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Departments in Slovakia : Bratislava, Zapadoslovensky, Stredoslovensky, Vychodoslovensky

Capital City Slovakia : Bratislava

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Campsites & Caravanning in Slovakia

  Eurocampings   -   ACSI Camping Guide

Car Hire Slovakia 

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Holiday Homes / Apartments   -   Holiday homes Slovakia   

Hotels Slovakia

  Hotels in Slovakia   -   Hotel Guide Slovakia
Hotels in Bratislava, Košice, Vysoké Tatry, Trnava, Ždiar, Železničná Stanica Štrba, Žilina, Šalgovce, Liptovský Mikuláš, Senec, Gerlachov, Devin, and more

  Hotels in Bratislava

  Crowne Plaza Bratislava ****, Hodzovo Namestie 2, 81625 Bratislava
Direct in the heart of the city, near historical, financial and shopping districts. 2,4 km from Bratislava Exhibition Ground.


Travel Agencies / Tour Operators

Thomas Cook

  G Adventures

  Slovakia Travels

Travel Guides Slovak Republic / Related books

Slovakia Insight Step by Step Guide - ISBN 9812583254 Travel Guides Slovakia  [ ]

Slovakia Insight Step by Step Guide
Paperback: 128 pages; Publisher: APA Publications Pte Ltd (7 Jan 2009); ISBN-10: 9812583254; ISBN-13: 978-9812583253.

Slovakia (Bradt Travel Guide)
Lucy Mallows (Author)
Impressively situated on the Danube, Bratislava boasts stunningly-restored Baroque, Rococo and art-nouveau buildings. Beyond the capital visitors will find a country packed with architectural gems, the renowned wooden churches of the Presov region, imposing fortresses, romantic castles and medieval ruins – all within easy reach thanks to an excellent transport system.
Paperback: 352 pages; Publisher: Bradt Travel Guides; 1 edition (13 April 2007); ISBN-10: 1841621889; ISBN-13: 978-1841621883.

Bratislava City Guide (Bradt Travel Guide)
Lucy Mallows (Author)
One of the great Baroque cities of central Europe, Bratislava is situated on Europe's most important river, the Danube. Visitors can explore the car-free centre on foot soaking up the buzz of pavement cafés and bars. Also included is expanded coverage of day-trips outside Bratislava including the Small Carpathian Wine Route, a region full of wine cellars and internationally recognised winemakers.
Paperback: 256 pages; Publisher: Bradt Travel Guides; 2 edition (15 Dec 2008); ISBN-10: 184162229X; ISBN-13: 978-1841622293.

Transportation / How do I travel to Slovakia

  Bratislava Airport   -   Airport Bratislava   -   9 km northeast of Bratislava
  Kosice Airport   -   Košice International Airport   -   eastern Slovakia


Book flights to Bratislava at ebookers and benefit from discounted airfares. View their latest offers and book your flights, accommodation, car hire and insurance online

  ZSR   -   Slovak Railways

National Express Eurolines 
Travel by bus or coach to Slovakia.

Online map Austria  Online Maps Slovakia [ Uni Texas  -  Perry-Castańeda Library  -  Map Collection Europe   ]


  Slovak Tourist Board


  Dolné Považie [ Lower Váh River region]
  Dolný Zemplín
  Horná Nitra [ Upper region ]
  Horný Zemplín
  Ipeľsko [ Ipeľ River region ]
Košice stands out as a city due to its interesting cultural, social and sporting activities. Cultural life is represented here, apart from the various museums and galleries, also by four permanent theatres, cinemas, the state philharmonic orchestra, the Ján Bocatius public lib­rary and the regional research library. Significant cultural events during the year include the spring music festival, the international organ festival, the festival of religious art, promenade concerts as part of the summer of culture, and regular events in the Lower Gate museum. See also the Official website of the European Capital of Culture - Košice 2013.
  Kosice City   -   Cassiova   -   Slovakian city Kosice's virtual guide
  Nitriansko [ Nitra region ]
  Severné Považie [ Northern Váh River region ]
  Stredné Považie [ Middle Váh River region ]

  Trencin   -   Mesto Trenčín
Beautifully located at the foot of the Strazovske vrchy hills in the valley of the Vah River, the region of Trencin , with its temperate climate, deserves a visit. A rich history, a large number of historical monuments and numerous cultural events guarantee a visit full of leisure activities and discoveries.
Originally a Roman military colony, the city of Trencin was founded at the beginning of the second millennium. In 1412, it acquired the rights of a free royal city.
Trnava is an important center of West Slovakia and is one of Slovakia's oldest cities (13th century). It was, during the period of the Turkish invasions, a religious center of Hungary, and became, as early as the 17th century, a university town.
The region of Nitra is made up of a low plain. It adjoins Hungary to the south with the Danube forming a border between the two countries. The city of Komarno, a river port of great importance, is located on the border.
This plain region offers several touristic possibilities with its thermal springs, its forests and its parks which make for an attractive setting. The region possesses a number of quite interesting historical monuments.
Cities: Nitra, Nove Zamky, Levice, Komarno ...
The region of Zilina adjoins Poland to the north and the Czech Republic to the west. Sixty percent of the land is covered by forests. The region is made up of valleys surrounded by mountain ranges – the Western Tatras, the Low Tatras, etc.
The geographical diversity of this region, the beauty of its nature and the richness of its cultural and historical monuments make it an ideal area for top-quality tourism. The mountain ranges are perfect for year-round sports. There is hunting and fishing. The dams of Oravska prichrada and Liptovska Mara offer good opportunities for water sports. The region is also interesting because of its thermal baths (Rajecke Teplice, Lucky, Turcianske Teplice, Korytnica and Lubochna). The caves -- Demanovska ladova, jaskyna Slobody, Vazecka jaskyna -- located in the Low Tatras, are famous the world over. This region also has 4 natural reserves, the Mala Fatra National Park, 14 national cultural monuments and more than 140 cultural monuments.
Cities: Zilina, Martin, Ruzomberok, Liptovsky Mikulas …
  Banska Bystrica
The city of Banská Bystrica is located in central Slovakia. Banská Bystrica is the most important historical, cultural and economic centre of the central Slovakia.
The area is the most widely spread out region in Slovakia and includes several mountainous areas favorable to winter sports. There are several ski resorts for alpine skiing and cross-country skiing. (Osrblie hosted the 1997 World Biathlon Championship). The Southern districts are very popular in the summer season. This region is also a famous thermal baths region, where visitors can even take advantage of the beneficial effects of speleotherapy (Bystra).
  Presov   -   city in eastern Slovakia, third-largest city in the country.
This is mostly a high mountainous region with the High Tatras Mountain range whose Gerlach Peak towers at 2655 meters. To the north is Poland and to the east is the Ukraine. To the south are the Low Tatras and the Slovak Paradise National Park.
The most well-known area is the High Tatras which has excellent tourist infrastructures to welcome the visitors who come to contemplate its beauties and to take advantage of its slopes which favor skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer. Spis, the Strazky Castle, the Cerveny Klastor Monastery, the wooden churches in Hranicne, Potoky and the historic center of Bardejov are the region's top tourist attractions.
  Kosice  -   Cassiova  -  Slovakian city Kosice's virtual guide.
This region is characterized by the diversity of its geographic landscapes, alternating between plains and mountainous regions. The efforts made to preserve the natural environment in a dynamic economic region, plus the cultural and historical monuments, make Kosice a very attractive place to visit. Kosice, the second largest city in the country, also enjoys tourist infrastructures and various options for arriving there (airport, train station, buses). In addition to its cultural riches, the city also has a zoo and a botanical garden. It is in this region that the national park called "Slovak Paradise" is located. The Herlany Geyser should also be mentioned

  High Tatra   -   -   The most beautiful slovak mountains!
"" is the only official website of High Tatras Town [ Mesto Vysoke Tatry ] and the largest accommodation database of the entire Tatra mountain region.
Activities | Town | Accommodation | Services | Nature | Spa | Transport | Region | Maps | PhotoTatry
  Lake Sinava
Near Piestany is Lake Slnava where you can enjoy water sports during the summer months.
  Low Tatra
Located 35 kilometers to the north of Trnava is Piestany, the best known spa resort in Slovakia. Visitors come from all over the world to take advantage of the warm springs, notably for treatment of neuropathy problems. The hotels and tourist accommodations are everything you would expect from a top quality spa resort. It's a "must" on your list.

  Castle of Cerveny Kamen [ red stone ]
One of the most popular tourist sites in Slovakia.
  Christmas in Slovak
  Top 10 Slowak Paradise
Most pleasant walk, the best place to ski, the wildest drive, the shortest walk, most visited route, most picturesque one, largest water area, most romantic recess, highest waterfall, coolest summer refreshment.
  University   -   Comenius University of Bratislava

Cuisine   -   Slovak Cooking Recipes

In the past, Slovak cooking had a lot of dishes without meat, above all based on flour, like for example the already mentioned "halusky""pirohy"
The excellent taste and aroma of the Slovak specialities are well accompanied with the excellent quality of Slovak wines, from the zone of Bratislava (Rheinriesling, Welschriesling, Gruner Veltliner, Traminer, Silvaner and Muller-Thurgau) and of eastern Slovakia (tokai), but also with the great offer of Slovak beers (Zlaty bazant, Kelt, Topvar, etc). The typical Slovak aperitifs is slivovica (slivovitz), borovicka (grappa of juniper), demanovka (aperitif to base of herbs).

  Cuisine of Slovakia

The Czechoslovak Cookbook: Czechoslovakia's Best-Selling Cookbook Adapted for American Kitchens. Includes Recipes for Authentic Dishes Like Goula (Crown Classic Cookbook) 
By Joza Brizova, C. Adams (Editor), A. Vahalla (Translator)
Review by a reader from New York: 'Every Czech meal you can think of is described in this easy to follow cookbook, alhough many of the recipes are untraditional versions of old Czech food. Nevertheless, an easy cookbook for those who would like to venture into Czech cooking'
Hardcover 288 pages (November 1, 1988); Publisher: Crown Publishers
The Best of Slovak Cooking by Sylvia Galova-Lorinc, John Lorinc, Sylvia Lorinc
138 pages; Publisher: Hippocrene Books (January 1, 2000)

History of Slovakia

The original Slavic population settled the general territory of Slovakia in the 5th century. Slovakia was part of the center of Samo's empire in the 7th century. The highest point of the 9th-century proto-Slovak state known as Great Moravia came with the arrival of Cyril and Methodius and the expansion under King Svatopluk. Eventually, Slovakia became a part of the Kingdom of Hungary in the 11th-14th centuries and as such was later part of Austria-Hungary.

  Slovak History   -   Wikipedia 
Prehistory, Formation of Slav States, The Middle Ages, Ottoman incursion, Slovak national movement, Formation of Czechoslovakia, World War II, Czechoslovakia after WWII, Independent Slovakia.

Bohemia in History  -   by Mikulas Teich (Editor)
This original collection of essays offers an account of key moments and themes in the history of the Czech Lands from the ninth century to the fall of socialism in 1989. The essays, commissioned specially for this volume, are almost all written by prominent scholars teaching and researching in the present-day Czech Republic, and there is no comparable book in English on the subject. Topics range from the great Bohemian courts of the medieval and early modern periods, to the nationalist revival, and the dramatic ethnic upheavals of modern times.
Hardcover 410 pages (October 29, 1998); Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Music, Art & Culture

The music of Slovakia has been influenced both by the county's native Slovak peoples and the music of neighbouring regions.

  Music in Slovakia
History of music in Slovakia [ Earliest times, The mediaeval period, Seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, Nineteenth century, Modern times ], Musical ensembles and festivals.
  Prebudena piesen
Site devoted to the Slovak folklore music, Foundation Prebudena piesen, calendar of folklore festivities

  Culture in Slovakia
  Ministery of Culture Slovakia

  Slovak National Library
  University Library Bratislava

  Public Holidays in Slovakia

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