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Whitewashed stone cottages, proper gentlemen in jackets, ties and shorts, beautiful beaches, cricket matches and afternoon tea.

Bermuda is a independent Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom and contrary to common conception, not in the Caribbean. The western Atlantic Ocean, 580 nautical miles east of North Carolina, is where you will find Bermuda on the map!

Bermuda is an archipelago consisting of seven main islands and many smaller islands and islets lying about 1,050 kilometers (650 mi.) east of North Carolina. The main islands--with hilly terrain and subtropical climate--are clustered together and connected by bridges; they are considered to be a geographic unit and are referred to as the Island of Bermuda.

Parishes in Bermuda : Devonshire, Hamilton, Paget, Pembroke, Saint Georges, Sandys, Smiths, outhampton and Warwick

Municipalities in Bermuda : Hamilton and Saint George.

Capital City of Bermuda: Hamilton City.

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Holiday Homes

Hotels Bermuda


Centrally located hotels ranging from small family run budget accommodation to world-class five star hotels.

Nature Reserves  -   see Bermuda National Trust

oo  West End
  Gladys Morrell Nature Reserve
  Gilbert Nature Reserve and Springfield
  Palm Island
  Scaur Lodge Nature Reserve and Farmland

oo  Central
  Warwick Pond
  Paget Marsh and Boardwalk
  Butterfield Nature Reserves

oo East End
  Spittal Pond
  Idwal Hughes Nature Reserve

Travel Agents / Tour Operators

  British Airways   -  Holidays in Bermuda 
Take a holiday to Bermuda to walk along beaches of pink sand and swim in the clear, turquoise water surrounding the islands. At the UNESCO World Heritage Site of St George's, you'll learn about the history of Bermuda. On holiday, dine out in style at seafood restaurants in Bermuda's laid-back capital, Hamilton.
Family holidays, Beach holidays, Romantic breaks, Spa hotels, Golfing holidays, Luxury holidays.

All inclusive holidays, Beach holidays, Diving, Family holidays, Golf and Spa holidays from Kuoni.

 P&O Cruises
Caribbean cruises.

Thomas Cook   

   -   Create your perfect trip
Flight, Hotel and Car

Fodor's Bermuda 2011 - ISBN 1400005027 Travel Guides Bermuda / Related Books

Fodor's Bermuda 2011
Fodor's choice ratings you can trust. Exceptional restaurants, hotels, and sights selected to help you make the best choices. Simple pleasures. Embrace the local scene as you hit the pink sands of Horseshoe Bay, shop for shorts on Front Street, or cheer on your team at Cup Match. Boundless activities. Find choices for every traveller, from snorkeling, deep-sea fishing, and golfing to just lounging on the beach.
Paperback: 240 pages; Publisher: Fodor (18 Nov 2010); ISBN-10: 1400005027; ISBN-13: 978-1400005024.

Moon Bermuda (Moon Handbooks)
Rosemary Jones (Author)
Bermuda native Rosemary Jones provides her firsthand experience and honest insight into the best the island has to offer. From shopping for duty-free treasures in the capital of Hamilton to exploring St. George's (home of the island's first settlers) to lounging in luxurious beachfront hotels, Moon Bermuda guides readersboth on and off the beaten path. Jones offers creative and unique travel ideas, such as Best of Bermuda Fort Tour, Kid Fun, Best Beaches, and Eco-Tour of Bermuda. With expert advice on where to eat, sleep, and relax, Moon Bermuda gives travelers the tools they need to create a more personal and memorable experience.
Paperback: 360 pages; Publisher: Avalon Travel Publishing; 2 edition (12 Nov 2009); ISBN-10: 1598801783; ISBN-13: 978-1598801781.

Transport / How do I travel to Bermuda-

There is only a small number of airlines going to Bermuda's Airport. It is located on St. David's Island, in the Parish of St. George's.

  Bermuda Airport

  British Airways   -  Flight tickets Bermuda

   -   Flight tickets Bermuda
Book cheap flights to Bermuda at ebookers and benefit from discounted airfares. View their latest offers and book your flights, accommodation, car hire and insurance online

  Airline Tickets /  Discount Flights    
Fights Bermuda / Price comparison possible


  Bermuda Tourism
  Bermuda Government

  Hamilton   -   Capital City of the Bermudas

  Bermuda Aquarium. Museum & Zoo
Includes tropical gardens, naturalistic habitats and exhibits about the rich wildlife and natural history of Bermuda and the islands of the world All exhibits focus on island life, especially life on and around Bermuda.
  Bermuda Monarch Conservancy
BMC is a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of Bermuda's monarch butterfly colony and to the promotion of environmental awareness and education in the community.
  Bermuda Triangle   -   see DMOZ - Paranormal - BT
The Bermuda Triangle is located inside the segment of the Atlantic Ocean bordered by Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Florida. It did not receive its famous nickname until 1964.
The Bermuda Triangle legend really began in earnest on December 5, 1945, with the famed disappearance of Flight 19. Five Navy Avenger bombers mysteriously vanished while on a routine training mission, as did a rescue plane sent to search for them -- six aircraft and 27 men, gone without a trace.
  College   -   Bermuda College
The Bermuda College offers a variety of academic, technical and professional courses in the Divisions of Applied Science & Technology, Business, Hospitality, Liberal Arts, and the Centre for Professional and Career Enhancement.
  Dolphin Quest   -   Swim, Learn, Explore and Experience with Dolphins
The paradise island of Bermuda is well known for its exquisite beaches and bright, turquoise blue water. In 1996, Dolphin Quest opened its third location in the wonderful country of Bermuda. Now, guests can enjoy a lifetime of adventure with Dolphin Quest in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The dolphins are located at the Bermuda Maritime Museum (in Dockyards). This historic area provides the perfect environment for the dolphins, and an ideal setting for guests to discover their intriguing world.
Dolphin Quest takes you on a journey into the intriguing world of the dolphin through face-to-face encounters at extraordinary locations around the globe.
  News from Bermuda   -   Bermuda Sun

  Hamilton Parish
  Paget Parish
  St George

Cuisine  -  Bermudian Foods / Recipes

Bermudian food, like that of many of the Caribbean islands, is the product of the combined influences of England, Africa and native cultures.

  Margarita   -   Bermudian Menu
Bermuda has a few very typical dishes, the king of which is the Bermudan Fish Chowder, which of course I had to serve. Other types of seafood, such as conch, mussels, shark and other fish are also quite typical though I skipped them as I didn't want to serve a seafood-only menu.
  Bermuda Traditions and Tastes. Judith Wadson. 1997. Origin of Island holidays and their cuisine. 48 pages . $15
  Traditional Bermuda Recipes. The Sunshine League.

History of Bermuda

  Bermuda's History   -   Wikipedia
Bermuda was discovered in 1503 by a Spanish explorer, Juan de Bermudez, who made no attempt to land because of the treacherous reef surrounding the uninhabited islands. Bermuda was first settled in 1609 by shipwrecked English colonists headed for Virginia. The group of colonists was led by Sir George Somers, and stranded on the islands for 10 months. Their reports aroused great interest about the islands in England...

Slaves from Africa were brought to Bermuda soon after the colony was established. The slave trade was outlawed in Bermuda in 1807, and all slaves were freed in 1834. Today, about 60% of Bermudians are of African descent...

The Story of Bermuda and Her People   -   William Sears Zuill
This small group of islands in the Western Atlantic was formed by volcanic eruption 100 million years ago, but it was uninhabited until the early 16th century. Its story only begins 400 years ago when the thankful survivors of the "Sea Venture" staggered ashore to form the basis of the first settlement. This book chronicles the lives of the Bermudian people throught the excitements of ships and salt, from privateers and blockade-running in the earlier days to the more sedate present-day occupations of one of the world's most attractive tourist and business centres. Of major importance has been the island's unique geographical position which has more than once made Bermuda a place of great strategic value.
Paperback 280 pages (October 30, 1998);  Publisher: Macmillan Caribbean;  ISBN: 0333737784
  Bermuda Maritime Museum
Bermuda Maritime Museum is the island's largest and most-visited attraction and custodian of Bermuda's fascinating maritime traditions. Set in six acres at the Royal Naval Dockyard, it includes eight historic exhibit buildings, the award-winning Commissioner's House and the popular Dolphin Quest facility.
  Bermuda National Gallery
The museum has a diverse collection and exhibition programme of past and present works by local and international artists that tells Bermuda's history through its fine and decorative arts as well as reflecting Bermuda's varied multicultural heritage.
  Bermuda National Trust
The Trust's historic buildings are some of the earliest stone structures on the island and are a record of Bermuda's unique architectural heritage. The Trust's museums house the most extensive collection of decorative arts once made or owned by Bermudians, including furniture, silver, maps and paintings.
Cemeteries shelter the graves of military personnel, victims of epidemics, convicts and prisoners of war. Open spaces protected under the ownership of the Trust include farmland, remote islands, marshes and nature reserves.

  Museums in Bermuda

Music, Art & Culture, Events

  Bermuda National Gallery
Ideal introduction to the visual arts and culture in Bermuda. Located on the second floor of the City Hall & Arts Centre in the heart of Hamilton, it is the home of the national art collection, showing both Bermuda and world art and is at the centre of the Island's thriving arts scene.

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