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Guam is an island in the Mariana Islands of Micronesia [ Western Pacific Ocean ] known as 'America's paradise in the Pacific' [ unincorporated territory of the United States ].

A tropical paradise, given its location, climate, and scenic beauty, and by many referred to as "where America's day begins".

Destinations Guam : Agat, Maite, Sinajana, Tamuning, Tumon

Capital City of Guam: Hagåtña, formerly Agana

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Hotels in Guam

Centrally located hotels ranging from small family run budget accommodation to world-class five star hotels.

   -   look for hotels in Guam
Guam Hotel Okura The Tower, Hyatt Regency Guam, Marriott Guam Resort and Spa, Pacific Islands Club and more.

Travel Agents / Tour Operators

Thomas Cook

  Destination Micronesia   -   USA-based   -   Divng & Snorkling, Deep Sea Fishing, Golf
Guam's dramatic coastline and white sand beaches are ringed by coral reefs and clear, crystalline waters teeming with exotic marine life and blessed by a balmy tropical climate and gentle trade winds.
  Guam Saling & Yachting Vacations

Travel Guides Guam / Related books

Lonely Planet - Diving and Snorkelling Guide to Guam and Yap - 0864427441 Lonely Planet : Diving and Snorkelling Guide to Guam and Yap   -   by Tim Rock
Synopsis : A guide to dozens of the top dive sites, with added information on land based attractions. Over 100 underwater and topside photographs are included, with maps showing the dive sites, a complete listing of all dive operations on the islands and natural history sections on manta rays, spinner dolphins and invertebrates.
Paperback: 128 pages; Publisher: Lonely Planet Publications; 2nd Revised edition edition (1 Jan 1999); ISBN-10: 0864427441; ISBN-13: 978-0864427441.

Transport / How do I travel to Guam

  Tumon Airport and the Anderson Air Force Base

  Guam Airport   -   Antonio B. Won Pat Airport [ main commercial airport ] 
The Guam International Airport is a primary regional airport serving passenger and cargo needs between Guam and the United States, Asia, Australia and various Islands in the Pacific region.

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  Airline Tickets Guam / Bargain Flights  
Price comparison possible.

  Aspra Harbour   -   Port Authorities of Guam
Largest U.S. deepwater port in the Western Pacific.
  Marianas Steamship Agencies
Serving Guam, the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas, and Micronesia

  Map of Guam [ Uni Texas   -   Perry-Castañeda Library   -   Map Collection ]
  Map of Micronesia


  Bestuur van Guam   -   Officieel Internetportaal van het eiland Guam

  Guam at a Glance   -   Guam Visitors Bureau
Balmy tropical breezes sweep across the crystalline waters of lagoons fringed by swaying coconut palms and clear blue skies, while visitors soak up the sun and enjoy the luxury and comfort of five-star resort amenities and cacophony of restaurant, entertainment and sports facilities. Guam's hotel and tourism facilities attract more than 1.3 million visitors annually who come to dive, swim, windsurf, golf, snorkel, parasail, play, shop, explore ancient Chamorro culture, get married, honeymoon, dolphin watch, fish, dance, eat, drink and be merry.

  Hagåtña / Agana   -   Capital City of Guam
Hagåtña is located at the mouth of the Hagåtña river on Guam's west coast.

  Tumon Bay

  Basilica Guam   -    Dulce Nombre de Maria Cathedral Basilica
The Dulce Nombre de Maria Cathedral-Basilica stands in the capital of Hagatña and serves as the Mother Church for the Archdiocese of Agaña.
  Cocos Island   -   site of a Spanish Galleon wreck
Amall island on Guam's Southern Reef Fringes. From its beaches you can view the geographical diversity of Guam  -  from high, active volcanic peaks to low islands of sand and coral -- across the Bay.
  Fort Santa Agueda   -   built in 1800
  Inarajan Village   -   a historical Spanish village
  Latte Stones   -   silent remains of Guam's ancient past  -  possibly used as pillars for homes
  Talafak Bridge   -   built by the Spanish in 1785
  "War in the Pacific" historic parks   -   full of military relics and unparalleled World War II artifacts
  War in the Pacific National Historical Park Guam
There are numerous scenic waterfalls throughout Guam, including Talofofo Falls, Sigua Falls and Tarzan Falls
  Yokoi's Cave 
The home of Sergeant Soichi Yokoi who hid in the jungle between 1944 and 1975 unaware that World War II had ended.

  News from Guam   -   Pacific Daily News
  University   -   University of Guam
There are many reasons to visit the University of Guam campus whether you're a student, parent, or visitor. Activities such as lectures, plays, concerts, art exhibits, seminars and more are conducted throughout the year and community participation is greatly encouraged! See also Virtual Campus Tour.

Cuisine   -   Guam Food   -   Chamorro recipes

Guam was first discovered by sea-faring people who migrated from Southeast Indonesia a few thousand years ago.

Guam is home to a haven of a fantastic diversity of restaurants with worldwide cuisines as Niji, Kurumaya, Planet Hollywood, Hard Rock Cafe, Friday's, Capricciosa, Creations, Joinus, Sam Choy's, Tony Roma Ribs and Outback Steakhouse.   -   Recipes

  GuamDiner    -   Guam Directory, Saipan Directory
Guam's most appetizing website! Full restaurant directory, with Guam Food Guy reviews, recipes, wine, & health info.

History of Guam

Guam is a melting pot of Chamorro, Micronesian, American, and Asian cultures. Petroglyph (Cave Paintings) and Latte Stones (pillars which supported ancient structures and houses) provide insight into the lives of the Chamorro people in their earliest times. Spanish ruins and World War II memorials are reminders of more recent history.

  Guams History   -   Wikipedia
On March 6, 1521 Ferdinand Magellan came across Guam in his journey around the world. He and his crewmen were greeted by the Chamorros, the descendants of the ancient people of Guam. They may never have seen Europeans before, but they practiced trading with other sea-faring islanders and assumed these Europeans did the same...

The Liberation of Guam 21 July-10 August 1944  -   by Harry Gailey
Synopsis : The story of the American liberation of Guam in 1944. The author provides a balanced and objective narrative of the conflict. Gailey explains how the American assault succeeded, but also gives credit to the Japanese for their defence, whilst exposing the weaknesses and blunders on the part of the Americans.
Paperback 256 pages (February 23, 1998); Publisher: Presidio Press

  Guam Historic Sites
Agana Historic District, Adelup Park, Cetti and Sella Bay, Latte Stone Park, Merizo Bell Tower, Puntan dos Amantes, Plaza de Espana, Spanish Bridges, Spanish Forts, Sumay Cemetary, Umatac Outdoor Library.

Music, Arts & Culture, Events Guam 

The Chamorro culture is a blend of Spanish, Micronesian, Asian and western influences that have inhabited Guam for the past 300 years.

Music is an integral aspect of an island lifestyle, and performances using traditional instruments, such as the belembaotuyan, are highlights of cultural presentations. The belembaotuyan, made from a hollow gourd and strung with a taut wire and pressed against ones bare stomach, creates a melodic sound enjoyed by all. The nose flute, once a long forgotten instrument, is now making a hearty return.
The Kantan Chamorro style of singing has been a favorite form of entertainment for generations.

  Culture of Guam
  Poems & Short Stories

  National Museum of the Dulce Nombre de Maria
Located above the Chapel of St. Therese of Lisieux. The museum features changing displays of inspirational art created by local artists.
  Public library Guam

  Maria Procession [ December 8 ]
Santa Marian Kamalen, Patroness of the Mariana Islands, is honored by a procession where a statue of the patroness is pulled on a cart amid the prayers of thousands of the island's Catholics

  Liberation Day Parade [ July 21 ]
The annual Liberation Day Parade takes place on Marine Corps Drive in Hagåtña.

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