ivory Coast is a place where electricity hasn't yet arrived, where sorcerers still conjure magic, where the tok-tok sound of women pounding corn fills the morning air like a drumbeat. As Sarah Erdman enters the social fold of the village as a Peace Corps volunteer, she finds that. Nambonkaha is also a place where AIDS threatens and poverty is constant, where women suffer the indignities of patriarchal customs, and where children work like adults while still managing to dream. Lyrical and topical, Erdman's beautiful debut captures the astonishing spirit of an unforgettable community.
Paperback 336 pages (September 23, 2004);  Publisher: Saint Martin's Press;  Language: English;  ISBN: 0312423128
  Ivory Coast   -   Regina Fuchs
Paperback (September 1994);  Language: English;  ISBN: 1564405540.

Transport / How do I travel to Cote d'Ivoir

  Abidjan Airport   -   Port Bouet International Airport

  Yamoussoukro Airport    -   see Wikipedia

  KLM UK / Air France

Book cheap flights to Cote d'Ivoir at ebookers and benefit from discounted airfares. View their latest offers and book your flights, accommodation, car hire and insurance online.

  Airline Tickets /  Bargain Flights   -   Flights Ivory Coast / Price comparison possible

  SOTRA   -   Public Transport   -   bus, boat and taxi

  Maps International   -   Maps Ivory Coast is one of the largest map shops online.
  Online map Ivory Coast [ Uni Texas   -   Perry-Castañeda Library   -   Map Collection ]


  Travel Insurance   -   Tourist Board Ivory Coast [ French Language ] 
Toeristische trekpleisters, hotels, restaurants, autoverhuur, uitgaan, reisbureaus, cultuur enz.

  Government   -   Republique de Cote d'Ivoire   -   Gouvernment

  Yamoussoukro   -   Capital City Ivory Coast

  Yamoussoukro   -   District of Yamoussoukro

  Abidjan   -   largest city and former capital of Côte d'Ivoire
Located in Ébrié Lagoon on several converging peninsulas and islands, connected by bridges.  Abidjan is often referred to as the 'Paris of West Africa' because of its parks, broad boulevards, universities, exotic fashions and museums.
Districts include Cocody, an upscale residential area located east of the modern business district, and Treichville, located southward on Petit-Bassam Island, with its busy traditional market. Banco National Park lies north of the city. Abidjan harbors numerous government departments. It is also the hub of the national road system and the terminus of the Abidjan-Niger Railway, which extends northward into Burkina Faso.
  Port of Abidjan   -   Abidjan Port Authority

  Agnéby   -   region's capital is Agboville
Departments in Agnéby : Adzopé and Agboville.
  Bafing   -   with capital city Touba
  Bas-Sassandra   -   with capital city San-Pédro
Departments in Bas-Sassandra : San-Pédro, Sassandra, Soubré, and Tabou.
  Denguélé   -   capital city is Odienné
  Dix-Huit Montagnes   -   capital city is Man
Departments Dix-Huit Montagnes : Bangolo, Biankouma, Danané, and Man.
  Fromager   -   capital city is Gagnoa
Departments Fromager : Gagnoa and Oumé.
  Haut-Sassandra   -   capital city is Daloa
Departments Haut-Sassandra : Daloa, Issia, and Vavoua.
  Lacs   -   capital city is Yamoussoukro
Departments Lacs : Tiébissou, Toumodi, and Yamoussoukro.
  Lagunes   -   capital city is Abidjan
Departments Lagunes: Abidjan, Alépé, Dabou, Grand-Lahou, Jacqueville and Tiassalé.
  Marahoué   -   capital city is Bouaflé
Departments Marahoué: Bouaflé, Sinfra, and Zuénoula.
  Moyen-Cavally   -   capital city is Guiglo
Departments Moyen-Cavally : Duékoué, Guiglo, and Toulépleu.
  Moyen-Comoé   -   capital city is Abengourou.
Departments Moyen-Comoé : Abengourou and Agnibilékrou.
  N'zi-Comoé   -   capital city is Dimbokro
Departments N'zi-Comoé : Bocanda, Bongouanou, Daoukro, Dimbokro, and Mbahiakro.
  Savanes   -   capital city is Korhogo
Departments Savanes  : Boundiali, Ferkessédougou, Korhogo, and Tengréla.
  Sud-Bandama   -   capital city is Divo
Departments Sud-Bandama : Divo and Lakota.
  Sud-Comoé   -   capital city is Aboisso
Departments Sud-Comoé : Aboisso, Adiaké, and Grand-Bassam.
  Vallée du Bandama   -   capital city is Bouaké
Its economy is based on the cotton industry.
Departments Vallée du Bandama : Béoumi, Bouaké, Dabakala, Katiola, and Sakassou. 
  Worodougou   -   capital city is Séguéla
Departments Worodougou: Mankono and Séguéla.
  Zanzan   -   capital city is Bondoukou
Departments Zanzan: Bondoukou, Bouna, and Tanda.

  Bouaké   -   capital city Vallée du Bandama Region and second largest city in Côte d'Ivoire
Located in the central part of the country ca. 50 km northeast of Kossousees, the largest lake in Ivory Coast,
  Daloa   -   capital city Haut-Sassandra Region, west of Yamoussoukro
The town of Daloa is an important trading centre, particularly for cocoa.
  Divo   -   Capital city Sud-Bandama Region
  San-Pédro   -   capital of the Bas-Sassandra Region and second largest port
Fishing is an important industry, while the town is known for its nightlife and its beaches.
  Radio and television CI   -   live television and radio
  Radio Jam   -   live radio

Cuisine  -  Ivoirian Cooking Recipes

  Ivorian Recipes

History of the Ivory Coast

Independence: 7 August 1960 (from France)

In the 19th century, Côte d'Ivoire was seized by Louis Gustave Binger, (1856-1936) as a colony for France. It became independent in 1960 and was ruled by Félix Houphouët-Boigny until 1993.

  Cote d'Ivoire's History   -   Wikipedia

Ivory Coast  -  William Mark Habeeb, Robert I. Rotberg (Editor)
This series examines the historical and current situation of a number of African countries, giving background information and analysis on each country's geography and ecology; history; system of government; economy; people and cultures; cities and communications Concise introductions to African countries covering the land, history, economy, people, cities, festivals, food, flags, and much more. Accessible and informative first-stop resources
Hardcover 80 pages (April 2005);  Publisher: Mason Crest Publishers;  Language: English;  ISBN: 159084808X

Music, Arts & Culture, Events

  Music of Ivory Coast
... Côte d'Ivoire's de facto capital, Abidjan, is perhaps the most influential city in recorded African music, with performers coming from across the continent to record their singles and albums...
... Each of the more than sixty ethnic groups of Côte d'Ivoire have their own folk music traditions, most showing strong vocal polyphony (a common characteristic of African music)...

  Art in Ivory Coast [ African Art ]
  Culture Ivory Coast
Four major cultural regions : the East Atlantic (primarily Akan), West Atlantic (primarily Kru), Voltaic, and Mandé.
Ethnic Groups in Ivory Coast : Akan, Baule (Baoule), Akye, Anye,Aowin, Dan and Senufo.

  Werewere Liking  [ b. 1950 ]
Writer, playwright and performer based in Abidjan. She established the Ki-Yi Mbock theatre troupe in 1980 and founded the Ki-Yi village in 1985 for the artistic education of young people.

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