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Sultanate of Oman on the southeast coast of the Arabian Peninsula.

Regions in Oman : Ad Dakhiliyah, Al Batinah, Al Wusta, Ash Sharqiyah, Az Zahirah and Masqat.

Governorates in Oman : Musandam and Zufar

Cities in Oman : Sohar, Salalah, Sur, Nizwa.

Capital City of Oman : Muscat

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Car Rental Oman

Car rental

Car Rental Oman  Sixt  -   
Pick-Up Station / Return Station : Muscat Airport, Muscat Downtown, Salalah Airport, Salalah Downtown

Hotels in Oman

Car Rental Oman  Hotels in Oman [ Booking ]    -   Hotels in Muscat, Salalah and Nizwa

Car Rental Oman  Radisson SAS Hotel, Muscat ****, Al Khwair, P.O.Box, 939, Pc 133, Muscat
Designed for the discerning business traveller and leisure seeker alike, the Radisson SAS Muscat offers outstanding levels of service and comfort. Smiling friendly staff will immediately make you feel welcome at your home away from home. The Radisson SAS Hotel Muscat is situated in the heart of the city's commercial and diplomatic area, only 12 minutes drive from Seeb International Airport.


Centrally located hotels ranging from small family run budget accommodation to world-class five star hotels.

Travel Agencies / Tour Operators

Sovereign Premium Holidays  [ ATOL 230 ]
Flexible Luxury Holidays Oman. Sovereign is a specialist tour operator with more than 30 years experience.

 Kuoni   -   Resorts : Muscat and Salalah
Type of holidays : Beach holidays, Family holidays & Spa.
Oman highlights :
**  The capital, Muscat, lining a natural, picturesque harbour overlooked by the twin Portuguese colonial forts of Al Jalali and Al Mirani, and the ancient port of Muttrah - the perfect place to shop for Omani specialities such as handcrafted silver, textiles and perfumes.
**  The best of the country's more than 500 imposing forts (at Nizwa, Bahla, Jabrin and Rustaq) visitable in a day trip from Muscat.
**  Salalah is a peaceful historical town of uncrowded beaches and lush coconut groves in the southern Dhofar region.
**  A range of exhilarating activities including 'wadi-bashing', desert safaris, climbing and caving, diving and snorkelling, game fishing and dolphin watching.

  British Airways   -   Holidays in Oman 
Combine sea and desert activities for the perfect Oman holiday. Dive or snorkel the aquamarine waters, then relax under a date palm. Explore Oman's ancient desert forts and hike to lush oases. Climb Jebel Shams, Oman's highest mountain. No Oman holiday would be complete without visiting Muscat's mosques, museums and markets.    -   Discover the real Oman
Explore the country, take in Oman's fabulous snorkelling opportunities or help to conserve the Arabian leopard . All the authentic Oman holidays are from leading responsible tour operators.

 Thomas Cook

  G Adventures
*   Oman - A taste of Arabia
To some, Dubai is a gaudy desert boomtown with a thing for outlandish architecture. And Oman? Where's Oman? Savvy visitors know there's more to these unique places than skyscrapers and sand. Our brief journey to this part of the world brings you deep into a side of these countries rarely explored by visitors. Here, you'll discover traditional markets unlike anything in the big city, dine and sleep under the stars with Bedouins and explore the laid back port paradise of Muscat. With an appetizer this good, you'll want the full course, too.

  Bedu Expeditionen
  Oasis Travel 

Oman (Bradt Travel Guide) - ISBN 1841623326Travel Guides Oman / Related Books

Oman (Bradt Travel Guide)
Diana Darke 
In a region notorious for religious extremism, turbulence and unrest, Oman stands out as an oasis of calm and composure. A growing number of visitors are discovering a land of awe-inspiring natural landscapes: mountains, ravines, cliffs, canyons, desert and coastline sweltering under the Middle Eastern sun. In this fully revised and updated Bradt guide, author Diana Darke describes in detail the archaeological wonders, nature reserves and world-class diving sites of this spellbinding sultanate. Visitors can soak up the spicy, perfumed souk atmosphere, watch a camel race or camp out with the Bedouin under the stars. Brimming with up-to-date information on restaurants and bars, hotels, sports facilities and trip itineraries, Bradt's Oman has everything for the traveller who wants to explore the land beyond the myth. Fluent Arabic-speaker Diana Darke has more than 30 years' experience in the Middle East and worked as a translator/interpreter for the Omani government. She is the author of Bradt's Syria and North Cyprus.
Paperback: 288 pages; Publisher: Bradt Travel Guides; 2 edition (15 Oct 2010); ISBN-10: 1841623326; ISBN-13: 978-1841623320.

Oman Off-Road - ISBN 9948442377 Oman Off-Road
The ultimate accessory for any 4WD, the Oman Off-Road Explorer helps drivers to discover Oman's 'outback.' Detailed yet easy-to-use maps feature superimposed routes, GPS coordinates and points of interest.
Hardcover: 416 pages; Publisher: Explorer Publishing; 2 edition (Mar 2011); ISBN-10: 9948442377; ISBN-13: 978-9948442370.

  Oman Mini Visitors Guide - 976818289X
The little book that packs a big punch, the Oman Mini Explorer may fit in your pocket but it is also bursting with information on this vibrant country. With excellent maps to aid exploring, a comprehensive shopping chapter with inside info on the best buys, sports and spas and restaurant reviews, this is an indispensable guide to an inspirational country.
Paperback: 200 pages; Publisher: Explorer Publishing; 1 Pap/Map edition (15 Sep 2008); ISBN-10: 976818289X; ISBN-13: 978-9768182890.

Rock Climbing in Oman  -   by R A McDonald
Describes over 160 climbs which have been graded in British, Continental, Australian and American systems for versatility. The climbs range from easy to extremely difficult, so both the amateur and professional are catered for.
Also included within the book are details of treks and explorations in the more remote corners of the Sultanate.
Paperback: 167 pages; Publisher: Verulam Publishing Ltd (Feb 1994); ISBN-10: 1898888019; ISBN-13: 978-1898888017.

Transportation / How do I travel to Oman

Oman borders the United Arab Emirates in the northwest, Saudi Arabia in the west, and Yemen in the southwest.

  Muscat Seeb International airport

Oman Road Map - ISBN 994844115X  British Airways  -  Flight tickets Oman 
British Airways flights to Muscat land at Muscat International Airport on the Gulf of Oman coast, 20 miles west of Muscat's city centre. After your Muscat flight, take a taxi to the centre, passing turquoise sea on one side and distant desert mountains on the other... 

   -   Flight tickets Muscat

  Airline Tickets Oman / Bargain Flights
Flight tickets Oman, Price comparison possible.

Oman Road Map
Map: 2 pages; Publisher: Explorer Publishing (1 Dec 2009); ISBN-10: 994844115X; ISBN-13: 978-9948441151.


  Tourism Oman

  Ministry of Information   -   Omanet
Official source of information on the Sultanate of Oman over the Internet

  Muscat   -   Capital City of Oman, historic capital and largest city

  Bahla   -   oasis town
Home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  Buraimi   -   border crossing town
Located adjacent to Al Ain in the UAE.
  Ibra   -   gateway to the Eastern region of Oman and the Wahiba Sands
Iin the past Ibra was famous for its fine horses and horsemen. A unique feature of Ibra is the "Wednesday Souq" run entirely by women. On the far side of Ibra lies Al Mansfah village, a community of mansions once owned by prosperous merchants of the 19th century during the reign of Said the Great. With the decline of Said's commercial empire these once stately mansions fell into ruin.
  Matrah   -   next to Muscat and just as historic
Oman's ancient trading port Muttrah has many attractions for the modern-day visitor. There is Muttrah Fort, one of the 13 forts dotting the area.
Nizwa, the verdant oasis city with its blend of the modern and the ancient was the capital of Oman during the 6th and 7th century. One of the oldest cities of the Sultanate, this was once a center of education and art. Nizwa has been an important cross roads at the base of the Western Hajar Mountains connecting Muscat, Buraimi, and the lower reaches of Dhofar. The Falaj Daris of Nizwa is the largest single falaj in Oman and provides the surrounding country side with much needed water for the plantations. Home to one of the best-known forts in Oman
  Ruwi   -   commercial hub and the main business district of Muscat
Located ca. 5 km from the main residential localities of Al-Khuwair, Madinat Al Sultan Qaboos, Shati Al-Qurm and Al-Qurm.
  Salaha / Salalah
Nestled in the southern region of Oman, Salalah has the benifit of the annual Indian monsoon: locally known as the Khareef. This monsoon, which extends from early June to mid September, transforms the countryside into a veritable garden with tumbling waterfalls and meandering streams. The Khareef season is a good time to visit Salalah. In July and August the government plays host for the annual Khareef Festival, a cultural highlight of the season.
  Sohar   -   one of the the legendary homes of Sindbad
Sohar, a seaside city, was the capital of Oman many centuries ago and legend has it that it was named after the great grandson of Noah (of the Bibical flood). Originally known as Majan (Persian-Mazoun), the city's name alludes from early ship building activity. The word "ma-gan" means ship's skeleton or chassis stemmed from its copper deposits in the mountains of Majan.
Sur, a placid sea coast town with its striking traditional dwellings is a pleasant getaway and one of the most important towns in the Eastern region. Here dhows are still made by hand.

  Hajar Mountains
Majestic range, the highest in the Arabian Peninsula, which stretches into the United Arab Emirates.
  Jebel Akhdar
Jebel Akhdar in Arabic means "Green Mountains" and this region of the most verdant outside of Salalah and the Batinah Coast. To go there requires a 4-wheel drive ( and a road permit because of military installations in the area). One of the most scenic areas in Oman, coupled with the friendly local inhabitants, this region is a natural spot for tourism. Points of interest include the towns of Wadi Bani Habib, Saiq and Al Ayn, where local farmers raise grapes, pomegranates, apricots and walnuts. The climate is moderate year round as the mean altitude is about 1800 metres. Also of interest is the lookout over the canyon recently named Diana's Point, for the late Princess of Wales who spent time here in the late 80s.
  Madha   -   tiny exclave of Oman
The exclave us completely surrounded by the United Arab Emirates.
  Masirah Island
An island in the Indian Ocean, 20 kms off central Oman coast just South of the Wahiba Sands. A real desert island experience awaits you on this haven for turtles and other wildlife. It's of the best places to surf in Oman . To be reached by ferry from Sana on the mainland.
  Musandam Peninsula   -   on the Straits of Hormuz with some magnificent wadis
"Norway of the Middle East" because of the inlets likened to Norway's fjords, provides a spectacular bird's eye view. The stark mountains of this region rise 2000 meters out of the Arabian Gulf.

  Bahla Fort
Bahla Fort at the base of the Djebel Akhdar highlands is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has 7 miles of walls. It was built in the 13th and 14th centuries when Bahla was a thriving oasis town.
  Nakhl Rustaq Loop
From the Batinah Coast to the west of Muscat along the base of the jebels are several key towns of special interest. Along the coast is the town of Barka with an impressive fort and Bait Al Naman Castle, an early home for the Al Bu Said dynasty [ the current ruling family ].
Further along the coast is the Jazir Sawaidi, a small chain of islands near the shore where beach combing, fishing and exploring are the prime activities. Closer to the mountains lie the majestic fortresses of Nakhl, Rustaq and Al Hazm. restored by the government and preserved as national treasures.
  Sea Turtles
Oman's beaches are major breeding locations for various species of sea turtle. Masirah Island is the perhaps best bet where four species breed, including the largest number of leatherbacks anywhere in the world.
  Sumail Gap
The only natural pass through the northern jebels traces the trail of the old Silk Route caravans as they carried their goods from the Far East to communities of the interior. Follow the paths taken by Marco Polo and Ibn Battuta to Fanja, the traders' crossroads, and the towns of Bid Bid, Sumail and Al Khobar, replete with castles and fortifications. Stop by the roadside fruit markets of Ad Dasir to sample pomegranates, pumpkin and sweet lemons.
  Wahiba Sands   -   massive rolling dunes as far as the eye can see
The great Wahiba sands are longitudinal dunes 200 km long and 100 km wide running south from the Eastern Hajars to the Arabian Sea. The dunes are 100-150 metres high in shades of colour from orange to hues of amber. Bedouin camps can be found along the tracks and trails in this isolated desert. In sporadic areas can be found stands of single-species woodlands. Where the sands meet the ocean, outcrops of aolianite (sand compressed into rock) can be found displaying unusual and attractive abstract shapes. Here the beaches mellow into soft shades of yellows and whites.
  Western Hajar Mountains
Beyond Nizwa, the southern flanks of the Western Hajar Mountains can be readily seen rising over 2000 metres above the surrounding countryside. Within these mountains, rugged networks of wadi channels have carved networks of dramatic canyons and caves.
To the west of Al Hamra is the road to Jebel Shams(mountain of the Sun), the tallest peak in Oman at 3010 metres. Here it is where you can find oone of Oman's greatest natural wonders, the Wadi Nakhr Gorge. Inside the canyon, you can haggle with the local rug weavers, trek to the cliff dwellings along the canyon rim and visit remains of towns once occupied ages ago by Persian settlers. Rock climbers will want to test their mettle on the stony crags of Jebel Misht while antiquarians willl want to visit the mysterious Beehive Tombs of Bat.

  Bank   -   Central Bank of Oman
  Birds of Oman
The latest on birds and birdwatching in the Sultanate of Oman
  News from Oman   -   Oman Daily Observer
  Press in Oman   -   Times of Oman
  Radio & TV   -   Oman TV
  University of Oman  -   Sultan Qaboos University
  Weather in Oman   -   Meteorological Department
Directorate General of Civil Aviation and Meteorology, Ministry of Transport and Communications Sultanate of Oman

Cuisine   -   Omani Cooking   -   Restaurant Directory

History of Oman

Independence: 1650 (expulsion of the Portuguese)

  Oman's History   -   Wikipedia
Early history om Oman, European domination, Early 20th century, Reign of Sultan Qaboos, Sultans of Oman.

  Museum of Omani Heritage
information about agriculture and minerals, trade routes, architecture, dhows, firearms, art & crafts of Oman. Operated by the Ministry of Heritage and Culture.

Sultan in Arabia: A Private Life  -   John Beasant, Christopher Ling
At a time when the influence of Islam and the Arab world dominate newspaper headlines as a result of bloodshed and terrorist threats, it will come as a welcome relief to learn of Sultan Qaboos. The very term "Sultan" conjures up shades of peacock thrones and riches beyond the dreams of avarice. This incredible scene has almost vanished, but not quite. In today's oil-rich Arabia, one Sultan remains. He is one of the world's very last absolute rulers and presides over daily rituals the Ottomans of old Istanbul would recognise immediately. Arabia's sole surviving Sultan is, however, an arch exponent of the very British practice of discretion and reserve, which is far from surprising given that he owes his throne to the machinations of a very British coup. Indeed, Sultan Qaboos of Oman exercises an iron-clad reticence over his daily routine, his own personal affairs and his people, so much so that his country has been described as the world's most secretive state. It would be quite impossible to divorce the man from the land which he has ruled for the past 32 years, so immediate is his authority, so absolute is his exercise of unfettered power. But who exactly is Qaboos bin Said Al Said? What of the journey without maps which led him to be complicit in the betrayal and overthrow of his own father? What role did he personally take in the Dhofar war of the 1970s, when he became the first Arab monarch to defeat the armed exponents of Marx and Lenin? And what of his hitherto secret connections with Margaret Thatcher and the incident that became known as the "Thatcher necklace affair"? What is the truth about his emotional condition, the marriage that never really was and the legacy of his time in an English household, where strict Christian principles had to be followed? As the winds of change blow over the Arabian peninsula, what are Sultan Qaboos's thoughts on the future? "Sultan in Arabia" is the very first biography of Qaboos bin Said Al Said. It is an account of a man and ruler who has, until now, been concealed from public view. Its publication is timely, given the very real likelihood that Arabia's very last Sultanate could well soon pass into the sands of time.
Hardcover 240 pages (April 8, 2004);  Publisher: Mainstream Publishing;  Language: English;  ISBN: 1840188154

Music, Arts & Culture, Events in Oman

  Oman Centre for Traditional Music
The Sultanate of Oman's musical tradition is an integral part of its social, political, economic, geographical and religious history. Eloquent testimony to this is borne out by the thousands of anthologies of verse which form the text of Omani folk songs and which present a living history of events that have social lessons for the present and the future, as well as the past. Traditional poetry embodies all these qualities ...
  Music of Oman
Traditional music marks all the stages in the life of an Omani, including birth, circumcision, marriage and death. In contrast to many Arab countries, all Omanis participate in music, include both men and women, and young and old...

  Culture of Oman

  Natural History Museum [ Ministry of Heritage and Culture ]
Showcases display the country's indigenous species: mammals, insects, birds, and the adjoining whale room houses a huge skeleton of a sperm whale which was washed up on one of Oman's beaches around 27 years ago. The botanical gardens are perfect to stroll through during the cooler months and have highly scented shrubs which are found throughout the Sultanate.
  National Museum
It contains silver ornaments, copper crafts and samples of Omani ships, in addition a letter dated 8th century Hijri sent by the Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him) to the rulers of Oman A'bd and Jaifer Sons of Al Julanda, inviting the people of Oman to Islam.
  Omani Fine arts Society

  Bait Muzna Gallery
Nestled in the heart of this sparkling clean city, the Bait Muzna Gallery also has its own unique history. Originally the home of a member of the Oman Royal Family, this traditionally styled house was renovated for use as an art gallery in 1999, opening its doors in January, 2000.

Musandam: Architecture and Material Culture of a Little Known Region of Oman 
Paolo M. Costa
Hardcover 250 pages (December 1991);  Publisher: Immel Publishing Ltd.;  ISBN: 090715137X

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