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Ghana, formerly known as the Gold Coast.

Aksombo, Akropong, Bonwire [ Kente Cloth ], Cape Coast, Elmina [ coast town, Kumasi ] , Lake Bosumtwe, Lake Volta, Obusai, Mampong, Takoradi, Tema.

Ghana is a lowland country, except for range of hills on the eastern border. The sandy coastline is backed by a coastal plain that is crossed by several rivers and streams, generally navigable only by canoe. In the west the rain is broken by heavily forested hills and many streams and rivers. To the north lies an undulating savanna that is drained by the Volta river, which flows south to the sea through a narrow gap in the hills. Lake Volta, in the east, is one of the largest artificial lakes in the world. Ghana's highest point, in the eastern hills, is about 2,900 feet (884 meters) above sea level. 

Ghana is located on the west coast of Africa, along the Gulf of Guinea. Bounded on the north and northwest by Burkina Faso, on the east by Togo, on the south by the Atlantic Ocean, and on the west by Cote d'Ivoire.

Capital City of Ghana : Accra.

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Hotels in Ghana / Hostels

   -   Hotel in Accra  -  Novotel Accra City Centre

Centrally located hotels ranging from small family run budget accommodation to world-class five star hotels.


National Parks

Dense tropical rainforests being developed into nature parks for the ecology-minded tourist.
Birds and butterflies are particularly numerous in Ghana's forests. The forests' nature trails are attractive and a great way to see the birds and butterflies.

  Ankasa Forest in the south of the country
  Kakum National Park [walk through treetop canopy]
  Kyabobo National Park
A newly designated national park in the foothills of Mt. Djebobo, on the border with Togo.
  Mole National Park  -  in the natural habitat of the north
Savannah and rocky outcrops that are home to 93 species of mammals, including herds of elephant, buck and small plains game. The occasionally lion and leopard can be seen resting after a kill, and the range of birdlife (approximately 300 species) is considerable

Travel Agents / Tour Operators

  G Adventures
*   Ghana untouched
Witnessing the Ashanti Akwasidae festival, meeting witches and the Tonga Oracle, exploring Accra's National museum and cultural highlights, visiting a monkey sanctuary, meeting African spiritual leaders, hiking in Kakum National ...  
Holidays from dozens of leading specialist tour companies and accommodations who are passionate about conserving Africa's wildlife and benefiting its people.

Create your trip to Ghana   -   Flight, Hotel and Car

  African Pride   -   specialist tour operator Africa
Ghana Tour combines some of the country's finest tourist attractions in the southern and  central regions, and can be extended to include the Mole National Park in the remote northern region.
  Ghana Travel Limited
Offer a range of the best first class hotels as well as comfortable tourist class accommodation and cover all of the countries best location.

  Mountain Travel Sobek


  Divine Travel Tours   -   based in Accra
Business packages, homestays, adventure and nature walks etc
Tour Areas: Accra, Tema, Kumas, Obuasi, Tamale and Cape Coast

Ghana (Bradt Travel Guide) - ISBN 1841623253Travel Guides Ghana / Related Books

  Ghana (Bradt Travel Guide) - 1841623253
Briggs Philip (Author), Wildman Kim (Editor)
Ghana is an ideal destination for first-time visitors to Africa; rich in little-visited national parks, forest reserves, cultural sites and scenic waterfalls, blessed with bleached white beaches and lush rain forests of the Atlantic coastline. This stand-alone guide, the only one available, caters for both the budget backpacker and the luxurious resort wallower. Including authoritative history and wildlife sections, updated accommodation and restaurant recommendations and a wealth of background and practical information, Bradt's Ghana covers the country with unrivalled detail and knowledge. Ghana defeated Sudan 2-0 in Accra to become the first African team to reach the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. What better time to catch this friendly, English-speaking and hassle-free country as it revels on a soccer high?
Paperback: 448 pages; Publisher: Bradt Travel Guides; 5 edition (8 July 2010); ISBN-10: 1841623253; ISBN-13: 978-1841623252.

  Ghana (International Travel Maps): A Travellers Reference Map - 1553412265
Map: 2 pages; Publisher: ITMB Publishing; 5th Revised edition edition (9 July 2007); ISBN-10: 1553412265; ISBN-13: 978-1553412267.

Transport / How do I travel to Ghana

  Accra Airport   -   Kotoka International Airport  -  situated 12 km from Accra city centre.

  British Airways   -   Flight tickets to Accra

Domestic Airports are located at Kumasi (Ashanti Region),  Sunyani (Brong Ahafo Region),  Tamale, (Northern Region).

Book cheap flights to Ghana at ebookers and benefit from discounted airfares. View their latest offers and book your flights, accommodation, car hire and insurance online

Ghana (International Travel Maps), A Travellers Reference Map - ISBN 1553412265  Airline Tickets /  Bargain Flights   -   Flights Ghana / Price comparison possible

  Ghana Railways Corporation   -   Ghanaian railway transport company
Railway system connects Accra, Kumasi and Takoradi in a single-track triangle.

The Yapei Queen makes regularly scheduled 24-hour passenger runs across Lake Volta from Akosombo, 104km (65mi) north-east of Accra at the base of Lake Volta, to Yeji, more than 200km (125mi) away on the lake's north-western shore. The steamer stops at many villages on the way.

  Maps International   -   Maps of Ghana is one of the largest map shops online.
  Map Ghana [ Uni Texas   -   Perry-Castañeda Library   -   Map Collection ]


  Ghana Tourist Board 
General information,  About Ghana,  Attractions,  Festivals & Culture,  Calendar of Events,  Recommended Accommodations

  Accra   -   Capital City of Ghana
Ghana's largest city and its administrative, communications, and economic center. Accra was founded by the Ga people in the 15th century as a centre for trade with the Portuguese, who built a fort in the town.

  Abonse   -   Slave Market of Abonse
Traces of the 17th and 18th century slave market can still be seen in a town that was an important crossroads on the Slave Route.
  Asantemanso Village   -   Ashanti Region
  Buabeng-Fiema village
Unique co-systems where colonies of monkeys live in symbiotic relationship with local human community - a form of ecological conservation which has emerged naturally. This can be seen in the nature sanctuary at Buabeng-Fiema village in Brong Ahafo.
  Cape Coast
  Daboya   -   67km west of Tamale
Daboya is a 16th century town from the Gonja kingdom, and a famous source for hand-made textiles
  Elmina   -   coast town   -   Elmino castle, former slave trading post
  Kumanwu Town   -   Ashanti Region
  Kumasi   -   Ashanti Region   -   Capital of the Asante Kingdom
Manhyia Palace Museum,  Centre for National Culture,  The Prempeh II Jubilee Museum,  Kumasi Fort and Military Museum,  Okomfo Anokye Sword,  The Akwasidae Ceremony,  Kejetia Market,  Kumasi Zoo,  Traditional street sculptures,  University of Science and Technology
  Obusai   -   gold mining town
The Slave Routeis recognised at Salaga, where the trans-Saharan caravans paused in Salaga market. Leg pegs can still be seen in the market place.
  Yendi   -   96 km east of Tamale
Yendi was part of a 19th century German settlers. Many of the Germans who died in battle with the Dagomba people are buried in the cemetery. The grave of the slave raider Batafu is said to be near here.

  Aburi Botanical Gardens
The century-old Aburi Botanical Gardens serve as a museum of natural history for tropical species from all five continents.
  Ashanti region with its Capital Kumasi
The Ashanti Region is great for its unexplored unspoilt natural attractions. For birds and butterflies the forests are the place to go, while wildlife can be spotted around the lakes and in the nature reserves. The following locations are great for trekking, or just rewarding forest walks: Lake Bosomtwe,  Bobiri Forest Reserve,  Owabi Bird Sanctuary,  Bomfobiri Wildlife Sanctuary,  Digya National Park - From Kumawu to Atebubu,  Atwia Rock Formations,  Mframabuom Caves-Kwamang,  Obuasi Gold Mines
  Boti Falls
Spectacular, but seasonal, waterfalls in the forest reserve at Huhunya - 17km from Koforidua.
  Brong Ahafo
The history and culture of Brong Ahafo comes alive if you visit the Hani archaeological site 50km from Wenchi , inhabited by the Benghos about 1200 BC, and the Kwaku Fri Shrine at Nwoase 6km from Wenchi.
  Cape St. Paul Lighthouse, Woe
  Coastal wetlands
Coastal wetlands for indigenous and migratory birds abound for bird watching enthusiasts notably at the Volta Estuary, Songor Lagoon and Panbros Beach near Accra.
  Fort Prinzenstein, Keta
  Government Republic of Ghana
Living,  Governing,  Investing,  Studying,  Visiting,  News,  Links,  Calendar,  Media and more
  Lake Volta   -   flows along the eastern edge of Brong Ahafo
 One of the largest man-made lakes in the world, the lake and the Akosombo dam are two of Ghana's tourist products. They offer opportunities for cruising especially to the Dodi Islands. A visit to the port of Yeji makes a pleasant excursion. Local Fishermen land their catch here and the boats from Akosombo stop off here.
  Larabanga Mosque
A 13th century Mosque, believed to be first built by Moorish traders.  One of the holiest sites in Ghana. Its distinctive facade has been widely photographed. Larabanga Mystery Stone Nearby is a mysterious boulder that is the subject of a local legend.
The ancient defence wall was a local bastion indicating that the Slave Route passed close by on its way from Djenne and Ouagadougou.
  National Museum
  Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum
  Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuari
  Tongo Rocks
The Whistling rocks of Tongo rise dramatically from the landscape just 10km from Bolga. The Harmattan winds create ghostly whistling sounds.
  Waterfalls of Begoro
A series of falls and cascades surrounded by attractive woodlands and forest.

Cuisine   -   Ghanaian Cooking Recipes

  Ghanaian cuisine
Main staple foods, Soups and stews, Breakfast meals, Savory foods, and Beverages

  Kenkey   -   hot peppers and fried fish [ Accra region ]
  Akyeke   -   cassava couscous served with avocado.
Ppounded cassava beans, yam, plantain or rice
  Fante fante   -   a palm oil stew with small fish
  Akrantee   -   bushmeat

Authentic African Cuisine from Ghana  -   David Otoo, Tamminay Otto
Paperback 107 pages (December 1997);  Publisher: Sankofa;  Language: English;  ISBN: 0965920909

History of Ghana

Formerly a British colony known as the Gold Coast, Ghana was the first nation in sub-Saharan Africa to achieve independence (1957). The country is named after the ancient empire of Ghana, from which the ancestors of the inhabitants of the present country are thought to have migrated

German historical sites at Kpando,  Ho,  Amedzofe,  Kpedze

  Ghana's History   -   Wikipedia
Prior to 1470;  Contact with Foreigners;  British Dominance;  Independence Ghana;  Post-Nkrumah Politics;  The PNDC Era

Empires of Medieval West Africa: Ghana, Mali, and Songhay - Great Empires of the Past 
David C. Conrad
Drawing on a rich oral tradition, numerous trips to the region, and the latest scholarship available on this important but little-studied era, scholar and author David Conrad explores the people, places, and ideas that made up this trio of empires. Connections to life today include the continuing impact of Islam and tribal groups in Africa, and the influence of the medieval traditions on modern music and cuisine.
Hardcover 128 pages (April 2005);  Publisher: Facts on File Inc,;  Language: English;  ISBN: 0816055629.

  Ashanti People
The Ashanti (also Asante) are a major ethnic group from Africa. The Ashanti speak a dialect of Akan. Prior to European colonization, the Ashanti Confederacy was a major state, particularly during the period from 1570 to 1900.

The Fall of the Asante Empire: The Hundred-Year War for Africa's Gold Coast 
Robert B. Edgerton
Paperback 304 pages (January 2002);  Publisher: Free Press;  Language: English;  ISBN: 0743236386
  'The History of Ashanti Kings and the Whole Country Itself' and Other Writings, by Otumfuo, Nana Agyeman Prempeh I (Fontes Historiae Africanae, New Series: Sources of African History)  
'The History of Ashanti Kings and the Whole Country Itself' is a key text for understanding the history of the great West African kingdom of Asante (now in Ghana). It is also an early - and perhaps the earliest - example of history writing in English by an African ruler and his amanuenses. It was begun in 1907 in the Seychelles on the instructions of the Asantehene Agyeman Prempeh I, who had been in British captivity with his family since 1896, during which time he had acquired proficiency in English. The chief source of information was his mother the Asantehemaa Yaa Kyaa, who possessed an encyclopaedic knowledge of the oral history of her own lineage, which was also the royal dynasty of Asante. The result is an indispensably detailed document that charts the history of the Asante monarchy from the seventeenth to the nineteenth centuries. Context is provided by the inclusion of other writings by or about Agyeman Prempeh, together with four introductory essays by the world's leading scholars of Asante history. This fascinating volume evokes the rich historical experience of a renowned kingdom, and is of compelling interest to all concerned with the production of indigenous historical knowledge in Africa.
Hardcover 234 pages (February 2002);  Publisher: Oxford University Press;  Language: English;  ISBN: 0197262619
Kwame Nkrumah: the Father of African Nationalism  -   David Birmingham
Nkrumah became president of the new Republic of Ghana in 1960, and was the first African statesman to achieve world recognition. This biography chronicles his public accomplishments as he struggled with colonial transition, African nationalism, and pan-Africanism, and relates his personal trials.
Paperback 142 pages (December 1998);  Publisher: Ohio University Press;  Language: English;  ISBN: 0821412426

Music, Art & Culture Ghana

  Music of Ghana [ Wikipedia ]
The most well-known form of Ghanaian music is highlife, which has become popular all across Africa and much of the rest of the world...

  Culture of Ghana
Social relations in Ghana, People of Ghana [ Ashanti, Ewé, Mole-Dagbani, Guan, Ga-Adangbe ], The role and status of women, Festivals, Literature, Music, Dance, Cuisine, Arts and crafts [ Kente Cloth, Adinkra symbols, Wood carving, Metallurgy ].

  Ghana - Culture Smart! The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture
Ian Utlley (Author)
Culture Smart! Ghana provides essential information on local attitudes, beliefs and behaviour.
Paperback: 168 pages; Publisher: Kuperard; New edition edition (4 Mar 2009); ISBN-10: 1857334744; ISBN-13: 978-1857334746.

Wrapped in Pride: Ghanaian Kente and African American Identity (Textile S.) 
Doran H. Ross
Kente is not only the best known of all African textiles, it is also one of the most admired of all fabrics worldwide. Originating among the Asante peoples of Ghana and the Ewe peoples of Ghana and Togo, this brilliantly colored and intricately patterned strip-woven cloth was traditionally associated with royalty. Over time, however, it has come to be worn and used in many different contexts. In Wrapped in Pride, seven distinguished scholars present an exhaustive examination of the history of kente from its earliest use in Ghana to its present-day impact in the African Diaspora.
Paperback 248 pages (May 1, 2002);  Publisher: University of Washington Press;  Language: English;  ISBN: 0930741692

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