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Largest cities in Estonia : Tallinn, Tartu, Narva, Kohtla-Järve, Pärnu, Viljandi, Rakvere, Sillamäe, Maardu, Kuressaare.

Capital City of Estonia: Tallinn

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Car Rental Estonia

  Sixt   -    

Holiday Rentals 
North Estonia/Tallinn and West Estonia.

Hotels in Estonia

  Hotels in Estonia   -   Hotel Guide Estonia
Hotels in Tallinn, Pärnu, Tartu, Kudjape, Haapsalu, Laagri, Võru, Keila, Äigrumäe, and more

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Travel Agents / Tour Operators

 Thomas Cook

Create your perfect trip to Estonia   -   Flight, Hotel and Car

  Est Tours   -   The Estonia Specialist. Flights, Hotels, and Packages to Tallinn

  Fregata Travel

  Norvista UK   -   Experts on travel to the Baltic Republics

  Scantours UK
Independent tour operator. Here you will find many flexible, good value holiday ideas and arrangements.

  Estonian Association of Travel Agents

Estonia (Bradt Travel Guide) - 1841623202Travel Guides Estonia / Related books - Travel Guides Estonia 

  Dorling Kindersley   -    

Estonia (Bradt Travel Guide)
Neil Taylor (Author)
Bradt's Estonia remains the only English-language guidebook to this Baltics destination and this sixth edition reveals more of the country than any previous guide. Readers now discover why Miss Estonia likes antique cars, where Eiffel built before Paris, and why Edward VII could not land in Tallinn to meet Tsar Nicholas II and had instead to spend three days in the harbour. Offering extensive coverage of Estonia's complex cultural history and its artists, writers and musicians, alongside comprehensive practical information, Baltics expert Neil Taylor proves that there's much more to Estonia than the cobbled streets and cafés of Tallinn. Neil Taylor previously ran a tour company specializing in the Baltics. He is the author of the Bradt guides to Estonia, Baltic Cities and Vilnius.
Paperback: 288 pages; Publisher: Bradt Travel Guides; 6 edition (20 Jun 2010); ISBN-10: 1841623202; ISBN-13: 978-1841623207.

The Best of Tallinn
Paperback: 96 pages; Publisher: New Holland Publishers Ltd; 1 edition (27 Feb 2009); ISBN-10: 1847732054; ISBN-13: 978-1847732057.

Transport / How do I travel to Estonia

  Tallinn Airport  [ Ulemiste Airport ]   -   most important airport in Estonia
  Kaerdla Airport
Kärdla Airport offers services for regular lines to Tallinn, Haapsalu, Vormsi, Kuressare, Riga, Pärnu, Viljandi, Tartu and charter flights to Murmansk, Vilnius, Kaunas and Riga.

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  Airline Tickets Estonia / Bargain Flights
Flight tickets Estonia.

  Estonian Railways

  Tallinn Bus service 

National Express Eurolines 
Travel by bus or coach to Estonia.

Most people travel via Stockholm. From Stockholm you can take the ferry to Tallinn.

  Nordic Jet Line   -   ferry
  Tallink   -   ferry
  Ferry services   -   Saaremaa


Estonia borders with Latvia, Russia and Belarus.

  Travel Bureau Estonia

  Government   -   Estonian Government

  Tallinn    -   Capital city Estonia

  Harju maakond    -   Tallinn
  Hiiu maakond   -   Kardla
  Ida-Viru maakond   -   Johvi  [ Estonian language ]
  Jarva maakond   -   Paide
  Jogeva maakond
Jõgeva County is located in the central-eastern part of Estonia. The centre of the county, Jõgeva Town, is situated about 160 km south-east of Tallinn and 50 km north of Tartu.
  Laane maakond   -   Haapsalu  [ estonian language ]
  Laane-Viru maakond   -   Rakvere
West-Viru County is situated in the northern part of Estonia, on the coast of the Gulf of Finland. West-Viru county is framed by forests - Alutaguse forest in the east, the belt of Middle Estonian forests and marshes in the west, in the north the pine forests growing on the pre-limestone bluff coastal shallows and the wet peatland forests of Pedja giant valley flat.
  Parnu maakond   -   Pärnu County Government
  Polva maakond   -   Polva County
Põlva County is situated in the South-Eastern Estonia, stretching from the Otepää upland to the lakes Lämmijärv and Pskov. Põlva County is bordered by Tartu County from north and northwest, lakes Lämmijärv and Pskov from northeast, the Pskov oblast of the Russian Federation from east and southeast, Võru County from south and southwest and Valga County from west.
  Rapla maakond
  Saare maakond   -   Kuessaare
  Saaremaa   -   Island of Baltic Sea
Nature,  Population,  Key Characteristics,  Education,  Kuressaare town,  The Communities of Saaremaa,  Kaali meteorite craters, and more
  Tartu maakond 
Tartu county - with its majestic river Emajõgi, picteresque forests, wetlands and valleys, and wide stretches of water. They have fertile fields, a developed and varied economy, a famous university, modern technology, top science and medicine, many cultural and sport events. The heart of the county is the city of Tartu - a development leader and generator for ideas and investments
  Valga maakond
  Viljandi maakond 
  Voru maakond

  Kardla Kärdla / Kaerdla
  Jogeva city
Haapsalu, a resort town on the West-Coast of Estonia is well-known for centuries for its warm sea water, curative mud and peaceful atmosphere. Narrow streets with early XXth century wooden houses bring you to the sea again and again. Haapsalu has been called the Nordic Venice for this plentitude of water.
Rakvere is situated in north Estonia on the northern foot of the Pandivere upland, 20 km south of the Gulf of Finland. Rakvere is the ancient heart of the Virumaa region. Now it is the centre of Lääne-Viru county.
  Parnu City  -  Summer capital Estonia  -   Spa holidays 
Linden -lined walks heavy with the scent of honey, the warmth and salt of the sea , the white and golden sand of the beach, the breakwater, cosy cafes, festivals, concerts, health and liveliness - this is Pärnu, the summer capital of Estonia.
  Rapla   -   rural municipality of Rapla Bezirk
  Kuessaare   -   capital city of the island Saaremaa
  Tartu   -   capital city of Tartumaa County
  Valga   -   capital city of Valgamaa County
  Viljandi   -   capital city of Viljandimaa County
  Voru   -   capital city of Vorumaa County

  Hiiumaa Island   -   in the Baltic Sea, rich by versatile, beautiful and intact nature
Already about 455 million years ago in the vicinity of the present-day Kärdla a round archipelago with approximately 10 km in diameter arose as a result of a meteorite explosion. These were the first islands in Hiiumaa area and the mentioned millions of years make Hiiumaa really one of the oldest island in the world.
In Estonia it is difficult to find a place with more picturesque nature than it is on the island Hiiumaa. The variety of landscape is what makes Hiiumaa a desired place to come. The landscape in one end of the island is totally different from the one in another end, varying in the beauty and diverse miniature, interlacing smoothly and making Hiiumaa the unique place to stay. During a sunny summer one could enjoy kilometers long alluring sandy beaches along the coastline of Tahkuna and Kõpu peninsulas.

  Baltic Times   -   Estonian paper
  Baltic news & tourist info source
Upcoming Events & Concerts / Riga Guide / Tallinn Guide / Vilnius Guide / Rave-Club Music / Maps / New Nightspots / Plane&Ferry Schedules
  Estonian Rural Tourism Organisation   -   Holiday packages & Rural accommodation
Holiday Packages - activities and packages are divided into different categories: Farm Holidays, Nature and Culture Holidays, Active Tourism, Family Vacation, Health Tourism, Seminars and Gatherings, Something different.
Rural accommodation - from here you will find a suitable place where to stay overnight. It is possible to choose between 7 different categories: Hotel, Motel, Guesthouse, Hostel, Holiday House, B&B, Holiday Village and Camp. 

  City Paper - The Baltics Worldwide   -   Estonian Magazine
  Estonian Nature Trails   -   Eesti matkarajad
  Estonian Rural Tourism Organisation   -   Holiday packages & Rural accommodation
Holiday Packages - activities and packages are divided into different categories: Farm Holidays, Nature and Culture Holidays, Active Tourism, Family Vacation, Health Tourism, Seminars and Gatherings, Something different.
Rural accommodation - from here you will find a suitable place where to stay overnight. It is possible to choose between 7 different categories: Hotel, Motel, Guesthouse, Hostel, Holiday House, B&B, Holiday Village and Camp.
  Spa Estonia
Spa Estonia is one of the strong backbones of Pärnu, part of the town's more than a-160-year-old tradition of health resorts. All the visitors of Spa Estonia recover their health, vitality and positive attitude towards life.

  Radio Estonia
  TV Estonia

Cuisine   -   Estonian Recipes

The three main tenets of Estonian cooking have been the same throughout time: healthy fare, tasty meals and low budget cooking. Estonia is rich in fish stocks especially dwarf herring, eel, and also plaice. One of the simplest, tastiest and cheapest favourite dishes is, for instance, smoked dwarf herring pâté.

  Estonian Cuisine
Cold table, Soups, Main course, Black bread, Desserts, Drinks, Seasons [ Summer and Spring, Winter and Christmas ], Modern Estonian cuisine.

  Estonian Cuisine
  New Estonian Cuisine
...'During the dark and seemingly endless series of short days, which constitutes our sombre winter, it's invigorating to eat smoked meat with sauerkraut, roasted roe deer, the traditional black pudding, and Christmas blood sausage; and to drink mulled wine and nibble gingerbread.'...

  Estonian Tastes And Traditions   -   Karin Karner (Author)
The only book widely available on Estonian food and cooking, "Estonian Tastes and Traditions" completes Hippocrene's coverage of the cuisines of the Baltic region. Estonian food is simple, based on such staples as potatoes, pork, sauerkraut, preserved fish, and dark bread. This comprehensive volume contains 165 traditional recipes for such dishes as Sweet and Sour Red Cabbage (Magushapu Punane Kapsas), Beer Soup (Ollesupp), and Honey Candy (Meekompvekid). Chapters covering basics such as meats, vegetables, and breads are supplemented with chapters on turnovers, pancakes, and preserves. Also included are extensive cultural and historical information and an Estonian-English food glossary.
Hardcover: 315 pages; Publisher: Hippocrene Books (Jan 3 2006); ISBN-10: 0781811228.

History of Estonia

Independence: 6 September 1991 (from Soviet Union)

  Estonia's History   -   Wikipedia
Estonia has been populated by the native Finno Ugric Estonians since prehistory. It was first christianized when the German Sword Brethren and Denmark conquered the land by 1227. Subsequent foreign powers that controlled Estonia at various times included Denmark, Sweden, Poland and finally Russia.
Following the collapse of Imperial Russia after the October Revolution, Estonia declared its independence as a republic on 24 February 1918. Forcibly incorporated into the Soviet Union in June 1940, it regained its freedom on 20 August 1991 with the Singing Revolution and collapse of the Soviet Union. 20 August remains a national holiday in Estonia because of this.

The Baltic Revolution: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and the Path to Independence 
By Anatol Lieven
World attention has focused on the newly independent Baltic states of Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania, as they struggle to become politically and economically viable. In this book, Anatol Lieven presents an intimate and engaging portrait of the history and culture of the Baltic states from their ancient origins to their contemporary status.
Paperback 478 pages (August 18, 1994); Publisher: Yale University Press
Web encyclopaedia Estonica ( is a bilingual web publication, compiled by the Estonian Institute, with the aim of offering a compact and systematic overview of Estonian society, culture, history, nature, education, science, state administration and economy, and of the connections between these fields.

Music, Art & Culture, Events

The Estonians are related to the Finns, and their music shares some similarities. Zithers are perhaps the most popular musical instrument, while runo-song is the distinctive national folk music. See Music of Estonia  for more.

  Art Museum of Estonia
Adamson-Eric Museum, Kadriorg Art Museum, KUMU Art Museum and Niguliste Museum.

  Culture of Estonia [ literature written in the Estonian language ]

  Estonian literature
History of Estonian literature, Estonian Folklore, Baltic Germans, Kristjan Jaak Peterson, Kalevipoeg, Late 19th early 20th century, 1918-1940, Post World War II [ In Exile, Behind the Iron Curtain ], 1991-2001, The new century

  Kalevipoeg   -   ethnic national story   -   see Kalevipoeg

  Events in Estonia offers an overview of Estonian cultural events in Estonia and abroad. Find events by various categories, learn about the Estonians involved in culture and inform others about interesting events.

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