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Islamic State of Afghanistan in Central Asia

Provinces in Afghanistan: Badakhshan, Badghis, Baghlan, Balkh, Bamian, Farah, Faryab, Ghazni, Ghowr, Helmand, Herat, Jowzjan, Kabol, Kandahar, Kapisa, Konar, Kondoz, Laghman, Lowgar, Nangarhar, Nimruz, Oruzgan, Paktia, Paktika, Parvan, Samangan, Sar-e Pol, Takhar, Vardak and Zabol

Cities in Afghanistan: Herat, Kandahar, Mazar-i-Sharif.

Capital City of Afghanistan: Kabul

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Hotels in Afghanistan

In Kabul there is limited moderate and low-class accommodation.
Only basic accommodation elsewhere. In some rural areas there are hotels run by the provincial authority.  No info about standards.


   -   look for hotels in Kabul
Safi Landmark Hotel in Kabul [ Khwaja Rawash ].

  Mustafa Hotel in Kabul 
Located one block from the famous Chicken Street and 5 minutes from Wazir Akbar Khan
Popular with journalists. 50 roomst. Kebab night on Thursdays on the roof terrace. Pizzas, pool table, darts, DVD room, basketball court.
  Kabul Hotel [ in the center of Kabul ]
  Hyatt Regency Hotel   -   in Kabul [ mid 2007 ]
  IIntercontinental Hotel [ landmark ] 
Opened in September 1969. 200 rooms, 170 in use at US$63-73 (varies from time to time) a night. Swimming pool, tennis court, sauna, Ping-Pong, billiards, barber, shops, Ariana Airlines office and 24 hour Bamiyan Coffee Shop. Ideal for conferences. Ballroom sits 400 for dinner, or 600 for a conference.
Sat: +873 761 469690; Tel: +93 20 2201320.
  Kabul Serena Hotel
The Kabul Serena Hotel, excellently located in the centre of Kabul city overlooking the  famous Zarnegar Park, is situated close to all the Embassies, Ministries, and is just 20 minutes from the airport. Built in 1945  amid handsome gardens, the hotel has undergone a complete refurbishment, with the rehabilitation of the existing building and a completely new section added to it. The hotel dominates a  busy junction and is situated in the city's commercial centre.

Hostels / Guesthouses

Most guesthouses are in the suburb of Wazir Akbar Khan and are pretty much the same, though furniture, fixtures and fittings do vary.

  Ariana Guest House   -   In Wazir, Akbar Khan, Kabul,  Telephone: 93 23765
It's in the  part of the city where all the Embassies, Government offices and NGO's are located.

Travel Agents / Tour Operators

  Global Exchange  Reality Tours
Reality Tours offer participants an opportunity to journey to other countries to examine a situation firsthand. This gives the individual the chance to understand the issues beyond what is communicated by the mass media. By joining us on one of these delegations, a participant will have the chance to learn about unfamiliar cultures, meet with people from various walks of life, and establish meaningful relationships with people from other countries.
  Bestway Tours   -   Kabul and The Khyber Pass  -  A cultural tour of Pakistan and Afghanistan
Afghanistan's history as a country, spans little more than two centuries. However, before this the country was part of many great empires. It is in Afghanistan that Zoroastrianism began in the 6 th century B.C. and later Buddhism spread from India. The eastward sweep of Islam reached Afghanistan in the 7th century and to this day Afghanistan remains a Muslim country. Albeit a bit risky, it is possible to visit what many believe is among the most beautiful places on Earth.
  Live Travel   -   tours to special places- the inaccessible, obscure and out of this world
These are exclusively  and personally arranged by ardent and experienced voyageur, Phil Haines, who in 1997 became the youngest person to have visited all 193 sovereign countries in the world.
  Silkroaders   -   organizes all possible travels along the Silk Road [ based in Germany ]
The itinerary connects the dimensions of two periods, the past and the present. Its roots go back to the unknown period of Zoroastrism. The descendants of the worshippers of fire, the "Preserved Tribes of Afghan" have retained their history, culture, way of life and traditions up to present times. These people live in the mountaineous valleys of Kunduz and Mazar-e Sharif.

Travel Guides Afghanistan / Related Books

Kabul - Bradt Mini Guide (Bradt Mini Guides) - 1841620858 Afghanistan Travel Guides  [ ]

  Kabul: Bradt Mini Guide (Bradt Mini Guides) - 1841620858
Dominic Medley 
Paperback: 192 pages; Publisher: Bradt Travel Guides; Min edition (24 Jun 2003); ISBN-10: 1841620858; ISBN-13: 978-1841620855.

Transport / How do I travel to Afghanistan

Afghanistan is bordered by Iran in the west, Pakistan in the south and east, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan in the north, and China in the easternmost part of the country.

  Kabul Airport is closed for commercial flights
  Peshawar Airport, Pakistan (PEW). Situated 4 km out fo town ( about 10 minutes by car). From there with a Bus or cab to Kabul.

Roads from Rawalpindi [ Pakistan ] to Kabul and from Karachi [ Pakistan ] to Quetta [ Asia Highway ]

  Ariana Afghan Airlines   -   Flights from Frankfurt to Kabul
  Gulf Air, Pakistan International Airlines, Qatar Airways

  Airline Tickets /  Bargain Flights   
Price comparison possible

  Maps International   -   Maps of Afghanistan is one of the largest map shops online.

  Map Afghanistan: Atlapedia Online - Afghanistan - geography, economy, history etc.
  Map Afghanistan [ Uni Texas   -   Perry-Castaņeda Library   -   Map Collection ]


  Afghanistan Government [ Embassy Australia ]

  Kabul   -   Capital City an largest city of Afghanistan
Economic and cultural center strategically situated in a narrow valley along the Kabul River, high in the mountains before the Khyber Pass.
Kabul is linked with the Tajikistan border via a tunnel under the Hindu Kush Mountains.

  Afghanisch-Turkestan in the North
  Hindukush in the northeast
  Southern Highland

  Herat  -  city in western Afghanistan, in the valley of the Hari Rud river [ Province Herat ]
The city had a favourable position on the trade routes between Persia, India, China and Europe. The roads from Herat to Turkmenistan and Iran are still strategically important. Traditionally known for wine. The inhabitants are mainly Persians.
  Jalalabad  -  Capital City Nangarhar province, 150 km east of Kabul near the Khyber Pass.
  Kandahar  -  city in southern Afghanistan, the capital of Kandahar province
Together with Peshawar, Kandahar is the main city of the Pushtu people. It is linked by road to Quetta in Pakistan. The city has been a frequent target for conquest due to its strategic location in central Asia.
The city of Kandahar was founded in the 4th century BC by Alexander the Great, near the site of the ancient city of Mundigak [ established around 3000 BC ].
  Mazar-i-Sharif   -   capital of Balkh province
Dominant language in the city is Persian
  Shir Khan
  Zaranj [ border Iran ]

  Hindu Kush
  West Kabul

  Afghan hounds [ running dogs ]   -   originate from Afghanistan.
  Afghan Royal Family Mausoleum
  Babur Gardens
  Bala Hisar
  Bibi Mahroo Hill
  Buddha-Statues of Bamiyan
The two famous statues of Buddha in the Bamiyan province were destroyed by the Taliban because they were regarded as being symbols of another religion.
  Darul Aman Palace
  Kabul Christian Cemetry
  Kabul Zoo, former home of the notable lion, Marjan
  OMAR Mine Museum
  Paghman Gardens
  Shah Do Shamshera Mosque

  Afghan Daily
  News from Afghanistan  -   Afghan Media
Up-to-date news and information about Afghanistan. Furthermore focused on Afghans living in North California.
  News   -   Afghan News Channel Afghan News Network
  News   -   Afghan Online Press
  News   -   Afghanistan News Service   -   offers updated news, chatting and polls.
  News   -   Afghanistan News Net
  Magazine   -   Faanoos
  Kabul Times   -   main English-language newspaper
  Payam-e-Mujahid   -   weekly news in Pushtu en Dari lanhuage
  Radio   -   Radio Afghanistan
  Radio   -   Radio Kabul
  Magazine   -   Sabawoon


Afghanistan's culinary specialties reflect its ethnic and geographic diversity.

  Afghan Cuisine 

Afghan Food and Cookery  -  Saberi
Paperback 291 pages (August 2000);  Publisher: Hippocrene Books, Inc.;  Language: English;  ISBN: 0781808073
Afghan Cuisine: Cooking for Life a Collection of Afghan Recipes (and Other Favorites) for the Novice Afghan and Non-Afghan Cook 
Nafisa Sekandari
Paperback 156 pages (March 27, 2003);  Publisher: AuthorHouse;  Language: English;  ISBN: 1403385904

History of Afghanistan

Independence: 19 August 1919 (from UK control over Afghan foreign affairs)

Afghanistan, often called the crossroads of Central Asia, has had a very turbulent history. Through the ages, the region today known as Afghanistan has been occupied by many forces including the Persian Empire, Genghis Khan and Alexander the Great.
The Afghanistan nation-state as it is known today came into existence in 1746 under the Durrani Empire, but control was ceded to the United Kingdom until King Amanullah acceded to the throne in 1919.

  Afghanistan's History   -   Wikipedia
Pre-Islamic period of Afghanistan (before 651), Islamic conquest of Afghanistan (642-1747), The Durrani Empire (1747-1826), European influence in Afghanistan (1826-1919), Reforms of Amanullah Khan and civil war (1919-1929), Reigns of Nadir Shah and Zahir Shah (1929-1973), Daoud's Republic of Afghanistan (1973-1978), Soviet intervention in Afghanistan  (1978-1992), History of Afghanistan (1992 to present). See also Afghanistan Timeline.

The Khyber Rifles: From the British Raj to Al Qaeda  -   Jules Stewart
Still recruited from the Pathan tribes that live in the no-man's land between Pakistan and Afghanistan, the Khyber Rifles continue to stand guard over this area, one of the world's most volatile borders. For more than a century these gallant poachers turned gamekeepers fought for the British Raj against their own kith and kin, but to date nothing has been written about their key role in Britain's struggle to dominate the North-West Frontier. Jules Stewart tells the incredible story of Colonel Sir Robert Warburton, the man who raised the Khyber Rifles in 1878, and describes the Khyber Rifles in action, in particular in the 1897 Frontier uprising and the Third Afghan War. In 1947, Pakistan gained its independence and the Khyber Rifles took on new duties, amongst them pursuing drug smugglers and terrorists. In the past two years they have been actively involved in the war against Al Qaeda and the opium trade. Most recently they set up the first permanent military presence in the forbidden tribal territory of Tirah, to seal the border against Al Qaeda militants and eradicate the opium trade.
Hardcover 256 pages (June 1, 2004);  Publisher: Sutton Publishing;  Language: English;  ISBN: 075093963X
  Kabul Museum 
  Taliban   -   Wikipedia
 Rise to power, Culture, Life under Taliban rule [ Islamist law, Opium, Women, Buddhas of Bamiyan ], Relationship with Osama bin Laden, U.S. invasion
  Understanding The Reasons For Taliban Defiance by Amir Butler
Amir Butler is a Muslim writer based in Melbourne, Australia. He is a frequent contributer to newspapers and magazines worldwide.

Music, Art & Culture

The classical musical form of Afghanistan is called klasik, which includes both instrumental (ragas, naghmehs ) and vocal forms (ghazals). Many ustad, or professional musicians, are descended from Indian artists who emigrated to the royal court in Kabul in the 1860s.
Afghan folk music is traditionally played at weddings and other celebrations.

The Rough Guide to the Music of Afghanistan [Special Edition] - B003VSPS5A  Ahmed Zahir   -   'afghan Elvis'  [ 14 June 1946 – 14 June 1979 ]
Singer, songwriter, and composer from Afghanistan. He died in a car accident.
More than one million Afghans were at his funeral. For many Afghans the symbol of the rich and prosperous sixties and seventies. His Persian love songs were banned in 1996 and his grave on the outskirts of Kabul was destroyed with rockets. See Wikipedia.

  Music of Afghanistan   -   Wikipedia

  Culture of Afghanistan

  Afghan Magazine [Lemar-Aftaab]  
Lemar-Aftaab | is an independent magazine that focuses on the arts, culture and politics of Afghans.

The Rough Guide to the Music of Afghanistan
Various Artists (Artist) | Format: Audio CD
Audio CD (30 Aug 2010); Number of Discs: 2; Format: Special Edition; Label: World Music Network; ASIN: B003VSPS5A

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