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Holidays in Poland   -   Tourist information Poland.

Main Cities in Poland :  Gdansk, Krakow, Poznan, Szczecin, Wroclaw, Zakopane

Capital City of Poland: Warsaw

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Car Hire in Poland  

  Sixt   -    
Pick-Up Station / Return Station: Gliwice DT, Katowice Airport, Krakow Airport, Lublin, Poznan Airport, Szczecin Airport, Szczecin DT, Warschau Airport, Warschau Downtown, Wroclaw Airport.

Holiday Rentals Poland   -   Holiday homes Poland  

Hotels Poland

  Hotels in Poland   -   Hotel Guide Poland
Warsaw, Krakow, Poznan, Wrocław, Gdansk, Katowice, Bielany, Oswięcim, Zakopane, Szczecin, Łˇdź, Sopot, and more ...

  Hotels in Krakow
Districts : Bronowice, Debniki, Grzegˇrzki, Kazimierz, Kleparz, Lagiewniki, Lobzˇw, Nowa Huta, Podgˇrze, Pradnik Czerwony, Stare Miasto, Stare Miasto - Old Town, Wawel, Wesola, Zwierzyniec.

  Hotels in Warsaw
Hotels in the Warsaw districts like Bemowo, Mokotˇw, Ochota, Praga Poludnie, Praga Pˇlnoc, Srˇdmiescie, Ursus, Wlochy and Wola.



National Parks

  Białowieski National Park

Travel Agencies / Tour Operators

  Thomas Cook    -   City trips Poland

  G Adventures

  Paxtravel   -   a leading name in pilgrimage organisation for > 25 years
Prague, Krakow & Czestochowa, Including a pilgrimage to The divine infant of Prague and the Blessed Mother of Czestochowa.

  Remembrance Travel

  Wroclaw City Breaks
Beautiful and easy to get to, Wroclaw is becoming one of the top tourist places in Poland. If you've got a free weekend and some additional money to spend, why not investing it into the best city break in Poland.

Travel Guides Poland / Related books

The Rough Guide to Poland - ISBN 1848360649 Travel Guides Poland  [ ]

  Dorling Kindersley   -    

The Rough Guide to Poland
Jonathan Bousfield (Author)
The Rough Guide to Poland is the ultimate guide to this fascinating country, with detailed coverage of all the top sights and the clearest maps of any guide. Discover the highlights of Poland, from the picturesque old towns of Krakow, Warsaw and Gdansk to hiking in the Tatra Mountains. You┬'ll find expert accounts of Poland┬'s major attractions from medieval castles and Habsburg palaces to Baltic beaches and forest -clad lakes. New full-colour features explore Poland┬'s food and drink and religious architecture, while a comprehensive Polish language section will get you started in learning Polish. Fully updated and expanded, you'll find detailed practical advice on what to see and do in Poland whilst relying on up-to-date descriptions of the best hotels in Poland, bars in Poland, restaurants in Poland, shops in Poland and Polish festivals. There┬'s also comprehensive background on everything from Polish history to folk music and Poland┬'s rich literary heritage. Explore all regions of Poland with the clearest maps of any guide, and coverage of off the beaten track sites not to be missed. Make the most of your holiday with the Rough Guide to Poland.
Paperback: 684 pages; Publisher: Rough Guides; 7 edition (1 July 2009); ISBN-10: 1848360649; ISBN-13: 978-1848360648.

Transport / How do I travel to Poland

  Warsaw-Okecie Airport
  Warschau Frederic Chopin
  Katowice Airport,
  Krakow Balice  -  John Paul II International
  Lodz Airport
  Poznan Lawica
  Rzeszow Jasionka International
  Szczecin Goleniow
  Wroclaw Port Lotniczy [ Wroclaw International Airport ]


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Poland 2007 (Michelin National Maps) - ISBN 2067125702  Airline Tickets Poland / Bargain Flights 
Cheap flights to Poland

  PKP - Polskie Koleje Panstwowe   -   Polish Railways
Ekspresowy  -  fast connections between the major cities in Poland.

 National Express Eurolines
Travel by bus or coach to  Poland.

Online map Austria  Online Maps Poland   -   Perry-Casta˝eda Library   -   Map Collection Europe ]


  Poland   -   official site

  Warsaw   -   city of Warsaw  -  capital city

  Little Poland / Karpatenvorland / Podkarpackie  -  Region  -  Capital City Rzeszˇw
  Masuria / Ermland and Podlasien  -  Region  -  Welcom2masuria
Regions: Elbląag, Olsztyn, Masurische Seen, Ełlk/Gołldap, Ilawa/Ostroda, Szczytno, Pisz, Suwałlki/Augustˇw, Białlystok and the City of Gdansk/Danzig.
  Ostsee and Pommerania  -  Region
  Province of Podkarpackie
The patchwork of endless fields and forests of the Sandomierska Basin, rolling Bieszczady mountain pastures and Beskid Niski hills, Ciężkowickie Dynowskie, Strzyżowskie Przemyskie foot-hills, the eminences of Roztocze, and finally the valleys of the biggest rivers in the south-east of Poland, such as Wisła, San, Wisłok and Wisłoka. The advantages of natural and unique landscapes, numerous historic monuments, towns of considerable size and antiquity such as Przemyśl, Sanok, Jarosław and Krosno as well as traditional Polish hospitality of the inhabitants attract great numbers of not only Polish but also foreign visitors. This is a paradise for tourists. In summer one can visit the region taking advantage of well-marked routes for walkers, horse-riders, bikers and cars. Water sports lovers can go sailing on the Solińskie Lake or try caneoing down the San river. Those who prefer sky adventures will find a convenient place for hang-gliding and gliding here . Fishermen and hunters will also find many attractions in this area. In winter, a variety of cross-country skiing routes and well- prepared ski slopes as well as lifts are awaiting downhill skiers.
  Silesien   -   Region
  West Poland   -   Region in the Central West Poland
Holiday destinations: Lubuski/ Lebuser Land, Gro▀polen and Kujawien-Pommern
  Central and East Poland   -   Region

Memorial and museum in Oświęcim, Poland (German: Auschwitz), which includes the German concentration camps Auschwitz I and Auschwitz II-Birkenau. It is devoted to the memory of the murders in both camps during World War II. See Auschwitz-Birkenau  Memorial and Museum 
  Gdansk   -   former hansiatic town of Danzig
The town is located on the Baltic coast in northern Poland. It's Poland's principal seaport as well as the capital of the Pomeranian Voivodeship. It is also historically the largest city of the Kashubian region. The city was the birthplace of the Solidarity movement. See also [ Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot and region - Information about tourism, accommodation, shopping, what's on, health and beauty, packages & tours, transport ]
  Katowice   -   Former capital of the Polish heavy industry
Although the city of Katowice owes its development to heavy industry, on the edge of XXI century these traditional regional trades are being replaced by modern economy branches. Different enterprises representing different industries are residing at the postindustrial areas, creating many workplaces.
Located in the Silesian Highlands [ southern Poland ] on the Kłodnica and Rawa rivers.
  Krakow  -  most important cultural center in Poland [ polish / english ]
Visit Cloth Hall in Market Square, St. Mary's Church, and the Kazimierz quarter (setting for 'Schindler's List'), and don't miss the Castle and Cathedral on Wawel Hill. It's worth making the trip to Auschwitz or the Wieliczka Salt Mines
  Lodz   -  the third-largest city in Poland
Today's tourists take great delight in seeing beautifully refurbished tenements and residential structures of great factory magnates - the real gems of Art Nouveau and eclecticism - as well as museum collections and unrivalled nineteenth-century industrial architecture. No trip to Łˇdź is complete without a stroll down Piotrkowska Street, the city's pride and joy. Public institutions, banks and stores, restaurants, pubs, discos, antique shops, art galleries an cinemas are centred around his main promenade.
Located in the central part of the country.  It is the capital of Łˇdź Voivodeship, and ca. 135 km southwest of Warsaw. See Lodz Touris Board or Community of Lodz
  Lublin   -   Samorząad Miasta Lublin [ polish ]
Lublin is the largest city in eastern Poland and the most important culture core city. Since Poland joined the EU, Lublin is called 'Gate to the East'. A lot of international events have happened here, involving Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Russian and Belorussian artists, researchers and politics. Lublin connects West with the East. Lublin could be called 'The Poland Capital of Festivals', beecause of its many festivals throughout the year.
The Lublin region is one of the most beautiful and ecologically clean areas in Europe. It is still undiscovered and full of valuable and unique spots. The scenery enchants with numerous forest complexes, fabulous ravines, lakes hidden in greenery and mysterious marshlands. Here, on nature paths, one can observe birds and rare species of plants. Here one can still encounter villages whose wells are inhabited by the characters of old legends and myths. Here one can savor the healthiest, traditional cuisine. See also Lublin2016 - European Capital of Culture
  Poznan / Posen  
Poznań is an important centre of trade, industry, and education, and hosts regular international trade fairs. Located on the Warta river in west-central Poland, it's among the oldest cities in Poland and one of the most important centres in the early Polish state, whose first rulers were buried at Poznań's cathedral. It is sometimes claimed to be the first capital of the kingdom of Poland. See also You are in Poznan
Located on both sides of the Wisłok River, in the heartland of the Sandomierska Valley. The city, which was granted a town charter in 1354, has been the capital of the Subcarpathian Voivodeship since 1999, and is also the seat of Rzeszˇw County.
  Szczecin / Stettin   -   Capital city of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship
Stettinis the largest seaport in Poland on the Baltic Sea and located on the Oder River, south of the Szczecin Lagoon and the Bay of Pomerania. The city is situated along the southwestern shore of Dąbie Lake, on both sides of the Oder and on several large islands between the western and eastern branches of the river.
  Wroclaw / Breslau   -   Chief city in south-western Poland, situated on the River Oder
Wrocław is the former capital of Silesia and today, capital of Lower Silesian Voivodeship. Over the centuries, the city has been either part of Poland, Bohemia, Austria, Prussia or Germany.
  Zakopane   -   hTown of Zakopane
The town at the foot of Mount Giewont has been one of the most popular Summer and Winter leisure resorts for many years, Here, there's something for everyone. Lovers of mountain wandering trips are invited down tourist hiking routes of all difficulty levels, while fans of scenery can choose between viewing points such as Krupowa plains, or the peaks of Antałˇwka or Gubałˇwka, from which the panorama of the high and western Tatras can be enjoyed. Mountain excursions can be followed by a refreshing trip to Zakopane's Aquapark.
If you prefer concerts, exhibitions and theatre, you won't be disappointed.

  Copernicus   -   mathematician  -  biography of Nicolaus Copernicus
Text by J. J. O'Connor and E. F. Robertson, University of St Andrews, Scotland
  Copernicus Museum   -   located in Frombork
  Explore Poland   -   links, tips, general information
  Newspapers in Poland
  Nudism in Poland

  Radio in Poland
  TV in Poland

Cuisine  -  Polish Food

  Polish Recipes
The Best of Polish Cooking: A Delightful Compilation of Traditional Polish Fare in an Easy-to-use Menu Format 
By Karen West
First published in 1983, this classic resource for Polish cuisine has been a favourite with home chefs for many years. The new edition includes a chapter of Light Polish Fare with Ingenious tips for reducing fat, calories and cholesterol, without compromising the flavour of fine Polish cuisine. Fragrant herbal rubs and vinegars add panache without calories. Alternatives and conversion table for butter, sour cream and milk will help readers lighten other recipes as well. In an easy-to-use menu format, the author arranges complementary and harmonious foods together -- all organised in seasonal cycles. Inside are recipes for Braised Spring Lamb with Cabbage, Frosty Artichoke Salad, Apple Raisin Cake, and Hunter's Stew. The new Light Polish Fare chapter includes low fat recipes for treats like Roasted Garlic and Mushroom Soup and Twelve-Fruit Brandied Compote.
Paperback 240 pages (July 2000); Publisher: Hippocrene Books, Inc
The Polish Country Kitchen Cookbook  -  by Sophie Hodorowicz Knab
From top-selling author Sophie Hodorowicz Knab comes a new book that combines recipes for favourite Polish foods with the history and cultural traditions that created them. Arranged according to the cycle of seasons, this cookbook explores life in the Polish countryside through the year, with recipes for potato dishes in fall when they are freshest, cucumber specialties in summer when they are plentiful, and buckwheat groats in winter when other staples are not available. Included are over 100 easy-to-follow recipes such as Potato Pancakes with Chives, Apple Fritters, White Barszcz, and Cucumber Soup. Lovely woodcut illustrations and pearls of practical wisdom from the old Polish kitchen will delight readers.
Hardcover 308 pages (December 2001); Publisher: Hippocrene Books, Inc

History of Poland

The first Polish state was established in the 10th century by Mieszko I. Under him the Poles became Christians . Mieszko's descendants, known as the Piast Dynasty, expanded Polish power. Major enemies at this time were the German Teutonic Knights and the Tatars. After a period of political unrest Wladyslaw I reunited the kingdom in 1320, and his son Casimir III the Great protected it from its enemies and developed its economy and society.

  The History of Poland
The Rise to Power,  The Polish Army: 1550-1683,  Decline and Partition,  Revolution and Rebirth,  The Second World War,  Post War Poland

  Eastern Borderland   -   devoted to the Eastern Border Lands of the II Polish Republic
Kresy Wschodnie: Lithuania/Wilno, Nowogrodskie, Polesie, Podole and Wolyn
  National Museum in Warsaw   -   Museum of Fine Arts

  Poland on Line   -   History & Culture
The Reconstruction of Nations: Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Belarus, 1569-1999 
Timothy Snyder
Timothy Snyder traces the emergence of four rival modern nationalist ideologies from common medieval notions of citizenship. He presents the ideological innovations and ethnic cleansings that abetted the spread of modern nationalism but also examines recent statesmanship that has allowed national interests to be channeled toward peace.
Paperback 384 pages (August 31, 2004);  Publisher: Yale University Press;  Language: English;  ISBN: 030010586X.

Music, Art & Culture

  Music in Poland

  Culture Poland   -   Polish Culture

  Polish Art Center   -  Treasury of Polish heritage since 1958
Retailer of Polish folk art, Ukrainian pysanky craft supplies and instruction books.
  Polish Music Centre 
Research and information center devoted to gathering and disseminating knowledge about all aspects of Polish music. The PMC is associated with the Thornton School of Music at the University of Southern California.
See: Catalog, Competitions, Composers, Dances, Directory, Essays, Festivals, Manuscripts, National Anthems

Polish Customs, Traditions and Folklore  
By Sophie Hodorowicz Knab, Mary Anne Knab (Illustrator)
Hardcover 335 pages (November 1996); Publisher: Hippocrene Books, Inc

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