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Provinces in Zambia: Central Zambia, Copperbelt, Eastern Zambia, Luapula, Lusaka, Northern Zambia, North-Western Zambia, Southern Zambia and Western Zambia.

Tourist destinations Zambia / Places to visit : Kasanka, Kafue National Park, North Luangwa, South Luangwa, Victoria Falls, Zambezi River, Lake Kariba, Lake Tanganyika, Waterfalls, Chimp Sanctuary, Shiwa Ngandu, Lake Bangweulu, Livingstone Memorial, Lake Mweru, and more

Capital City Zambia: Lusaka

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Hotels in Zambia / Hostels

Centrally located hotels ranging from small family run budget accommodation to world-class five star hotels.


National Parks

  Kafue National Park
One of Africa's biggest parks,  teeming with game, good lion, vast herds of antelope
  South Luangwa
Rated one of the top game reserves in the World
  North Luangwa
Very wild,  access with safaris operators only
  Lower Zambezi
intense game along the banks of the River, canoeing safaris highly recommended
On the shores of Lake Tanganyika, excellent fishing.
A wetland birders paradise. Small and accessible boasting huge herds of Kafue Lechwe
A highland park, excellent birds, awesome views, large herds of antelope, notably eland
  Sioma Ngwezi
Undeveloped and wild, teak forests, good elephant, roan antelope
Superb birding, fishing and the rare sitatunga antelope
  Bangweulu Floodplains
Thousands of endemic black lechwe antelope and the rare Shoebill Stork
  Liuwa Plain
Annual wildebeest migration, great predators including wild dog
All of Zambia's plains game, rhino, elephant, giraffe, just minutes from Victoria Falls
Between North and South Luangwa this small park is being rehabilitated and game is moving back rapidly

Travel Agents / Tour Operators / Zambia Specialists  
Holidays from dozens of leading specialist tour companies and accommodations who are passionate about conserving Africa's wildlife and benefiting its people.

  British Airways 
Come to Zambia to experience the excitement and adventure of Africa. Gaze in awe as the Zambezi River plunges over a huge, sheer edge at the mighty Victoria Falls. Fly over the spray in a microlight, or bungee jump from a bridge 393 feet above the churning water. Then head out to South Luangwa or Kafue National Parks, where you can mount a horse or climb onto the back of an elephant in search of lion, leopard and rhino.
Zambia offers a multitude of exploration, Luangwa National Park, Lower Zambezi and Victoria Falls at Livingstone. Game viewing by day and night or on foot make for excellent safaris.
Small, intimate lodges and camps set in pure African wilderness allows escapism from the crowds.

 G Adventures

  Mighty Fine   -   Adventure holidays in Zambia
  Tribes Travel Ltd
Tribes, the Fair Trade Travel company, aims to offer you holidays which are not only second to none in terms of quality and excitement, but which are also of benefit to the local people, environment and wildlife of the destination you choose to travel to.
  Acacia Adventure Holidays   -   one of the world's leading independent African experts
  Mountain Travel Sobek 

  Mukambi Safari Lodge   -   gateway to Kafue National Park in Zambia
Surrounded by one of the largest areas of unspoiled wilderness in the world, Mukambi overlooks the majestic Kafue River and is situated 265 km west of Lusaka. From the lodge they will show you the 'Real Africa'; vast areas of untouched nature, unspoiled by mass tourism. You're invited to explore this website to find out more about Mukambi Safari Lodge and Kafue National Park.
Mukambi Safari Lodge is located 265km down the Lusaka-Mongu road.
  Steam in South Africa   -   provided by Northumbria Travel of Bedlington, Northumberland
Shogologo Southern Cross [ South Africa, Swaziland, Mozambique, Zambia, Botswana and Zimbabwe. You will gain a rare insight into the culture and geographical kaleidoscope that makes Southern africa so exciting ].
  Zambezi Safari and Travel Co. Ltd   -   an adventurer's guide to Zambia


  Land and Lake Safaris
Tour operator offering a comprehensive selection of tours, safaris and travel arrangements throughout Zambia.
  Zambia   -   Holidays in Zambia [ Italian website ]
Special offers of resorts, hotels, camping, lodge and safari - Accommodation in Zambia

Travel Guides Zambia / Related books

Zambia (Bradt Travel Guide) - ISBN 1841622265 Zambia (Bradt Travel Guide)
Chris McIntyre (Author)
Zambia is one of the best destinations in Africa for walking safaris, river safaris, hot springs and waterfalls, yet it is little explored by travellers. The fourth edition of Zambia covers all the prime attractions, and much more, including all national parks, from the Lower Zambezi and Kafue to the famous Luangwa Park, host to several unique species and the top place for leopard-spotting. Advice for the independent traveller encompasses everything from choosing first-class bushcamps, lodges and hotels to organising memorable safaris.
Paperback: 544 pages; Publisher: Bradt Travel Guides; 4 edition (15 Feb 2008); ISBN-10: 1841622265; ISBN-13: 978-1841622262.

Zambia and Victoria Falls (Globetrotter Travel Pack)
William Gray (Author)
Paperback: 128 pages; Publisher: New Holland Publishers Ltd; 4th Revised edition edition (24 Oct 2010); ISBN-10: 1847738249; ISBN-13: 978-1847738240.

Wash My Bikini: Working with Voluntary Service Overseas in Zambia
Anne Thomson (Author)
Paperback: 298 pages; Publisher: Librario Publishing Ltd (17 July 2009); ISBN-10: 1906775060; ISBN-13: 978-1906775063.

Transportation / How do I travel to Zambia

  Livingstone Airport   -   5 km from the city of Livingstone   
  Lusaka Airport   -   26 km from Lusaka   -   see Zambia Tourism

  British Airways   -   Flight tickets Lusaka / Flight tickets Livingstone 

Book cheap flight tickets to Zambia at ebookers and benefit from discounted airfares. View their latest offers and book your flights, accommodation, car hire and insurance online

  Airline Tickets /  Bargain Flights  
Fight tickets Zambia.

Zambia and Victoria Falls (Globetrotter Travel Map) - ISBN 1845378261  TAZARA   -   Tanzania - Zambia Railway Authority  -   joint railway system
Linking the port of Dar es Salaam with Zambia and handling freight cargo for the countries of Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Democratic Republic of Congo.
Zambia Railways offers passengers and goods trains leaving Lusaka in both directions everyday. The railway network through Lusaka goes to Zimbabwe, South Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo and Tanzania.

  Shongololo Express   -   railway adventure across South Africa
The Shongololo Express safari trains are very unique in that they only travel at night, thereby arriving each morning in a new and exciting destination and they also carry their own fleet of mini coaches for sightseeing tours during the day. No more packing and unpacking for with Shongololo your hotel travels with you.

Zambia and Victoria Falls (Globetrotter Travel Map)
Map; Publisher: New Holland Publishers Ltd; 2nd Revised edition edition (27 April 2007); ISBN-10: 1845378261; ISBN-13: 978-1845378264.
  Maps International   -  Guides Zambia is one of the largest map shops online.
  Online maps of Zambia [ Uni Texas  -  Perry-Castaņeda Library  -  Map Collection ]


Zambia borders the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the north, Tanzania on the north-east, Malawi on the east, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Namibia to the south, and Angola on the west.

Formerly Northern Zambezia, and then, Northern Rhodesia, the country is named after the Zambezi river.

  Zambia Tourism   -   Zambia Tourist Board

  Visit Zambia 2005
150 years since Victoria Falls was made known to the outside world by David Livingstone and the Town of Livingstone is 100 years old.

  Lusaka   -   Capital City of Zambia   -   Lusaka - Zambia Tourism
Located in south central Zambia on a plateau at 4200 feet (1 400 m) in altitude.

  Lusaka   -   Lusake City Council
Lusaka became the capital city of Zambia in May 1935. It is a metropolis, which provides a home to about two and half million (2.5M) inhabitants of many different nationalities.
It lies at the junction of the Great North Road, leading from the South of Tanzania and Republic of Congo and the Great East Road connecting to Malawi and Mozambique.
There are numerous buses operating on international routes to Malawi, Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

  North Luangwa
  South Luangwa
  Victoria Falls - spectacular in the extreme
located on the southern most edge of Zambia is a World Heritage Site. It is the largest curtain of falling water in the world and one of the 7 natural wonders of the world.
The falls, 1708 meters wide, drops 108 meter and spills 550 000 cubic litres of water per minute increasing speed down the narrow chasm.
The Victoria Falls was named after the Queen of England by explorer and missionary Dr. David Livingstone who first saw them on 16th November 1855.
The mighty Victoria Falls is divided into 6 waterfalls and has changed position 8 times from its present location leaving deep gorges in its previous locations.
  Zambezi River  -  Definitely one of the world's 'must do' Rivers
  Lake Kariba   -   A lake with a history
  Lake Tanganyika   -   Long, deep, old, and very alive

  Shiwa Ngandu   -   Colonial Manor house in remotest Africa
  Lake Bangweulu   -   Where the waters meet the sky
  Livingstone Memorial   -   His final resting place
  Lake Mweru   -   An inland life giving sea

  Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage
The Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage in central Zambia is a non-profit refuge that cares for a wide variety of sick, wounded or unwanted animals -- but the primary residents are approximately 70 orphaned chimpanzees.

Cuisine   -   Zambian Recipes

Nshima is the staple meal in Zambia. To prepare nshima, women in rural areas pound dried white maize kernels into a fine meal using a large mortar and pestle. In the city, people buy ground cornmeal in stores. For breakfast, Zambians may serve nshima thinned with water or milk and sweetened slightly with sugar. For lunch or supper, people usually eat nshima with fish, meat, peanuts or beans. Nshima na nkuku is a popular chicken dish [ ].

  Cookbookwiki - Zambia
Overview of Zambian Cuisine History, Cuisines of Zambia, Zambian Food Glossary, Preparation Methods for Zambian Cooking, Special Equipment for Zambian Cooking, Zambian Food Traditions and Festivals, People in Zambian Food.

History of Zambia

Independence: 24 October 1964 (from UK)

Former Northern Rhodesia.

  Zambia's History   -   Wikipedia
Except for an occasional Portuguese explorer, the area now called Zambia lay untouched by Europeans for centuries. After the mid-19th century, it was penetrated by Western explorers, missionaries, and traders. David Livingstone, in 1855, was the first European to see the magnificent waterfalls on the Zambezi River. He named the falls after Queen Victoria, and the Zambian town near the falls is named after him.
In 1888, Cecil Rhodes, spearheading British commercial and political interests in Central Africa, obtained a mineral rights concession from local chiefs...

A History of Zambia  -  Andrew Roberts
A definitive history of Zambian social and economic development begins in the Stone Age and extends through the first ten years of independence.
Paperback 288 pages (December 1976);  Publisher: Holmes & Meier Publishing;  Language: English;  ISBN: 0841904901
Kaunda's Gaoler: Memoirs of a District Officer in Northern Rhodesia and Zambia 
E.Cyril Greenall, David G. Coe
African nationalist leaders used to joke about a spell in a British colonial prison as being an essential rite of passage in the struggle for independence and leadership of the new state. This is the memoir of a district officer in Northern Rhodesia, from his arrival in the territory in 1944 through the period leading to Zambian independence. It includes a spell as Kenneth Kaunda's "gaoler", during which a personal friendship grew up and flourished, and ends with an appointment to the President's Office in post-independence Zambia. This is the story of British colonial administration and the daily round of a District Officer's life during the nationalist struggle and the formative period of an independent African state and of a close and enduring friendship.
Hardcover 272 pages (December 19, 2002);  Publisher: Radcliffe Press (an imprint of I.B. Tauris);  Language: English;  ISBN: 1860648622
  Kenneth_Kaunda [ Wikipedia ]
Kenneth David Kaunda (born April 28, 1924) was the first President of Zambia (1964–1991).

Music, Art & Culture, Events

  Culture in Zambia  -  see Wikipedia

  Independence Day Zambia
Zambia's Independence Day is commemorated on the 24th October, each year

  The Songs of Mukanda   -   various artists   -   ASIN: B000005BMK
  Zambiance   -   ASIN: B000000ZRR
Listen at  Amazon UK to samples of Kambowa, Icupo Cha Kulala Pa Mpapa, Mao, Itumba, Sungani Ana


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