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Tourist information Guinea in Northwest Africa.

Regions in Guinea : Boké, Conakry, Faranah, Kankan, Kindia, Labé, Mamou, and Nzérékoré.  

Cities in Guinea : Conakry, Guéckédou, Kankan, Kindia, Kissidougou, Mamou, Nzérékoré.

Capital City of Guinea : Conakry

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Hotels in Guinea

   -   Hotel in Conakry   -   Grand Hotel Independence
Novotel Ghi Conakry [ At the sea side; Parking + Restaurant + Swimming pool + Meeting room ]

Centrally located hotels ranging from small family run budget accommodation to world-class five star hotels.


  Hôtel Niger in the centre of Conakry.

National Parks

  Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve
  national Park of Niokolo Badiar
  National Park of Upper Niger

Travel Agents / Tour Operators  
Holidays from dozens of leading specialist tour companies and accommodations who are passionate about conserving Africa's wildlife and benefiting its people.

Create your perfect trip to Guinea  -  Flight, Hotel and Car

  Dunia Voyages   -  Travel and Tourism Agency
Sičige, 6čme Avenue de la Republique, BP 4741, Conakry, Guinée, Tel. 224 - 45 48 48, Fax 224 - 45-48 -18
  Mondial Tours Guinea

Travel Guides Guinea / Related Books

 Lonely Planet Publications

Transport / How do I travel to Guinea

Bordering Liberia and Sierra Leone.

  Conakry Airport
  Kankan Airport

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  Airline Tickets /  Bargain Flights   -   Flights Conakry / Price comparison possible

  Lightduty narrow gauge railway from Konakry

  Maps International   -   Maps Republic Guinea is one of the largest map shops online.
  Map Guinea [ Uni Texas   -   Perry-Castańeda Library   -   Map Collection ]


  Conakry / Konakry   -   Capital City of Guinea and largest city
The city is a port on the Atlantic Ocean, located on Tombo Island, one of the Îles de Los. Conakry consists of five districts : Kaloum [ city centre ], Dixinn [ with the University of Conakry and many embassies ], Ratoma [ known for its nightlife ], Matam and Matoto [ home to Gbessia Airport ].

  Boké Region   -   located in western Guinea
Prefectures in the Boké Region : Boffa, Boké, Fria, Gaoual, and Koundara.
The Boké Region is bordered by the countries of Senegal and Guinea-Bissau and home to a great part of Guinea's bauxite reserves.
  Conakry Region   -   located in western Guinea, sharing the same borders as the city of Conakry
  Faranah Region   -   located in eastern Guinea
Prefectures of Faranah Region : Dabola, Dinguiraye, Faranah, and Kissidougou.
The Faranah Region is bordered by the countries of Sierra Leone and Mali.
  Kankan Region   -   located in eastern Guinea
Prefectures Kankan Region : Kankan, Kérouané, Kouroussa, Mandiana, and Siguiri.
The Kankan Region is bordered by the countries of Mali and Côte d'Ivoire. 
  Kindia Region   -   located in western Guinea
Prefectures Kindia Region : Coyah, Dubréka, Forécariah, Kindia, and Télimélé.
The Kindia Region is bordered by the country of Sierra Leone.
  Labé Region   -    located in north-central Guinea
Prefectures Labé Region : Koubia, Labé, Lélouma, Mali, Tougué.
The Labé Region is bordered by the countries of Senegal and Mali.
  Mamou Region   -   located in central Guinea
Pefectures Mamou Region : Dalaba, Mamou, and Pita.
The Mamou Region is bordered by the country of Sierra Leone.
  Nzérékoré Region   -   located in the southern part of Guinea
Pefectures of Nzérékoré Region : Beyla, Guéckédou, Lola, Macenta, Nzérékoré, and Yomou.
The Nzérékoré Region is bordered by the countries of Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Côte d'Ivoire. 

A small town, sweet to live, 1300m altitude. This can be a starting point for many hikes.
  Kankan   -   second largest city in Guinea, situated on the River Milo in eastern Guinea
The city was founded by the Mandinka people  [ 17th century ] and became capital of the Baté Empire and an important trading centre, particularly for kola nuts. kankan has one of the oldest mosques in West Africa.
  Kindia   -   capital of Kindia Prefecture and Kindia Region  -   north east of Conakry
Local attractions : a.o. Mount Gangan and the Mariée Falls.

  Los Islands [ Iles de Los ] 
From Boulbinet, you will go to these islands by boat or canoe shuttle. Beautiful beaches, ideal for lounging.
  Mariée Falls   -   surroundings city of Kindia
  Mount Gangan   -   surroundings city of Kindia
  Mount Kaloulima   -   in French "Le Chien Qui Fume," or the Smoking Dog
  Tanko Forest
Covered with pines, eucalyptus and bamboo.
  Waterfalls of Ditinn
In a magnificent cirque, they throw themselves from a height of 80 meters. The presence of many apes, provides for a unique atmosphere
  Waterfalls of Kambadaga
Among the largest and most beautiful.

  Fouta Djalon
  Lady of Mali   -   La Dame du Mali
Sculpted by erosion, its silhouette surprisingly seems to watch over the plains of Mali.
  Marché Niger in Conakry
You can stroll among the stalls, soak up the atmosphere, and colors. If you're in the neighborhood in the late afternoon, go to Boulbinet to see the arrival of the boats of fishermen.

  Polytechnical Institute of Conakry   -   also known as University of Conakry
  Radio KanKan   -   Live Radio from Guinea
  University of Kankan   -   Université de Kankan
  University of Conakry  =  Polytechnical Institute of Conakry

Cuisine  -  Guinea Cooking Recipes

Music, Art & Culture, Events

Guinea has a rich musical tradition [ like other West African countries ]. 

  Cora Connection  -   The leading resource for the Kora and Manding Music
Hear the harp-lute, kora  -  Discover the melodic mallet-struck, balaphone  -  Learn about the ancient African lute, ngoni.

  Guinean literature at a glance
In his introduction to Guinean literature, the author Tierno Monenembo states that "with rare exceptions, orality has been the basis of Guinean culture [...] the vehicle of knowledge and wisdom". ..
Film by Guinean, Mohamed Camara. "Minka" tells the story of the friendship between two children, Minka and Kany...The film, that won a prize for the best short film at the Dunkirk festival 1995, is a homage to youth. Youth, the maker says, has the future and represents the hope of a people.

History of Guinea

Independence: 2 October 1958 (from France)

  Guinea's History   -   Wikipedia
The area occupied by Guinea today was included in several large West African political groupings, including the Ghana, Mali, and Songhai empires, at various times from the 10th to the 15th century, when the region came into contact with European commerce. Guinea's colonial period began with French military penetration into the area in the mid-19th century. French domination was assured by the defeat in 1898 of the armies of Samory Touré, warlord and leader of Malinke descent, which gave France control of what today is Guinea and adjacent areas...

  National Museum   -   Musee National, Conakry

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