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Azerbaijan - 100 Questions Answered - 9952806809Cities in Azerbaijan : AliBayramli, Ganca, Lankaran, Mingacevir, Naftalan, Saki, Sumqayit, Susa, Xankandi and Yevlax

Autonomous republic :  Naxcivan Muxtar Respublikasi

Capital City Azerbaijan: Baku / Baki

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Car Rentals Azerbaijan

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  Azerbaijan Hotel Guide
Hotels in Baku, Bilgǝh, Ganja, Lǝnkǝran, Mardakan, Nardaran, Novxanı, Oghuz.

  Hotel Guide Baku

   -   look for hotels in Baku

National Parks

The flora and fauna of Azerbaijan are rich and varied. There are 16 nature reserves and more than 28 forest reserves and haunting farms

Travel Agents / Tour Operators


  Bestway Tours   -   The Caucasus - A cultural tour of Azerbaijan, Georgia & Armenia
The tempestuous history and diverse geography of Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan are intertwined. The snow-clad Caucasus and Black Sea once formed a trade route with ancient Greece. Later on, the Arabs, Ottoman Turks and Mongols ravished these little known lands.
  Regent Holidays
Download the brochure. Then call, fax or email one of their specialists to discuss your ideas for your holiday. They will go through your plans, make suggestions, etc.  Next they prepare your personalised, detailed itinerary complete with a quotation.

Inbound Tourism

  Improtex Travel Online
Baku, Baku-Sheki-Baku, Baku-Zacatala, Baku-Lenkoran-Baku, Mountain of Beshbarmag, Guba-Canyon of Tenghy, Baku-Shamakhi-Lahij, Baku-Shamakhi-Pirculi, Baku-Khachmaz-Yalama, Nabran week-end, Sheky week-end, "Caviar" tour, Guba carpet tour, Mari carpet tour, Tehran-Tabriz, Mountains skiing, Hotels list,
Weekend Tours

Travel Guides Azerbaijan / Related books

Azerbaijan - ISBN 190586423X Azerbaijan  -   Mark Elliott
Fully updated fourth edition of the definitive and only dedicated guide to Azerbaijan. Includes historical background, cultural tips, visas, where to stay, where to eat, plus a section on neighbouring Georgia. Features 190 maps with 160 explanatory visuals, vital in a country where there are few reliable maps; plus comprehensive information for tourists: landmarks at key turnings, fuel stations, 4WD routes. The guide is ideal for visitors and residents alike. The author, Mark Elliott, has visited Azerbaijan regularly for the last 15 years and has driven, hiked, ridden and hitched back into virtually every corner of the country to research this new edition.
Paperback: 368 pages; Publisher: Trailblazer Publications; 4th edition edition (15 Dec 2009); ISBN-10: 190586423X; ISBN-13: 978-1905864232.

Azerbaijan - 100 Questions Answered
Taleh Bagiyev (Author), Taleh Heydarov (Author, Editor), Jeyhun Novruzov (Author)
Hardcover: 208 pages; Publisher: Azerbaijan Boyuk Britaniya Ganjlari Jamiyyati; 3rd Revised edition edition (1 Nov 2008); ISBN-10: 9952806809;
ISBN-13: 978-9952806809.

Transport / How do I travel to Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan, sometimes considered as a part of Europe, borders Russia in the north, Georgia, Armenia, in the west and Iran in the south.

  Baku Airport


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  Airline Tickets /  Bargain Flights  
Flight tickets Azerbaijan / Price comparison possible

  Baku Metro 


  Tourist Board   -   Ministry of Tourism Azerbaijan

  Government   -   President of the Republic of Azerbaijan 

  Baku / Baki   -   Capital City of Azerbaijan
Located on the southern shore of the Apsheron Peninsula. Its history dates back to 1st millennium BC.
Baku is the place of an important fire temple of the Persian religion of Zoroastrianism which was prevalent in the whole region in the older times. For most of its history Baku was an integrated part of Persia.
The basis of Baku's economy is petroleum. The existence of petroleum has been known since the 8th century . By the 15th century oil for lamps was obtained from surface wells. Commercial exploitation began in 1872,
  Baku   -   Walled City of Baku
The walled city of Baku became in December 2000 the first location in Azerbaijan classified as World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

see Baku Pages

  Nabran   -   situated on Caspian seacoast in northern part of Azerbaijan.
It is famous for their beautiful landscape including forests, beaches and thermal waters (some of them contain sulphuric hydrogen)

  Absheron peninsula
  Caravanserai   -   Inns in Baku [ Caravanserai complex ]
The Bukhara Caravanserai with its medieval courtyard served as a medieval inn and tavern in the 15th century while the Multani Caravanserai (left) dates to the 14th century. Both inns were presumably built and used by merchants traveling by camel caravan from Bukhara (present-day Uzbekistan) and Multan (India). Both have since been converted into restaurants which serve traditional Azerbaijani cuisine.
  Fountain Square
  Hajinski Residence
In front of the Maiden's Tower towards the sea is the palatial residence of Issa-bey Hajinski (1862-1918) who was a famous oil baron, nobleman and public figure during the Oil Boom. The building was constructed in approximately 1912. In November 1944, Charles de Gaulle stayed there as guest while traveling through Baku on his way between Paris and Moscow.
  Ichery Shahar   -   Fortress Walls   -   see Icheri Sheher - The Heart of Baku
From Nizami Square, walk left through the double arches of the Fortress Wall. The original wall formed a rampart, and was constructed by King Manoucher II (1120-1159). Since then, it has been reconstructed. The wall encircles the most ancient part of Baku called "Ichari Shahar" (Inner City), and preserves the image of a medieval Oriental citadel.
  Palace of the President
  Royal Palace of Sheky Khans
Built in 1762 without a single nail and is one of the marvelous monuments of its epoch.
  Shirvanshahs' Palace [ Absheron peninsula ]
  Yanardag Flaming Mountain, burning with an eternal flame fed by the underground naphtha and gas.
  Zoroastrian Temple of Fire Ateshgyah
Fire worshippers temple, which for centuries has been a center of worship.

  University Azerbaijan   -   Nakhchivan State University
  University   -   American University

  Aktsiya [ Bakoe ] ru
  Ayna az
  Baku Today [ Bakoe ] en
  Bizim Esr [ Bakoe ] az
  Virtual Monitor [ Bakoe ] az ru [ Bakoe ] az
  Yeni Msavat az

  Azer Taj  -  official information agency
  Magazine  -  -  International magazine
  Magazine  -  Weekday Magazine - Azerbaijan

Cuisine  -  Azerbaijan Recipes / Cooking

Azerbaijan is famous for an abundance of vegetables and greens used seasonally in the dishes. The Caspian Sea is home to many edible species of fish, and black caviar from the Caspian Sea is one of Azerbaijan's best known delicacies.

  Azerbaijani Cuisine

History of Azerbaijan

Independence: 30 August 1991 (from Soviet Union)

  Timeline Azerbaijan - BBC - Tijdlijn Azerbeidjaan
In 1828 Turkmanchay treaty between Russia and Persia divides Azerbaijan into two. The territory of what is now the Azerbaijani Republic becomes part of the Russian empire while southern Azerbaijan is part of Persia
In 1988 The Nagorno-Karabakh region seeks to become part of Armenia. Ethnic Azerbaijanis begin to leave Karabakh and Armenia and ethnic Armenians leave Azerbaijan. Go to the timeline for more information.

  Nagorno Karabakh  -  Wikipedia
A part of Azerbaijan controlled by Armenian military as a de facto independent republic (Nagorno-Karabakh Republic - NKR). The NKR's sovereign status is not recognized by any country in the world.
  NKR USA  -  NKR Office in Washington, DC

Music, Arts & Culture

Musically Azerbaijan is closely linked to Persian culture.

Most Azerbaijanis are Shia Muslim.

  Azer Music   -   Music Box of Azerbaijan
  Music of Azerbaijan   -   Wikipedia

  Nizami Museum of Literature
This museum features historical samples of written literature.
  Cultural and arts of the Azerbeidjan Republic
Museum, theater, library, monuments, architecture, music, media, etc.   -   famous composer
  The Azerbaijan Musical Instruments   -   By Majnun Karimov
It's the first book ever to document what Azerbaijani traditional instruments look like and how they are made. The book is in three languages - Azeri, English and Russian. Beautiful coffee table edition. CD ROM to see and hear instruments being played. Click photo for more details.
This beautiful volume includes a personal description descending the path that Majnun took to reconstruct some of these instruments, plus a description and photos of 28 traditional instruments. They include Percussion: Laggutu, Goltug Naghara, Jura Naghara, Boyuk Naghara, Gosha Naghara, Gaval, Daf and Dumbak. Wind instruments include: Ney, Balaban, Zurna, Tulum, Tutak and Garmon. String instruments include: Gopuz, Choghur, Chagane, Rubab, Barbat, Shirvan Tanbur, Chang, Rud, Santur, Saz, Tar, Kamancha, Ganun and Ud.
Published by Yeni Nasil Publishing House: Baku (Printed by Mega in Turkey) 2003. Hard bound with CD ROM. ISBN 9952240244, full color, 184 pages.Boxed.

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