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Lonely Planet East Timor - ISBN 1741045894The island of Timor lies in the Timor Sea towards the eastern end of the chain of Indonesian islands running from Malaya, through Sumatra and Java, to new Guinea. The island is divided into two parts. Most of the western half is part of Indonesia. The eastern half forms the bulk of the national territory of Timor, with its capital at Dili on the northern coast, a small enclave in the western half around the town of Oecussi, and the small island of Atauro, 30km (19 miles) north of Dili.

Districts of East Timor : Aileu, Ainaro, Baucau, Bobonaro, Cova-Lima, Dili, Ermera, Lautém, Liquiçá, Manufahi, Manatuto, Oecussi-Ambeno, and Viqueque.

Cities in East Timor : Ainaro, Balibo, Daro, Maliana

Capital City of east Timor : Dili

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Car Rentals / Motorbike Rentals   -   Thrifty East Timor   -   car and motorbike rental

Hotels in East Timor

  Central Maritime Floating Hotel in Dili
Originally a luxury cruise liner, the Central Maritime Hotel was refurbished and transformed into a 133-room, deluxe hotel. It is conveniently located in Dili's Central Business Area next to Dili Harbour; only a 5-minute walk from the Government House.
  Hotel Esplanada   -   small hotel in the city of Dili
One of the premiere boutique hotels in the new Timor Loro'sae. With panoramic views across the Dili bay area from the upstairs restaurant. Their restaurant offers fresh, innovative cuisine and balmy onshore breezes from the beach directly in front of the hotel. Situated on the Avenida da Portugal.

Travel Agents / Tour Operators

  Intrepid Travel   -   Victoria AU /  London UK
Intrepid Travel is a company dedicated to the preservation of Asia's unique environment and diverse cultures.

  Mega Tours in Dili
Day trips in Dili, Maubisse or Baucau, or overnights to Baucau, Com, and Tutuala with an Engligh-speaking guide

Travel Guides East Timor / Related books

Lonely Planet East Timor
Ryan Ver Berkmoes 
"East Timor Get the lowdown on Southeast Asia's newest nation from the only dedicated guidebook to East Timor, a country in transition but still one worth discovering for its beaches, mountains, lush interior and the captivating, Portuguese-flavoured city of Dili. Hanging out with other travellers should not be on your list of things to do here, but meeting amazing and interesting locals and expats should.
Paperback: 152 pages; Publisher: Lonely Planet; 2 Custom edition (25 Sep 2008); ISBN-10: 1741045894; ISBN-13: 978-1741045895.
Timor-Leste Land of Discovery - ISBN 988987640X
Timor-Leste Land of Discovery 
Daniel J. Groshong.
The 1st ever coffee table book published depicting Timor's Landscape, culture & underwater wonders. With text by President Xanana Gusmão, President Bill Clinton, UN Secretary General and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Kofi Annan, Prime Minister and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Jose Ramos-Horta.
Hardcover: 192 pages; Publisher: Tayo Photo Group Ltd.; 1st edition (1 April 2006); ISBN-10: 988987640X; ISBN-13: 978-9889876401

Transportation / How do I travel to East Timor

  Dili Airport   -   Presidente Nicolau Lobato International Airport [ DIL, WPDL ]
Formerly known as Comoro International Airport. The airport was named after Nicolau dos Reis Lobato, an East Timorese politician and national hero.
  Cakung Airport [ BCH, WPEC ], located 6.5 km west of Baucau
  Oecussi Airport
Connects the coastal exclave in the western part of the island of Timor with East Timor.

   -   Flights to Dili
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  Airline Tickets /  Bargain Flights  
Price comparison possible

  Air North   -   Australian Airline
  Merpati Nusantara Airlines   -   Indonesian airline

  Map East Timor  [ Uni Texas   -   Perry-Castañeda Library   -   Map Collection ]


  Turismo de Timor-Leste   -   Discover the World's Newest Nation

  Government East Timor  

  Prime minister and Cabinet of the Democratic Republic of Timor Leste

  Dili   -   capital city and economic and political center of East Timor

  Aileu   -   landlocked in the northwestern part of East Timor
Subdistricts in Aileu : Aileu, Laulara, Lequidoe and Remexio.
  Ainaro   -   in the southwestern part of the country
Ainaro has a great abundance of rivers, fertile terrain [ agriculture ], a coastal area on the Timor Sea, and mountainous zones [ including the highest point in East Timor : Mount Ramelau with 2,960 m ].
Subdistricts in Ainaro : Ainaro, Hatudo, Hatu Builico, and Maubisse.
  Baucau   -   on the northern coast in the eastern part   -   The capital is also called Baucau
Baucau has a wide coastline with sandy beaches, ideal for swimming and other watersports.
Subdistricts in Baucau : Baguia, Baucau, Laga, Quelicai, Vemasse, and Venilale. Its north edge is to the Wetar Strait.
  Bobonaro   -   capital city is Maliana
Subdistricts are Atabae, Balibó, Bobonaro, Cailaco, Lolotoi and Maliana.
The Savu Sea lies to the north of Bobonaro. To the west lies the Indonesian province Nusa Tenggara Timur.
The district had been a popular destination in Timor, due to its mountains and hot springs
  Cova-Lima   -   in the Southwest with capital city Suai
Subdistricts in Cova-Lima : Fatululik, Fatumean, Fohoren, Mape-Zumalai, Maucatar, Suai, and Tilomar.
Cova-Lima borders the Timor Sea to the south, and the Indonesian province Nusa Tenggara Timur to the west.
  Dili   -   on the north coast of the island of Timor, includes the national capital Dili
Dili is the smallest district in East Timor with the highest population.
Subdistricts in Dili: Capital city Dili, Cristo Rei, Dom Aleixo, Nain Feto, Metinaro and Vera Cruz.
  Ermera   -   landlocked in the west-central part with capital city Gleno
Subdistricts in Ermera : Atsabe, Ermera, Hatólia, Letefohó and Railaco.
  Lautém   -   on the eastern end of the island of Timor with capital city Lospalos
Lautém has beautiful sand beaches and a wild, mountainous, and raw rugged unspoilt landscape. The district includes the easternmost point of the island, Kap Cutcha, and the small island Jaco.
Subdistricts in Lautem : Iliomar, Lautém, Lospalos, Luro, and Tutuala.
  Liquiçá   -   situated on the northern coast of East Timor
To the northwest lies the Savu Sea and is widely known as a beautiful location with a breathtaking view of the Ombai Strait.
Subdistricts in Liquiçá : Bazartete, Liquiçá and Maubara.
  Manufahi   -   on the south coast of East Timor, on the Timor Sea with capital city Same
Subdistricts in Manufahi : Alas, Fatuberliu, Same, and Turiscai.
  Manatuto   -   located in the central part of the country
To the north is the Strait of Wetar, to the south is the Timor Sea.
Subdistricts in Manatutu : Barique-Natarbora, Laclo, Laclubar, Laleia, Manatuto, and Soibada.
  Oecussi-Ambeno   -   coastal exclave in the western part of the island of Timor
The district is separated from the rest of East Timor by West Timor. It surrounds Oecussi-Ambeno in all directions except the north, where it borders the Savu Sea. Capital city of the district is Pante Macassar.
A ferry boat connects the territory with Dili, arriving twice a week on a journey which takes 12 hours.
  Viqueque   -   largest district of East Timor on the south coast of Timor, on the Timor Sea
Boicau, part of the Maté Bian-Massiv in the northeast of the District, is the second-highest mountain in East Timor [ 2,316 m ].
Subdistricts in Viqueque : Lacluta, Ossu, Uatolari, Uato Carabau and Viqueque.

  Atauro Island
Cities : Berau and Biquele
  Banda Sea
  Kap Cutcha   -   cape on the easternmost point of the island
  Savu Sea 
  Timor Sea

  Ainaro   -   capital city district Ainaro   -   a small mountain town
  Balibo   -   town in East Timor, appr.  10 km from the Indonesian border
Located in the Bobonaro district.
  Lospalos   -   capital city district Lautem
  Maliana   -   East Timor's fourth largest city and capital city District Bobonaro

  Cities in East Timor

  News for East Timor   -   East Timor Press
The East Timorese Independent Print News Media Online
  News   -   Timor Today   -   Daily News and Information on East Timor
Ming Dynasty records in 1436 show the area to be part of a trade network linked to China and India, with sandalwood the main export.

Cuisine  -  East Timor recipes

  Coffee   -   restaurants in Dili
  World InfoZone   -   see food

History of east Timor

In May 2002, after 450 years of continuous foreign occupation, East Timor became an independent state.

  Brief history of Timor-Leste  [ by UNPD ]
Anthropological investigations indicate that the first people to arrive in Timor, approximately 40,000 to 20,000 years BC, were of the Vedo-Australoide type, similar to the Vedas of Ceylon. A second wave, which arrived around 3000 years BC, consisted of Melanesians, similar to those living today in Papua New-Guinea and some Pacific Islands. Probably due ............

During the beginning of the Portuguese occupation, the Maubara subdistrict, part of the Liquiçá territory, was taken by the Netherlands. The Maubara Dutch fortification near the beach is well-preserved and still has the original cannon that once overlooked the bay. Later, Portugal negotiated with Holland and exchanged it for Flores Island, which was occupied by the Portuguese at that time. See for more Wikipedia.
East Timor was a Portuguese colony for more than 400 years, after the Portuguese conquered Malacca in 1511, annexing Timor four years later.

East Timor: A Rough Passage to Independence  -  James Dunn
With expert analysis and clarity of writing, James Dunn highlights the disturbing gap between the noble rhetoric and the heartless reality of international commitment and resolve East Timor: A Rough Passage to Independence is a story of political intrigue and the hidden world of international diplomatic deals. It is also the story of countless individuals, governments, and international bodies who, ultimately, pulled together to change the luck of this tiny island. From the days of colonial Portuguese rule, through the tumultuous years of the Indonesian invasion, to the present day this book is a disturbing portrayal of the complete failure of the international community to deal with the East Timor situation.
Paperback 430 pages (May 31, 2004);  Publisher: University of Washington Press;  Language: English;  ISBN: 1920681035

Music, Arts & Culture, Events

  Culture of East Timor 
The Culture of East Timor reflects numerous cultural influences, including Portuguese, Roman Catholic and Malay, on the indigenous Austronesian cultures in East Timor...
  Music of East Timor 
East Timor's music reflects its history under the control of both Portugal and Indonesia...

  Fataluku  -  A language of East Timor   -   Papuan Language
Eastern tip of Timor Island around Los Palos

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