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Consists of three volcanic islands: Islands; Grand Comore [ Njazidja ], Anjouan [ Nzwani ], and Moheli [ Mwali]

Municipalities named Domoni, Fomboni, Mutsamudu.

Located at the northern end of the Mozambique Channel in the Indian Ocean, between northern Madagascar and northern Mozambique.

National Capital City of the Comoros: Moroni

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Hotels Comoros

Centrally located hotels ranging from small family run budget accommodation to world-class five star hotels.


  Hotel le Moroni

Travel Agents / Touroperators / Comoros specialists  

Create your perfect trip to Comoros   -   Flight, Hotel and Car

  Matembezi   -   Travel & Tourism Agency [ Moroni ]
  Tourism Services Comores

Travel Guides Comoros / Related Books

Madagascar and Comoros (Lonely Planet Multi Country Guide) - ISBN 1741046084  Lonely Planet Publications
Tom Parkinson (Author)
Paperback: 304 pages; Publisher: Lonely Planet Publications; 6th Revised edition edition (1 Mar 2008); ISBN-10: 1741046084; ISBN-13: 978-1741046083.

Last of the Pirates: Search for Bob Denard  -   Samantha Weinberg
The setting is the Comoro Islands, a speck in the Indian Ocean, three volcanic islands known for their beauty and for their "ylangylang", an exotic flower whose extract is widely used in French perfumes. For many years the Comoros were also the home of Bob Denard, a French mercenary who arrived there by way of the Congo, Katanga, the Yemen, Benin, Gabon, Angola and Biafra. Once in the Comoros he overthrew two presidents in three years. In 1989 he too was overthrown and disappeared. Samantha Weinberg goes in search of Bob Denard. She traces him across the Comoros, investigates his past and his role in the murder of Abdallah, the last president, before she finally tracks him down in South Africa for a series of interviews about his past. This is a classic quest but it is also a story of cruelty, venality, beauty, suffering - and murder.
Hardcover 256 pages (February 3, 1994);  Publisher: Jonathan Cape;  ISBN: 0224033077
The Amphibians and Reptiles of Madagascar, the Mascarenes, the Seychelles and the Comoros Islands 
Friedrich-Wilhelm Henkel, Wolfgang Schmidt, John Hackworth (Translator)
With their unique flora and fauna, Madagascar and the surrounding islands of the Indian Ocean are some of the most interesting vacation destinations for nature lovers, herpetologists and amateur reptile and amphibian keepers. This work describes the climate and vegetation of the area, as well as many of the resident reptiles and amphibians, and contains information on the husbandry of most species. There are 240 descriptions with colour photos of each to aid in identification of these animals.
Hardcover 324 pages (August 2000);  Publisher: Krieger Publishing Company;  Language: English;  ISBN: 1575240149

Transport / How do I travel to Comoros Islands

  Moroni Airport   -   Prince Said Ibrahim International Airport
At Hahaya, north of Moroni, Ngazidja, see Hahaya Airport.
  Ouani Airport
It only takes twenty minutes from Moroni (Grande Comore) to Ouani (Anjouan) by plane. The international airport at Moroni is easily accessible to many international cities. 

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  KLM UK / Air France 

  Air Madagascar [ Mayotte ], Air Austral [ Moroni ], Yemenia, Sudan Airways [ Paris / Moroni, via Khartoum  ]

Indian Ocean Pass  -  created jointly by Air Seychelles, Air Mauritius and Air Austral. The participating airlines have merged their regional networks to enable you to create your own circuit to discover the gems of the Indian Ocean.

Comores Air Services and Comores Aviation provide a number of daily flights between the islands of the Republic. Flights between islands take approximately 30 minutes.

  Airline Tickets /  Bargain Flights

A number of small ships, motorized and sailing, carry passengers between the islands. Depending upon weather conditions, trips between islands may take as little as four hours via the newest and largest of the motorized vessels.

  Maps International   -   Maps of Comoros is one of the largest map shops online.
  Map Comoros [ Uni Texas   -   Perry-Castañeda Library   -   Map Collection ]


  Mayotte Comité du tourisme [ Tourist Board ]
  Comoro Islands
Beaches served as landing areas for traditional sailing vessels and martime trade is mentioned in ancient documents. Domoni, located on the eastern shore of the island of Nzwani(Anjouan), for example, with several beaches nearby was a major trading center in the fifteenth century. Ships traveled to Africa and Asia and we know from archaeological evidence that trade existed between the community and places as far away as Japan. Since the end of the fifteenth century, many European and American sailors visited the islands. These included whalers, merchants, and pirates, such as the infamous Captain Kidd. Sailors especially liked the island of Nzwani and it served as an important refueling and provisioning stop. But after the opening of the Suez Canal, the Comoros ceased to be on the main route of trade...
Coelacanth | Livingstone's Flying Fox | Shirazi | Volcano | Coral Reefs | Islam | Western Indian Ocean | Ancient Maritime Trade | Ylang-ylang

  Moroni   -   Capital City of the Union of Comoros
Located on the west coast of the island Njazidja [ Grande Comore ]. Moroni has a international airport and a port from where ships sail to the African continent and other islands of the Comores,

  Grand Comore / Ngazidja   -   largest island in the Comoros nation
With Capital City Moroni.
Striking point on the island is the top of a volcano Karthala [ Hawaiian type ]. Last eruptions in 2005 and 2006. It covers 2/3 of the island. The main source of income is the production of vanilla.
Main cities / towns Grand Comore : Batsa Itsandra, Dimadjou, Iconi, Itsandra, ItsiKoudi, Ivembeni, Foubouni, Koimbani, Mawéni, Mbéni, Mitsamiouli, Mitsoudjé, Moidja, Ntsaoueni, Salimani en Samba.
  Anjouan / Nzwani   -   Anjouan Government   -   Capital City Mutsamudu
For those who enjoy hiking, Anjouan offers some fantastic cross-country rambling in truly amazing tropical backdrops. Visitors to the island may also wish to discover the coral reefs and white sandy beaches at Chiroroni and the ylang-ylang distillery at Bamboa, or take a walk around the old town, Hari ya Moudji, in Domoni. Hari ya Moudji is full of crumbling palaces built by sultans in the 16th to 18th centuries.
  Moheli / Mwali / Moali   -   smallest island of the Comoros
Offers beautiful beaches, d'un parc naturel and hotels, ce qui permet d'esperer un essor du tourisme.
Capital city Fomboni.

  Moroni   -   Capital City Grande Comore
  Mutsamudu   -   Capital City Anjouan
 The capital of Anjouan, Mutsamudu, consists of two main parallel streets connected by a labyrinth of alleyways, lanes and shops. Near the Mosquee du Vendredi is the Sultan's Palace, and within walking distance from the city centre of Mutsamudu is the Dziancoundre Waterfall, an area of outstanding natural beauty.

  Lake Salé (Mitsamiouli-Bangoikouni au nord)
Several legends originate here.
  Karthala   -   volcano 2.361 meters ] 
See Volcanism  -  Smithsonian Institution.
  Friday mosque at Moroni
  Museum "La Senderesse" at Moroni

  Lake d'Itsamia   -   
  Le parc marin de Nioumachoua,
  Beaches Moheli  
Appreciated more for bathing than diving, but also as a place where green turtles reproduce.

  Mayotte et les Comores
  Mayotte Tourisme    -   site du Comité du Tourisme de Mayotte
situated at the northern end of the Mozambique Canal, this is the only one of the Islands of the Moon that has chosen to be French, yet it still maintains its living African roots, and its exceptional environment, in the middle of one of the largest lagoons in the world. Practical Info, getting there, accommodation and more...

Cuisine   -   Comoros Cooking Recipes

Portuguese explorers, people from the coast of Africa, Indonesia, Madagascar and Persian Golf, all have influenced the cuisine of the Comoros.

  Comorian Cuisine

History of the Comoros

The group of islands were historically linked to both East Africa and France.

Independence: 6 July 1975 (from France).

Over the centuries, the islands of Comoros were invaded by a succession of diverse groups from the coast of Africa, the Persian Gulf, Indonesia, and Madagascar. Portuguese explorers visited the archipelago in 1505, and Arab migrants introduced Islam at about the same time. Between 1841 and 1912, France established colonial rule.

  Comoros's History   -   Wikipedia
Early inhabitants, Colonialism in Comoros, Coups d'état in Comoros, Secession of Anjouan and Mohéli

Music, Arts & Culture, Events

The Comoros are at a unique cultural and musical crossroads. Involved in the western Indian Ocean trade for over a thousand years, the islands have absorbed cultural and musical influences from East Africa, the Middle East, Madagascar, and southern India. As a result there is a remarkably wide range of musical styles in the Comoros: solo and choral, through composed and stanzaic, improvised and rehearsed, accompanied and acapella.
Traditional instruments include gongs, drums, tambourines, rattles, oboes, zithers, and five-stringed lutes.

  Musiques traditionnelles de l'ile d'Anjouan, a CD from INEDIT, Paris

  Culture Comoros   -   Culture des Comores [ French language ]
The culture of ancient inhabitants of the archipelago of the Comoros [ the Grand Comoros, Anjouan and the Mohéliens and Mahorais and Sabena ] was connected with southern Swahili culture.

  Eid al- Adha [ the feast of sacrifice ]   -   held on 21st of January
  Muharram [ Islamic New Year ]   -   on the 10th of February
  Christmas Day on 25th of December
  Independence Day
  Eid al-Fitr   -   end of Ramadan

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