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Republic of San Marino, about 23 km from Rimini [ city in Italy ].

San Marino, an enclave of Italy, located on the border between the Italian regions Emilia-Romagna and Marche.

Municipalities San Marino [ castelli ] :  Acquaviva, Borgo Maggiore, Chiesanuova, Domagnano, Faetano, Fiorentino, Monte Giardino, San Marino, Serravalle

Capital City of San Marino: San Marino.

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Campsites San Marino & Caravanning

  Centro Vacanze San Marino   -   4 stars camping [ long and short periods, also in winter ]
The only camping in San Marino. Beautiful 4 stars camping open all year for long or brief overnighting. In all liberty you can stay in one of our 200 camping pitches, All connected to electricity, drinking water and discharging of waters, some of the pitches can be connected with satellite T.V. Hygienic services with heating, always sparkling clean. Plant and flowerbeds make the green complete in all the camping area. Nearby the camping pitches you will find our Mobilhomes and bungalowtents for 4 to 6 people, furnished with all domestic comfort.

Hotels San Marino

  Hotels in San Marino   -   Hotels in San Marino, Citta and Murata

  Ixo Hotel ****, Via Consiglio Dei Sessanta 99, 47891 San Marino
Elegant atmosphere, attention to particulars, the pleasure of hospitality. A few kilometres from the beach, on the border between the "Malatesta's" lands and the Ancient Republic of San Marino (known also as The Ancient Land of Freedom), into an hinterland rich of tastes and traditions: Much more than a business stay.

  Hotels in Rimini  [ 24 km from San Marino ]

Travel Agencies / Tour Operators

Create your perfect trip to San Marino   -   Flight, Hotel and Car

  Consort Travel   -   Adriatic Riviera
Enjoy an optional visit during your holiday at the Adriatic Riviera to the oldest and smallest republic in the world - San Marino. Beautifully set, rising dramatically from the surrounding countryside, there is time to wander through the medieval streets and soak up the wonderful views over the coastline.

Travel Guides San Marino / Related books

Blue Guide The Marche and San Marino - ISBN 1905131143 Travel Guides San Marino  [ ]

Blue Guide The Marche and San Marino (Blue Guides)
Ellen Grady (Author)
A cultural guidebook to this diverse region rich in art, history and architecture. Full-colour throughout with detailed maps and diagrams. Includes Blue Guides Recommended dining and accommodation suggestions.
Paperback: 408 pages; Publisher: Blue Guides (29 Jun 2006); ISBN-10: 1905131143; ISBN-13: 978-1905131143.  

Bologna (Footprint Pocket Handbooks S.)   -   by Ben Donald
Popular mini guide to help you get the best out of Bologna. Covering the city itself, it looks outside the city to the popular excursions: the Appenine villages, Parma, Modena, Ferrara, Imola, Ravenna and Rimini. With streets like embroidered cloth, threaded with the arches of continuous colonnades, the heart of Bolgona is a giant cloister. The city is littered with breathtaking monuments and masterpieces all of which are readily accessible. If this were not mouth-watering enough Bologna is the food capital of Italy and renowed for its fast cars.
Paperback 256 pages (April 29, 2005); Publisher: Footprint Handbooks

Transport / How do I travel to San Marino

  Forli Airport   -   72 Km from San Marino
  Bologna Airport   -   G. Marconi Airport  =  135 Km from San Marino

Book flights to Bologna at ebookers and benefit from discounted airfares. View their latest offers and book your flights, accommodation, car hire and insurance online

  Railway station   -   Rimini   -   Italian Railways

National Express Eurolines 
Travel by bus or coach to San Marino.

  A.A.S.S.   -   public transport in San Marino

  Map of the 'Republica di San Marino'


  Visit San Marino   -   San Marino Tourist Board

  Consiglio Grande e Generale   -   Government of San Marino

The Sanmarinese territory is made up of nine ancient Citadels, including the capital, San Marino.

  San Marino   -   Capital City
The small capital holds a wealth of history, museums, and priceless architectural monuments.

  Acquaviva [ castello ]
The Acquaviva Castle takes its name from the source of water that springs forth from the rock. Today a bubbly town, immersed in the greenery of the surrounding countryside, it is the home of numerous local crafts shops and many places that sell typical local cheeses.
You can go jogging and play outdoor sports and recreational activities in the Montecerreto nature park.
  Borgo Maggiore
Borgo Maggiore Market, that dates back to 1244, is of particular historic interest because of its churches, monuments and characteristic districts.
  Chiesanuova  -  Outpost on the Apennines
Located in a natural environment of particular beauty, it is placed on the first buttresses of the Apennines.
The town districts are immersed in rich vegetation, offering thousands of opportunities to lose oneself in an uncontaminated landscape, living moments of relaxation in total harmony with nature. Chiesanuova draws its origins from the Medieval Castle and court of Busignano.
Domagnano was already a village in 1300. In 1463, this territory annexed the Montelupo fortress, conquered by San Marino after its war with the Malatesta of Rimini.
  Faetano  -  ancient domain of the Malatesta family of Rimini
One of the last strongholds annexed to the Republic in 1463. The centre of the town is quite interesting with its ancient church built in the last century and the Casa del Castello. A scenic locality, with a lake for sports fishing and numerous opportunities for excursions in the nature park on the Marano River.
  Fiorentino   -   ancient fortress of the Malatestiano family
It is an archaeological area rich in historic finds. Fiorentino is a convenient hub for various directions, Cattolica , Pesaro, Urbino, San Leo, so you can avoid the stuffy summer traffic. Numerous bars, pizzerias and locales along the roadway and in the centre of town offer refreshment for the tourist.
  Monte Giardino
The origins of Montegiardino date back to the Lombard period and perhaps are even older. It is the home of an extremely ancient, suggestive Castle of rare architectural beauty and perspectives and views that will take your breath away. The church (1865) is also of interest for its altar-facings which date back to 1700.
The Serravalle citadel was first mentioned by King Otto's diploma, in 962. An outpost of the Malatesta family, it was annexed to the Republic in 1463. In time it became an important urban centre. It has a quaint historic centre with an ancient Castle and some characteristic quarters.

  Basilica del Santo
The absis of the church of San Pietro is entirely formed of rock: chiselled out in it's formation are two holes that according to popular tradition were the sleeping places of San Marino and San Leo in which many believers attribute thaumaturgic properties.
  Chiesa di San Francesco
Founded in 1361 as the contiguous convent of the Grey-Friars conventual, it is the oldest piece of work of the Republic. The church has suffered numerous restorations that have caused disfigurements, only the front of the building and the porch have been restored to the original line of Gino Zani.
  Chiesa di San Quirino
The church was built around 1550 on an antique chapel dedicated to S. Quirino, in memory of the failed attempt by Fabiano of S. Savino who tried to occupy the city on the 4th of June 1543, the date on which the Festa del Santa takes place.
  First Tower Museum
The First Tower (also called Rocca or Guaita) is the major and most ancient of the three towers overshadowing the City of San Marino.
The central donjon, former watch post and shelter of the early inhabitants of Mount Titano, dates back to the 11th century and is therefore one of the most ancient fortifications in Italy.
  Musei di stato
Musei di Stato, Museo San Francisco, Palazzo Pubblico, I Torre: Guaita, IlTorre, Cesta Museo Armi Antichi, Galleria d'Arte Moderna Contemporanea [ Contemporary and Modern Art Gallery ]
  Palazzo Pubblico
The Palazzo Pubblico arose at the site of the Domus Comunis Magna and it is likely that it was constructed between 1380 and 1392 and has been repaired on various occasions.
  Palazzo Valloni
Home of the public library and State archives.
  Rocche e mura
The Rocca which is properly called Guaita or the First Tower, dates back to the XI century. It was used as a guard tower and also as an initial refuge post and was constructed directly onto the mounts stone surface without the use of foundations, it has a pentagonal shape and the entrance door is surmounted by a baroque coat-of-arms of the Republic which belonged to the old Palazzo Pubblico.
  St. Francis' Museum
The Museum consists of a section dedicated to sacred arts and of a paint gallery. It displays the most significant exhibits of the rich artistic heritage of both the monastery and other Franciscan churches: panel paintings and canvases, a precious fresco from St. Francis' Church, vestments, furnishings and paraments from the 14th to the 18th century, which testify to the presence of the friars and to their role in the evolution of the Republic's arts and culture.
The collection is hosted in the loggias of the small 14th century cloister annexed to the ancient Franciscan monastery, built in 1361 by the Comacine masters.
  State Museum
The State Museum gathers almost 5,000 historical and artistic items coming from San Marino and linked to its history and from other places, as the result of purchases or donations from 1865 till today.
  Three Towers of San Marino   -   located on the three peaks of Monte Titano in the capital.
The three towers are: Guaita, the oldest of the three [ 11th century ],  the thirteenth-century Cesta [ located on the highest of Monte Titano's summits ] and the fourteenth-century Montale, on the smallest of Monte Titano's summits [ still privately owned ].

  Banca di San Marino   -   Banca Centrale della Repubblica di San Marino
  Grand Prix San Marino - Imola   -   Formula1 San Marino
  National Olympic Committee San Marino
  Philatelic & Numismatic Website San Marino 
  Portale di Educazione
  University of San Marino  [ UniversitÓ degli Studi della Repubblica di San Marino ]
  Weddings in San Marino
San Marino, with its history, tradition and its magnificent landscape offers the ideal scenery for this extraordinary event in order to make everything be perfect and unique in the most beautiful day.

Cuisine  -  San Marino Cooking   -   Gastronomy

On Mount Titano one can find dishes offering a taste of the authentic flavours of Romagna, from cassoni to tagliatelle, as well as various types of roast meat.
Among the typical desserts is the Tre Monti cake [ cake of the Three Towers ], a layered wafer cake covered in chocolate with a firm crust that is at the same time crumbly. Other typical desserts include casciatello, made with milk, sugar, eggs and lemon, and bustrengo.

  Cuisine of San Marino

See also

History of San Marino

Independence: 301 AD (by tradition) 

According to historical tradition the ancient Republic of San Marino was founded by a Dalmation stone-cutter, Marinus, who had been commissioned by Diocletian to restore the city walls of Rimini. Marinus and his collegue and friend Leone were Christians and, in order to escape the Emperor's persecution, one took refuge on Mount Feretrio and the other on Mount Titano. Marinus is described in a 10th century manuscript as the "libertatis fundator" of the tiny Republic.

  Immigrant Museum   -   Museo del' Emigrante
At the Immigrant Museum, once the Monastery of Santa Chiara, an important period of San Marino's history is described in an interesting collection of documents and images.
  San Marino's History
San Marino claims to be the world's oldest republic still in existence, being founded in A.D. 301 by a skilled builder referred to as Saint Marinus. The tiny nation was recognised by Napoleon's France in 1797, and by the other European nations at the 1815 Congress of Vienna. See for more WikipediA
  State Museums
The State Museum, St. Francis' Church, Government Building [ Palazzo Pubblico ], First Tower [ Prima Torre Guaita ] and the Contemporary and Modern Art Gallery [ Galleria d'Arte Moderna ]

Secrets of the Seven Smallest States of Europe: Andorra, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, San Marino and Vatican City 
Thomas Eccardt
Paperback 300 pages (June 1, 2004);  Publisher: Hippocrene Books, Inc.;  Language: English;  ISBN: 0781810329.

Music, Art & Culture, Events in San Marino

  Music Association Allegro Vivo
The promotion of musical culture and artistic activities in general in San Marino and abroad, using also exchanges with other countries. A.o. The diffusion of musical culture in the population, through the organisation and management of courses, conferences, concerts, musical shows, competitions and awards.
  Symphonic Orchestra Republic of San Marino   -   Orchestra Sinfonica
The Orchestra made ​​its first appearance in 1985 and held its first concert on 1 June of the same year, followed by a Christmas concert which became a popular recurring appointment.
  Istituto Musicale Sammarinese

  Culture in San Marino

  Contemporary and Modern Art Gallery

  State library San Marino
La Biblioteca di Stato e Beni Librari della Repubblica di San Marino Ŕ il primo istituto bibliotecario sorto nella Repubblica di San Marino ed Ŕ Biblioteca Nazionale, con finalitÓ di conservazione e di pubblica lettura.

  Christmas Concert Symphonic Orchestra Republic of San Marino
  Festa di Santa Cecilia
  Giornate Medioevali

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