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Holidays North Korea   -   Tourist information North Korea.

Provinces in North Korea :  Chagang-do, Hamgyong-bukto, Hamgyong-namdo, Hwanghae-bukto, Hwanghae-namdo Kangwon-do, P'yongan-bukto, P'yongan-namdo, Yanggang-do

Special cities: Kaesong, Nampo.

Capital City of North Korea:  P'yongyang

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Hotels in North Korea

  Potonggang Hotel, Ansan-dong, Pyongyang
  Changgwangsan, Tongsong-dong, Pyongyang
  Ryanggang Hotel, Kwangbok Street, Pyongyang

See 4Hotels [ Hotel, Bed and Breakfast, Guest House, Lodging and Self Catering Accommodation Directory ].

Travel Agents / Tour Operator  

  Explore Worldwide
With its unashamedly different society, North Korea is perhaps the most isolated land on earth. They journey into the heart of one of the last bastions of communism, aiming to unravel some of the mysteries of this fascinating country, contrasting the outstanding natural beauty of the Kumgang Mountains with the awe inspiring, flamboyant socialist architecture of the capital Pyongyang.
Travelling in small diverse groups of like-minded people; getting 'further and closer', with no frills; do things the local way as much as possible, while respecting the local culture
  Regent Holidays
Download the brochure. Then call, fax or email one of their specialists to discuss your ideas for your holiday. They will go through your plans, make suggestions, etc.  Next they prepare your personalised, detailed itinerary complete with a quotation.

  Koryo Tours

Three Days in the Hermit Kingdom - An American Visits North Korea [Kindle Edition] - B003Z0CCHGTravel Guides North Korea / Related books

Three Days in the Hermit Kingdom
An American Visits North Korea [Kindle Edition] - B003Z0CCHG
Eddie Burdick (Author)
To most of the world, North Korea remains a secretive and mysterious nation, one that has tightly controlled the outflow of information in order to groom its public image. This book chronicles a rare, regime-sanctioned excursion by a North American into the heart of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. What is revealed is often what's expected, such as the adoration of leaders, excursions to national monuments, and exposure to propaganda relating to self-sufficiency. But as a Korean speaker, the author gathered a lot more information than the scripted English narration provided by his Korean guides. Behind the propaganda of the Communist regime, the authentic, eye-opening North Korea is revealed.
Format: Kindle Edition; Print Length: 339 pages; Publisher: McFarland (26 May 2010); Sold by: Amazon Media EU S.ā r.l.; ASIN: B003Z0CCHG

Transportation / How do I travel to North Korea

To the south it borders South Korea with which it formed a single nation until 1948. Its northern border is predominantly with China, and a small section with Russia.

  Pyongyang Airport

  Air Koryo [ former Chonsonminhang ]  Pyongyang - Beijing
Special flights can be contracted.

  Airline Tickets /  Bargain Flights  
Flights North Korea / Price comparison possible

  Map North Korea [ Uni Texas   -   Perry-Castaņeda Library   -   Map Collection ]


  Democratic Republic of Korea   -   created by the Korean Friendship Association

  Pyongyang   -   Capital City, located in the northwest of the country, near the Taedong river
Has wide empty boulevards with police meticulously directing non-existent traffic and high-rise hotels which stand empty for much of the time.

  Kaesong City
  Namp'o City
  Panmunjom   -   border town
Remains as sensitive as ever with North and South Korean guards facing each other.

  Bidan island
  Dok Island
  Sea of Japan
  Yellow Sea

  Area Studies Centre   -   see picture gallery 'The Art of Propaganda'
Area Studies Center has evolved from being a site primarily on North Korea to one devoted to the security, political, cultural, and social issues and policies of North Korea, East and Central Asia, and the United States, although not strictly limited to those areas
  Juche ideology  -  is Korea's brand of Marxism-Leninism
The Juche Idea means, in a few words, that the owner of the revolution and construction are the masses.
Kim Il Sung. Interested? See .....Juche Idea Study Group of England
  Korean News
News From Korean Central News Agency of DPRK [ Democratic People's Republic of Korea ]
  Korean War Project 
Online since February 1995, providing a service to veterans, families, researchers, and students of military history
  Kim Jong-il  [ 16 February 1941 - 17 December 2011 ]
Supreme leader of North Korea (DPRK) from 1994 to 2011.
  Kim Il-sung
When Kim Il-sung died in July 1994.
  Korea Web Weekly
An independent, non-partisan, non-profit web on all things Korean: Her history, culture, economy, politics and military - since 1995
Pyongyang Square is designed and updated daily by Tom Tobback in Beijing. The site provides a balanced and objective view on DPRK-related developments, and covers various aspects of this country in transition. In addition to security issues such as nuclear proliferation, Pyongyang Square also offers a wider perspective that includes analysis of economic and political issues in the regional context. All reports are based on internet research; Pyongyang Square adds value in analysing and organising the information for you.
  Sovjet Music  -  MP3
Dear Comrade!    welcome to this modest site. The makers have tried to assemble a small legacy of songs left from the Soviet era. All of them were once widely known and popular in the cities and towns of the glorious Motherland. Some of these songs, even now, are known to practically everyone who has been born and raised in the USSR and other socialistic countries. Others, on the contrary, have been long forgotten, during the course of time. These songs are a monument to a not too distant past, during which the USSR tried to build a new socialist society. It was an interesting time, a time not only of terror and the Gulags, but of "The Great Projects", enthusiasm, victories, and faith in a "bright future for all of humanity." Even regardless of the fact that in the present day, a few of these songs are able to at least bring a smile to one's face, the makers are convinced that we should not deny that which is a part of our history and culture
  The Game of Their Lives
The Greatest Shock in World Cup History  -  1966  -  by defeating Italy
  TV  -   Eufanet   -   Move down the page a little and click on ine of the small screens
This Japanese site has video clips from DPRK central television channel, updated every 2 days.

  North Korea [ Wikitravel ]

  Dandong [ Wikitravel ]  -   port city connected by rail with North Korea
The city is across the river from Sinŭiju, North Korea. The two cities are connected by the Sino-Korea Friendship Bridge, also called the China-Korea Friendship Bridge. See also Dandong Government.

Cuisine of North Korea 

  Cuisine of Korea
Korean cuisine originated from ancient agricultural and nomadic traditions in the Korean peninsula and southern Manchuria.

History North Korea

States Kochoson,  Buyo and Zinguk founded before 1000 bc
Kochoson = Choson = Old Korea was the oldest state  -  capital Wangomsong near river Liaohe

Independence: 9 September 1948

  History of North Korea 
Contens : The early years, The Korean War, Postwar North Korea, Economic decline, Succession by Kim Jong-il, Current situation.

Music, Art & Culture, Events in North Korea

Art in North Korea is primarily didactic; cultural expression serves as an instrument for inculcating Juche ideology and the need to continue the struggle for revolution and reunification of the Korean Peninsula.... See for more Culture of North Korea.

  North Korean Painters has the privilege to be one of the very few on-line galleries outside the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea) permitted to sell art and to represent leading artists as well as new talents from this very special country.

  Pyongyang painters
Exclusively introducing renowned painters as well as new talents from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea)

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