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Holiday Guinea Bissau   -   Tourist Information Guinea Bissau.

Administrative regions : Bafata, Biombo, Bissau, Bolama, Cacheu, Gabu, Oio, Quinara and Tombali.

Chief towns in Guinea Bissau : Gabú, Oio, Cacheu, and Bolama.

On the Atlantic coast of western Africa, bordering the Atlantic Ocean in the west, Senegal in the north, and  Guinea in the east and south. The country includes the nearby Bissagos Archipelago [ Bijagós ] and other islands in the Atlantic.

The country is largely a low-lying coastal plain and has many rivers, some with wide swampy estuaries.

Capital City of Guinea Bissau: Bissau

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Hotels in Guinea Bissau

Centrally located hotels ranging from small family run budget accommodation to world-class five star hotels.


Nature Reserve 

  Bissagos Islands Biosphere Reserve [ UNESCO ]
Bijagós Archipelago include: Bolama, Bubaque, Carache, Caravela, Enu, Formosa, Galinhas, João Viera, Maio, Meneque, Orango, Orangozinho, Ponta, Roxa, Rubane, Soga, Unhacomo, Uno and Uracane. Only the southern islands belong tot the Biosphere Reserve.
The archipelago is known for animals including marine turtles and monkeys and are mostly forested.

Travel Agents / Tour Operators  
Holidays from dozens of leading specialist tour companies and accommodations who are passionate about conserving Africa's wildlife and benefiting its people.

Create your perfect trip Guinea-Bissau   -   Flight, Hotel and Car

West Africa - Country and Regional Guide (Lonely Planet ) - ISBN 1740597710Travel Guides Guinea-Bissau / Related Books

West Africa: Country and Regional Guide (Lonely Planet)
Paperback: 904 pages; Publisher: Lonely Planet Publications; 6th Revised edition edition (1 Oct 2006); ISBN-10: 1740597710; ISBN-13: 978-1740597715.

Guinea-Bissau Country Study Guide
Paperback: 300 pages; Price: £99.95 ; Publisher: International Business Publications Inc; Stg edition (1 Jan 2005); ISBN-10: 0739714686; ISBN-13: 978-0739714683.

Important Bird Areas in Guinea-Bissau  Important Bird Areas in Guinea-Bissau - 9058820238
Tim Dodman (Author), Clive Barlow (Author), Joaozinho Sa (Author), Peter Robertson (Author)
This work provides a comprehensive account of ten key areas of Important Bird Areas (IBAs) in Guinea-Bissau, which together cover around one third of the surface area of the country. This demonstrates the high importance of Guinea-Bissau for birds. The coastline in particular, with its mangroves, estuaries, islands and floodplains, is of great international importance for waterbirds. The Bijagos Archipelago alone seasonally supports close to one million migratory waders. All of the ten sites are described in detail with supporting data, and where possible, site maps are provided along with conservation recommendations. The site descriptions are preceded by an introduction to both the IBA process and to Guinea-Bissau, and a synopsis of threats to biodiveristy at the national level. The annexes include an updated bird list for Guinea-Bissau, detailing occurrence at all of the 10 IBA's as well as lists of other vertebrate groups.
Paperback: 130 pages; Publisher: Wetlands International (30 Jan 2004); ISBN-10: 9058820238; ISBN-13: 978-9058820235. 

Transport / How do I travel to Guinea-Bissau

  Bissau Airport   -   Airport Osvaldo Viera [OXB], 11 km from the City of Bissau

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  Airline Tickets /  Bargain Flights   -   Flights Guinea-Bissau / Price comparison possible



  Bissau   -   Capital City of Guinea Bissau and harbour

  Bafata  -   region in north-central Guinea-Bissau
Sectors in Bafata : Bafata, Bambadinca, Contuboel, Sonaco, Galomaro, Gamamundo, and Xitole.
  Biombo   -   in western Guinea-Bissau   -   capital city is Quinhámel
Sectors in Biombo : Prabis, Quinhamel, and Safim.
  Bissau   -   region in central Guinea-Bissau   -   autonomous sector
Sectors in Bolama : Bolama, Bubaque, and Caravela
  Cacheu   -   region in western Guinea-Bissau
Sectors in Cacheu : Bigene, Bula, Cacheu, Caio, Canghungo, and Sao Domingos
  Gabu   -   eastern-most region in Guinea-Bissau
The Corubal River flows through the south of the region
Sectors in Gabu : Boe, Gabu, Piche, Pirada, and Soncao.
The region Gabu borders Senegal to the north and Guinea to the east and south.
  Oio   -   capital city is Farim
The Rio de Canjambari flows through the north of the region.
Sectors in Oio : Bissora, Farim, Mansaba, Mansoa, and Nhacra. The region Oio borders Senegal to the north.
  Quinara Quinara  -   capital city is Buba
Sectors in : Buba, Empada, Fulacunda, and Tite.
  Tombali   -   region in southern Guinea-Bissau with capital city Catió
Sectors in Tombali : Bedanda, Cacine, Catio, and Quebo. 

  Bissagos Islands [ Bijagós Archipelago ]  
Group of some eighteen major islands and dozens more smaller ones in the Atlantic Ocean. The islands of Bubaque, Bolama, and Caravela are the most populated and are visited by tourists.
  Orango Island   -   run by a matriarchy, in which the women choose their husbands
Part of the Bissagos Islands.

  Bafatá   -   central Guinea-Bissau
Located in an area known for its wildlife. Capital city Bafata Region
  Bissorã [ Oio ]
  Bolama   -   capital of the Bolama Region
Bolama is also the main town on Bolama Island, the closest of the Bijagós Islands to the mainland of Guinea-Bissau.
  Buba [ Quinara ]   -   harbour
  Bubaque [ Bolama ]
  Canchungo [ Cacheu ]
  Catió [ Tombali ]   -   largest town in eastern Guinea-Bissau
Market town and a centre for trade with Guinea and Senegal.
The town was originally the centre of the Kaabu empire.
  Fulacunda [ Quinara ]
  Farim [ Oio ]  -  harbour
  Mansôa [ Oio ]
  Quebo [ Quinara ]
  Quinhámel   -   capital city Biombo

  News   -   Guinea Bissau   -   daily news and current events Guinea Bissau
World News Network website
  Radio Nacional
  Radio Televisao de Guinea-Bissau (RTGB)

History  of Guinea Bissau

Portugal granted  independence to Guinea-Bissau in 1974.

Guinea-Bissau was once the kingdom of Gabù, part of the Mali Empire; parts of the kingdom subsisted until the 18th century. Though the rivers and coast of this area were among the first places colonized by the Portuguese, and they began the slave trade in the 17th century, they did not explore the interior until the 19th century.
The area that became Portuguese Guinea was first visited by the Portuguese in 1446–47, and in the 16th cent . it was an important source of slaves sent to South America. The territory was administered as part of the Portuguese Cape Verde Islands possession until 1879, when it became a separate colony. In 1951 it was constituted an overseas province.

  Guinea Bissau's History   -   Wikipedia
Portuguese rule, 19th and 20th centuries, Struggle for independence, Vieira's presidency.

Music, Arts & Culture, Events

The music of Guinea-Bissau is usually associated with the polyrhythmic gumbe genre, the country's primary musical export.

  Music of Guinea-Bissau
The calabash is the primary musical instrument of Guinea-Bissau, and is used in extremely swift and rhythmically complex dance music. Lyrics are almost always in the Portuguese creole language, Kriolu, and are often humorous and topical, revolving around current events and controversies...

  Bidyogo people   -   inhabitants Bijagós Archipelago
A matriarchal and matrilineal society in which women choose their husbands and that is guided by female priests. Traditionally a hunter-gatherer society, they were famous for their almadias, large ocean-going canoes that could hold up to 70 people. See for more

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