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Republic Indonesia, the world's largest archipelago, is located between the Southeast Asian peninsula and Australia, between the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

Indonesia (Lonely Planet) - ISBN 1741048303Provinces in IndonesiaBali, Bangka-Belitung, Banten, Bengkulu, Central Java, Central Kalimantan, Central Sulawesi, East Java, East Kalimantan, East Nusa Tenggara, South Sumatra, Gorontalo, Jambi, Lampung, Maluku, North Maluku, North Sulawesi, North Sumatra, Papua (Irian Jaya), Riau, Riau Kepulauan, South East Sulawesi, South Kalimantan, South Sulawesi, West Irian Jaya, West Java, West Kalimantan, West Nusa Tenggara, West Sulawesi, West Sumatra.

Special regions [ daerah-daerah istimewa ]:  Aceh [ Sumatra ], Yogyakarta.

Capital City of Indonesia: Jakarta

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Hotels in Indonesia

  Hotels in Indonesia
Hotels in Bali Kuta, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Bali Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Bali, Denpasar, Bali Ubud, Bandung, Bukittinggi, and more ...

  Hotels in Jakarta

Hotels in Balikpapan, Bali, Bandung, Batam, Bekasi, Berakit, Bintan Island, Bogor, Bukittinggi, Denpassar, Jakarta, Jambi, Kuta, Lombok, Nusa Dua, Nusa Tenggara Barat, Palembang, Pekanbaru, Sanur, Semarang, Seminyak, Solo, Surabaya, Yogyakarta.

Centrally located hotels ranging from small family run budget accommodation to world-class five star hotels.

   -   look for hotels in Indonesia

Car Rental

Travel Agents / Tour Operators

 Kuoni   -   Bali and Lombok
Type of holidays : All inclusive, Beach holidays, Dive holidays, Escorted tours, Family holidays, Golf, Spa & weddings.

Thomas Cook    -   Build Your Own Indonesia Trip
Rumbling Mount Bromo and wonders of Yogya. Bungalows in Bali paradise. Fairytales in Samosir. Cycling through the rice paddoes. Build your own Indonesia adventure.

 G Adventures

  Far East Gateways   -   tailor made holidays, vacations and travel packages
  Voyages Jules Verne   -   Great Journeys for the discerning traveller
  Worlds Apart Travel
'Thousands of islands - from the Hindu Temples of Bali to the jungles of Borneo. Trek Sulawasi's highlands or climb the volcanoes of Java.'

Indonesia (Globetrotter Travel Pack) - ISBN 1847737412Travel Guides Indonesia / Related books

Indonesia (Globetrotter Travel Pack)
Debbie Martyr (Author)
The highly successful "Globetrotter Travel Series", which includes Travel Guides, Travel Maps, Road Atlases, Best Of Pocket Guides and In Your Pocket Language Guides, presently covers more than 90 destinations worldwide. The Packs are excellent value, including both a guidebook and a softcover version of the foldout Globetrotter map of the region, in a printed plastic wallet. The handy pocket-size guide is packed with useful information, tips and recommendations, accompanied by colour photographs, charts and maps for the first-time traveller who wants to experience the major highlights that Indonesia has to offer. The fold-out map of Indonesia is ideal for tourists and visitors.
Paperback: 128 pages; Publisher: New Holland Publishers Ltd; 6th Revised edition edition (25 Jun 2010); ISBN-10: 1847737412; ISBN-13: 978-1847737410.

Indonesia (Lonely Planet Country Guides)
Mark Elliott, Ryan Ver Berkmoes, Muhammad Cohen, Justine Vaisutis, Celeste Brash.
A guide on Indonesia that includes a special colour chapter on natural Indonesia highlighting themes of animals , plants, National Parks and volcanoes. It also features interviews with locals who share top travel tips.
Paperback: 916 pages; Publisher: Lonely Planet Publications; 9th edition edition (1 Jan 2010); ISBN-10: 1741048303; ISBN-13: 978-1741048308.

Transportation / How do I travel to Indonesia

Indonesia borders Malaysia on the island of Borneo [ Indonesian: Kalimantan ], Papua New Guinea on the island of New Guinea and East Timor on the island of Timor.

  Jakarta Airport  [ CGK ]  -   Jakarta International Soekarno-Hatta Airport
20 Km West of Jakarta
  Jakarta Airport [ HLP ]   -   Halim Perdanakusuma Airport 

  Bali Airport [ DPS ]   -   Ngurah Rai 
  Banda Aceh Airport   -   Sultan lskandarmuda Airport   -   5 km from centre Banda Aceh
  Bandung Airport [ BDO ]   -   Husein Sastranegara Airport   -   5 km from centre Bandung 
  Medan Airport   -   Polonia Airport   -  1 km from centre Medan
  Padang Airport   -   Tabing Airport   -   9 Km from centre Padang
  Palembang Airport   -   SM Badaruddin II Airport   -   12 km North West of Palembang
  Pekanbaru Airport   -   Bandara Sultan Syarif Kasim II   -  10 km from center Pekanbaru
  Pontianak Airport   -   Supadio Airport  -  17 km southeast of Pontianak
  Tanjung Pinang Airport   -   Kijang Airport
  Yogyakarta Airport [ JOG ]   -   Adisucipto

See PT [ Persero ] Angkasa Pura II   -   Indonesia Airports And Air Traffic Services
State-owned company engaged in the provision of airport management and air traffic services.



Indonesia (Globetrotter Travel Map) - ISBN 1847730493    -   Flights to Indonesia
Book cheap flights to Indonesia at ebookers and benefit from discounted airfares. View their latest offers and book your flights, accommodation, car hire and insurance online

  Airline Tickets /  Bargain Flights  
Flight tickets Indonesia, price comparison possible

  Kereta Api   -   Indonesian Railways

  Pelni   -   ferries in Indonesia

Indonesia (Globetrotter Travel Map)
Map Indonesia; Publisher: New Holland Publishers Ltd; 5th Revised edition edition (25 April 2008); ISBN-10: 1847730493; ISBN-13: 978-1847730497.
  Map of Indonesia [ Uni Texas   -   Perry-Castaņeda Library   -   Map Collection ]


  Tourism in Indonesia   -   Tourist Board Indonesia   -   official site

For sheer size, scale and variety, Indonesia is pretty much unbeatable. The country is so enormous that nobody is really sure quite how big it is; there are between 13,000 and 17,000 islands. It's certainly the largest archipelago in the world, spreading over 5200 km between the Asian mainland and Australia, all of it within the tropics and with huge areas of ocean separating the land masses. Not surprisingly, Indonesia's ethnic, cultural and linguistic diversity is correspondingly great  -  the best estimate is of 500 languages and dialects spoken by around 200 million people.

The largely volcanic nature of the islands has created tall cloud-swept mountains swathed in the green of rice terraces or rainforest, dropping to blindingly bright beaches and vivid blue seas, the backdrop for Southeast Asia's biggest wilderness areas and wildlife sanctuaries. All of this provides an endless resource for adventurous trekking, surfing, scuba diving, or just lounging by a pool in a five-star resort.

The largest populated islands are Java, where about half of the population lives, Sumatra, Borneo (shared with Malaysia and Brunei), New Guinea (shared with Papua New Guinea) and Sulawesi.

  Portal Nasional Republik Indonesia
  Indonesian Embassy in London

  Jakarta  -  Capital City Indonesia

  Central Java
  Central Kalimantan
  Central Sulawesi
  East Java
  East Kalimantan
  East Nusa Tenggara
  South Sumatra 
  North Maluku
  North Sulawesi
  North Sumatra 
  Papua (Irian Jaya) 
  Riau Kepulauan
  South East Sulawesi
  South Kalimantan
  South Sulawesi
  West Irian Jaya
  West Java
  West Kalimantan
  West Nusa Tenggara
  West Sulawesi
  West Sumatra 

  Ace   -   Sumatra
  Yogyakarta   -   Joglosemar Online
Culture & Traditions, Towns; and Tourism

  Banda Islands
The Banda Islands (Kepulauan Banda in Bahasa Indonesia) are a group of ten small volcanic islands in the Banda Sea, about 140km south of Seram island and about 2000km east of Java, and are part of the Indonesian province of Maluku. The capital city is Bandanaira, located on the island of the same name.
The Portuguese navigator Antonio de Abreu was the first European to encounter the islands, in 1512. Controlling production of nutmeg and mace was a major motivation for the Dutch conquest of the islands in the 1621, led by Jan Pieterszoon Coen. At the time nutmeg was one of the "fine spices" kept expensive in Europe by disciplined manipulation of the market, but a desirable commodity for Dutch traders in the ports of India as well.

  Antara   -   news from Indonesia   -   news agency
  BMG   -   information on meteorology and geophysics for Indonesia region
  East Java Tourism Service
  Enchanting Lands
  Indonesia News
  Jakarta On-Line   -   Regional Office of Tourism
  The Jakarta Post   -   Borobudur, Prambanan and Ratu Boko
  West Borneo

Cuisine  -  Indonesian Recipes

  Cookbook   -   Cuisine of Indonesia
Being an archipelago with hundreds of different ethnic groups, Indonesian cuisine is extremely rich in variety, with regional cooking techniques and ingredients.

The Food of Indonesia: Authentic Recipes from the Spice Islands (Periplus World Cookbooks) 
By Heinz Von Holzen, Wendy Hutton (Editor)
Hardcover 144 pages (April 1, 1999); Publisher: Periplus Editions
Taste of Indonesia  -   by Helena Soedjak
Indonesian cuisine has emerged as a result of an extraordinary blend of cultures and ingredients. Although influenced by Indians, Chinese, Arabs and Dutch, it retains its original flavours and compositions. For example , Indians and Indonesians prepare distinctly different curries. The recipes m Taste of Indonesia cover complete menus including appetizers, soups, seafood, poultry, beef, pork, lamb, rice, noodles, vegetables, desserts, and beverages. All of the recipes are laid out with an easy-to read ingredient list and easy-to-follow step-by-step preparation format.
The spices and ingredients used in the recipes are extensively described with useful tips for the substitution of unusual ingredients Taste of Indonesia describes how popular Indonesian dishes can be prepared at home . It provides detailed instructions for the preparation of each of the 93 recipes. Taste of Indonesia covers not only the cuisine, but also the geography, history, economy, religion, art, music, and culture of Indonesia. A special section is provided on popular dishes like sate (grilled meat on skewers), sambal (chili sauce), gado-gado (salad with peanut dressing), and krupuk (shrimp crackers).
Paperback 176 pages (March 1, 2002); Publisher: Snow Lion Graphics / SLG Books

History of Indonesia

  Indonesia's history   -   see Wikipedia
Prehistory Indonesia, Early history Indonesia, Pre-colonial civilizations [ Kingdom of Mataram, Srivijaya Empire, Singhasari and the Majapahit Empire, The spread of Islam, Sultanate of Mataram ], Colonial era [ The Portuguese, Dutch East-India Company, Dutch state rule, Early nationalist groups,  World War II, Japanese occupation,   Indonesian National Revolution ], Independence era [ Guided Democracy, West Irian question, Indonesia-Malaysia confrontation, Overthrow of Sukarno ], New Order era [ Annexation of West Irian, Annexation of East Timor, Transmigration, Pro-democracy movement, Economic crisis ], Reformation era [ Habibie administration, East Timorese independence, Wahid administration, Megawati administration, Yudhoyono administration, 2004 Tsunami disaster ], and more.

  Sejarah Indonesia Indonesian Time-Line
Beginnings to 1500: the Old Kingdoms and the coming of Islam; 1500 to 1670: Great Kings and Trade Empires; 1670 to 1800: Court Intrigues and the Dutch; 1800 to 1830: Chaos and Resistance; 1830 to 1910: Imperialism and Modernisation; 1910 to 1940: New Nationalism; 1940 to 1945: the Second World War; 1945 to 1950: the War for Independence; 1950 to 1965: the Sukarno years; 1965 to 1998: Orde Baru: the Suharto years; 1998 to 2001: Reformasi dan Persatuan Nasional; 2001 to Today: Gotong Royong.
  Sukarno [ Wikipedia ]
Sukarno (June 6, 1901 – June 21, 1970) was the first President of Indonesia. He helped the country win its independence from the Netherlands and was President from 1945 to 1967, presiding over mixed success in the country's turbulent transition to independence. Sukarno was forced from power by one of his generals, Suharto, who formally became President in March 1967.

Music, Art & Culture, Events

  Culture of Indonesia   -   see Wikipedia
Performing arts [ Music, Dance,  Drama and theatre ], Visual arts [ Painting and Sculpture ], Architecture, Crafts, Literature [ Poetry ], and more

  Cinema of Indonesia
  IMDb film guide for Indonesia
  Jakarta International Film Festival

  Yogyakarta   -   Joglosemar Online   -   see Culture & Traditions

Batik: Fabled Cloth of Java  -   Brian Brake, Inger McCabe Elliot
Java is a trade-route island, whose 2,000-year-old history has been influenced by a succession of religions and waves of colonisation by Chinese, Indians, Arabs, Portuguese, Dutch and English. Each left its imprint on Javanese culture and the development of batik. The author takes the reader on a spellbinding tour of the island and on a discovery of batiks history, motifs, and methods of production.
Hardcover 240 pages (May 31, 2004);  Publisher: Periplus Editions/Berkeley Books Pte Ltd.;  Language: English;  ISBN: 0794602436
Indonesian (Teach Yourself Languages S.) 
Teach Yourself Indonesian is the course for anyone who wants to progress quickly from the basics to understanding, speaking and writing Indonesian with confidence.
Gamelan: The Traditional Sounds of Indonesia  -   Henry Spiller
This is an introduction to the familiar music of Indonesia - both as sounds and cultural phenomena. It examines the meaning and significance of traditional Indonesian musical expressions and explores the agricultural roots of modern day dangdut dancing.
Hardcover 325 pages (October 2004);  Publisher: ABC-CLIO;  Language: English;  ISBN: 1851095063

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